How I Train My Dog to Listen Absolutely Everywhere! No Physical Aversives Required

Today's video is sponsored by bark Raising and training a confident dog is One of the most powerful ways to get our Dogs to do anything that we want them to Do and that is what we're going to be Showing you today they picked an Interesting time to get the Zoomies Didn't they I want to tell you things That I look for in an amazing dog toy That will actually help accelerate your Training if our dogs are feeling good up Here there's nothing we can't teach them First thing we have to ask ourselves is What kind of toys do our specific dogs Like I know my dog inertia loves toys With dangly bits on them there's a fish Inside the coral toy so you play with That one you play with that one and You've got to consider the textures they Like do they like hard toys soft toys or Both these are well made toys I am Really trying to rip that apart so super Chewers for dogs who are going to have a Huge bite this is actually a super Chewer toy even though I've started to Cut it I mean I still can't look at that This is on there let's say that it does Eventually come off and you get this Kind of toy with these just last forever But you and put things in here notice The unique texture nice bounce to it the Bark makes some of the best dog toys in The business and they make getting toys That your dog is going to like

Effortless by sending them every month In a box you have everything you need to Boost those brain chemicals in your dog To propel your training into the Stratosphere you can get a completely Free box to see if it's for your dog go To dog training or dog training links below There's like a handful of times in your Life where you just find yourself in a New place and you're like where am I This is so alien to me there's literally Some type of crazy animal moving around Under the surface mystery animal and There's lots of them this is not an Environment that I've trained Extensively in so my dog training brain Is detecting like major proofing Exercises here which is way more Exciting than it sounds in our last Episode we easily top erotica how to do A super flashy trick called the back Stall when last we visited the concept Of back stall Brian like I was doing Terrific with it she was jumping on your Back in the Redwood Forest it was great I'm curious to see if she's retained That because we've only had that one Session that was just a couple of days Ago one thing I would like to do in Pretty short order with the back stall Is to get her to work for a frisbee in Other words I'm hoping the promise of Chasing a rolling frisbee or a flying

Frisbee in the air will be enough Motivation for her to want to do this Task let's just see where we are with it Good yes we'll give her a reminder there We'll go ahead and say hey I like that You tried that catch it good before we Approach any training issue we need to Consider what our dog's mental state is Throughout the training process and try To keep that as optimal as possible good Ready what's this if you remember That's good Yeah look at that after all when a dog Learns to jump on something and balance And stay there and we have the foresight To reinforce those events that we wish To see repeated we just can't help but Make them more secure confident beings Give her a nice big reward there Yeah Frisbee and one of my immediate Goals with Veronica is to get her Generalizing this skill not just for Treats like we used in her only lesson On this so far but for a frisbee Good nice and ready I can feel her jump it's really cute Yeah isn't that nice she's like okay Oh Good girl yeah good girl Now have we get down That's good I like how you're finding a reason to Reward her while she's up there some Nice tug go ahead yes when a dog lands

On your back with all four feet and you Can feel them up there balancing on you And trusting you how did that feel great That's the first time you've had her Ever do that yeah when you've asked for It yeah and you have to be in sync with Your dog there's just something so Metaphoric about it I felt like she Trusts me I wasn't really expecting her To trust me that much I find dog Training to be the most fulfilling when You look at it as a partnership between You and your dog like any partnership You're usually trying to build something Great and memorable we are people they Are dogs we can easily keep a dog happy With minimal effort as long as we make a Good faith effort to do so the fact that She was able to take direction from you That quick She's a smart dog I mean that's that's Pretty impressive it's sometimes Difficult for a dog to generalize taking Direction from one person in this case Me and then another person in this case You in a completely different position Yes yes get it good girl get it get it Get it get it take it okay get down Show her where by Rolling it gently that Way that's it good that Dismount is kind Of important why is it important because We really want to know exactly where She's going to land and we want to be Able to set her up to land on a good

Surface maybe there's rocks over here or Glass I don't know you know because You're looking right there that's a good Spot to land in let's put it right there One of the Hidden benefits here is that We're working on yet a stay while you're In this completely weird position that's Beneficial our dogs need to know how to Stay Beyond a standard sit and stay for Example so here you're having your stay Wall behind you let me see if she'll do It for me to this point Veronica has not Done a back stall on my back so I mean What am I even I can't go on another Moment without experiencing this Yes look at that little higher oh my God Oh my goodness good girl I'm curious how many of you live in a Household where the dog is more likely To listen to one specific person or not Listen to a specific person tell me in The comments below this little game that Bree is playing with Veronica is a Brilliant idea I'm playing this game With Veronica right now where every time She comes up to me on her own I'm giving Her a treat yeah that's the game and It's the best so far I've done it for Just a couple of minutes and already the Amount that she's coming up to me is Dramatically increasing it's amazing Hey Hey yeah brie is capturing the organic Recall from Veronica there's absolutely

