How I Approach Dog Training and Obedience Training

Penny Sit Stay So that's the distraction Nope There she broke the command for the stay By being distracted with the ball so we Don't have to bulletproof this technique So when it comes to training your dog There are certain levels that you want To take in order to get great success so Basically when you are starting to train Your dog let's say you have a puppy you Start with puppy level you're very close To your dog and everything is simple There's no complication and when you're Past the puppy level then you're Starting to approach the training in Three levels basically so the first Level is basic obedience then you go to Intermediate and then advanced level so Let's break them down and explain what Exactly they are so in puppy level you Are basically doing everything very Simple you're not complicating things But in basic obedience which is the First level you start with having your Dog on the you start doing things in Very short but controlled Situation so any set And he stay I'm very close to my dog and the Furthest that I go is basically end of The leash and then I go back and honey Okay and I release and it this way and Basically we're working on a short Dish

Everything is done set down on a leash Now in intermediate level You can have the dog on a short Niche or A longer leash and he said and he stay And we can drop the leash And go further And maybe ask the dog to lie down from a Distance and it down And maybe call the dog from a distance And he come And that is Basically intermediate level you're Adding a little bit of distance a little Bit more distractions in my case I use And his toy as distraction In intermediate level Any Sit stay So that's the distraction No No And we're distracting so we're gonna add Some Training as well hand it down Good stay And distracting and then in advanced Level you're basically without the leash You don't need to use leash And then what you do is you start adding More difficulties to the lesson so let's Say we're giving commands which is Annie Down right so I'm using both verbal and Physical or hand signal approach to the Training so now I'm just gonna do verbal

Cues Candy cup [Music] And you sit And it down And it stay So those are just verbal cues good girl Now I'm gonna use Only hand signals no Verbal cues You're really working on making it Difficult for you to get results and Also for the dog to figure things out Now if you approach the dog training be Using levels you will get great results Many people skip levels and just go from Basically puppy level to advanced level Without practicing any of the commands In different levels and they expect Results or they just do the basic level And call it a day and they expect the Dog to behave properly and do all the Behaviors that they expect them to do in The basic level in an advanced level Where the dog has not gone through that Process of learning all the commands in Different levels and with different Approaches so if you focus on that then You will get great results everybody Should be working on the basics and then Adding the intermediate level and then Advanced levels as well if you feel that You're struggling with getting results From your dog maybe you are skipping

Levels that could be the problem so you Want to always go back and start Improving the basics Going to the intermediate level and then Getting to advanced level if you have Any questions leave those questions in The comments area and until next time Have fun with your dog [Music] Yes

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