How do you keep a dog from jumping on guests? Management isn’t training; it’s a critical supplement!

I love that they use the word manage see Where other dog trainers will punish With a choke prong or electric collar Trainers like me and others will focus On managing you can stop any behavior in The world like that with management Right if your dog jumps on gas if you Have them for the first five minutes in A room upstairs when your guests arrive You have prevented jumping at which time You can go up and put a leash on them Walk down the stairs have your dog sit And stay while your company is across The room Meanwhile your dog is in a very Good emotional state during this process If you've conditioned them you know they Might be a bit excited but you can work On sit and stay with a currency they Value whether it's a toy or a treat or Something else those are all forms of Management that allow you to teach your Dog and connect with them in an Intellectual and sophisticated way that Don't involve punishing

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