No way for the dog to fail while you're Teaching them how to do this anything That you want to see repeated right you Reinforce with something they like in This case you're giving a retreat some Play time with the water and just Generally an awesome time so if you just Simply say come when your dog is running To you naturally even if it's during a Game of fetch you're teaching them how To understand this concept while doing It in an enthusiastic state of mind and That combination is super powerful Yes good do your best to acknowledge When your dog does something you like Out of the blue try to be one step ahead Of your dog every one of you can do that I am Mostly confident inertia come And nurse was recall continues to be Great in public places but we can pass Here as we continued on our walk we came Across this small stream that led to the Ocean Veronica walked right through it No problem at all however inertia was More cautious I can see that inertia is Really apprehensive about Crossing and Getting to us I can also see in her eyes That it looks like she's not ready to Totally give up maybe if I get more Energetic and exciting maybe that might Encourage her to do it Oh You did it well that seemed to work so

What in doubt just Act like you've lost your mind if you Can read your dog and they look like They're going to do something give them The opportunity to problem solve and Brainstorm for a little bit because There's a great chance they're going to Do exactly what you want but there is The matter of getting back over the Water so is she likely to do it again I tried to reinforce her I gave her an Extra big treat lots of love and just Encouraged her to keep enjoying her Environment remember the environment Serves as reinforcement too and we've Really established how much these dogs Seem to find enjoyment in exploring new Places you need to get back over that Stream and I'm serious before it fills Up with water and we're trapped but this Is about climbing that cliff Good girl she's looking for her treat he Said the reinforcement works just like Last time much faster the second time Around I mean sometimes that first Attempt is the hardest because you can See on the second attempt she hesitated A little bit but she quickly figured it Out and she's like oh yeah check in Ursa Off leash to let them do some Zoomies And play Okay come On please recall we love that heal Well you look like a trained dog that is

Very good One thing I find myself doing at these Various campsites that we find ourselves At is very often working outside in the Beautiful weather and invariably coming Across unplanned distractions which is Such a blessing for a dog trainer I've Got a dog walking by come Yes and she listens very well but I'm Not letting up on the reinforcement Anytime soon there's been so many Opportunities to have these spontaneous Training sessions like that we'll have a Dog walk by we'll have birds come by and Other various distractions and I'm able To do my training with her in an outdoor Environment around organic distractions And I really try to take advantage of Those at this point in inertia is Training I like to acknowledge the Presence of a dog especially if I see The dog before she does so I can say hey There's a dog just to help prevent her From being surprised by a dog see the Dog you can see how she'll look at the Dog and then me which I suspect means I See the dog and I'm happy to look to you For guidance which is exactly what I'd Like I mean there are going to be times Where she can go play with a dog and There's going to be times when she has To ignore a dog and I want to further Proof inertia around the presence of Dogs

Come That's right Free might say I'm just procrastinating On editing this morning like I'm Supposed to do I'm I think an hour and a Half past due on what I said I would do So Accountability hey you want to play with That ball catch I mean they've got to Get exercise still but Zach you already Exercised her this morning what's your Point the dog is still over there by the Way so I'll actually take a toy under Control conditions toss the toy in the Direction of the dog so there's nothing Between her and the dog this really Helps her gain Clarity and allows me to Evaluate her skill level in a real world Setting so getting her to play fetch in The direction of the other dog and come Back to me is also exciting another way That I like to test her is giving her Requests while I'm significantly farther Away I think many of you might identify With the fact that when you're farther Away from your dog it's harder to Communicate with them there's a dog There Good You see the dog Here good You got a border collie stair going on Over there a nurse has just been Enjoying checking these geese out over

Here she's just sniffing she's really Intrigued by them does she Does she have the life experience and Training to know not to go chasing after This geese More importantly can I call her off of The geese she is on the long line just Because we're in public inertia Come I'm pretty pleased with that Zack's Flying the Drone right now and I just Noticed inertia being so good with these Birds all within reachable distance of Her Leave them alone Good girl she's being good Zach just called her because all he Heard was me talking to her and saying Her name so maybe it's a good idea for Us to ask ourselves where can we Practice our training in real life where Can we have opportunities to work with Our dogs in a way that's likely to Translate into listening to us in the Real world as opposed to like a really Set up structure training session simply By immersing yourself in the real world You're able to do this type of training A lot more now you don't have to drop Everything to travel around North America like we're doing to do this We've shown you in other Series where we Do this in local parks and I would say Especially when you have a younger dog

Your social time and large part needs to Be devoted to taking your dog to a park For three four hours a couple of times a Week and those tail events or those Unpredicted events start to stack up and Give your dog experience and that's Where they start to generalize listening To you everywhere so while the physical Positions of our dogs do matter in dog Training their emotional state matters More we can both keep dogs very happy During the training process while also Getting them to perform the physical Behaviors we wish to see and according To every relevant academic body to our Profession aversives in dog training are Never required for any known instance I Think I have probably two more videos at This location it was such a sleeper dog Training set I had no idea follow us on Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook Subscribe and get a free BarkBox I'll Have a link in the description we'll see You next time what a good episode I like This episode Foreign

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