How I’m Keeping Our Dog from Killing our Puppy! (resource guarding, separation anxiety and…)

What could be challenging about training Dogs while in Alaska colossal mammals And chanting protesters those should be No problem but how will Veronica do While being left alone for the first Time without a crate and do you remember A nurse's resource guarding issues we'll See how she manages when Veronica gets Really close for everything dog training Subscribe to our channel the best way to Train a dog is really just to be Consistent with them and work with them Just a few seconds at a time here and There sometimes it's easy to run out of Ideas it's always nice to have a little Bit of extra motivation I mean this Really is the crowning feature of every Pup box the training card I love how They give you detailed instructions on How to train drop it or give you also Get tips on teeth cleaning and dental Care here you get really good Information about what a dog is going Through when they're going through Adolescence and how some of that quote Rebellious Behavior can be explained and They don't just send you the advice and Say good luck you get actual supplies Relevant to your dog's age like good Treats to train them with and since this Is her birthday box even get a birthday Cake hey you want a birthday donut let's See if we can teach you how to hold a Donut get it let go

Yes get it See how that squeak really gets her Engaged and interested let's blow out The candle ready Who cares about training training a Structured game of tug of war to me is So beneficial when you're trading a dog Like Veronica pup box is such a great Option for increasing your dog's quality Of life which is really what it's all About if you want to try pup box you can Get half off your first box when you Sign up at Zach I'll have a Link below we've made it to our summer Home in Alaska and the dogs like to Immediately make us fully aware of that Fact This out here can you spot it it's a Pretty normal occurrence to see a Truck-sized moose outside of our window But I think the dogs need to readjust And you'll know how much I like to take Advantage of these opportunities to test It inertia's training in this case I Want to see how compliant she is when That giant animal is first kind of far Away and then gradually closer to us Relax Come This is interesting the Moose is Becoming very aware of inertia kind of Checking in with it because remember Wolves are a natural predator of moose Good girl we're gonna be quiet it's

Really important to be aware of what Your dog is smelling he's using her nose You can see and I like that I like that She's learning how Moose smell Well done good girl we're so fortunate To be able to be in a position to give Inertia exposure to Moose we have two Layers of protection obviously the fence There and the balcony here no real Danger so I want to go down there and Look well I'm going to I'm coming Downstairs to go outside the Moose is The most dangerous animal in Alaska and I'm scared and I'm gonna leave the door Open I don't want flies to get in but I Also don't want to lock myself out you Know what the old supplies whoa hey Moose We recently had a bear come just right Here too on the same exact Corridor Everything's looking stable here and Since I put in the work over the last Three years of training with inertia I'd Like to prove her obedience and see how She does in this relatively controlled Situation better to practice like this Than to encounter a moose at super close Range with no fence between us and the Wild after all check it out that's okay Inertia come heal Okay fine Big Stretch thank you me to Heal okay what Good this is something I've been trying To do when I see some type of wild

Animal and she gets thrown off just Really practice on getting her attention On me I've been doing this her whole Life and it's not like she's not gonna Stop acknowledging animals but she's Gotten so much better On getting under threshold because here She's clearly looking at the moose Okay come Well done I am so proud of you Another day in Alaska we said we would Never walk in this neighborhood in the Summertime when we first got this place Hair spray we're taking our first walk Of the season this is a little park Right here it's called Bear Tracks Park In Alaska when they call something Bear Tracks they mean it they're not trying To be cute but it's a nice little Park You can go sit on that bench wait and See a bear the reason I'm talking about Bears so much is because literally there Was one in front of our house this Morning since I've driven across the Continents and camped all over the place In the woods I'm getting a bit braver Perhaps it's a false confidence we were About to venture into a highly Challenging training environment with Veronica and throughout this experience It should be clear what's working and What still needs quite a bit of work so It should be an interesting day today we Are doing a socialization bit for

Veronica but more importantly we're out Here standing up for women's rights Combining two things we care very deeply About I did see a lot of dogs out there We are in anchor Alaska the protest is Getting organized over here we're still Bringing her with us a lot trying to get Her out and about this was a dog Friendly protest I think I want to go Kind of far back because she's never Seen a group of protesters before that's A really good idea While Veronica has Had plenty exposure to people and dogs Throughout her short life she hasn't Necessarily had exposure to people being Loud shouting in unison and other Qualities that create a unique Contextual experience in the spirit of Training our dogs to listen to us Everywhere we must train in various Environments often so with a crowd like This you're thinking it would be better Yeah let's just start here let her take It in for a little while no need to go Quickly well yeah because she's never Seen this many people and they all are Going to chant in unison sometimes and That's weird for her you know yeah right That's a really good point protocol here Will be to gradually introduce Veronica To this energetic crowd from a distance Slowly and then hopefully we'll be able To get into the protest March and Participate more directly let me go

Closer You're on your game today I mean I have To be it's true yeah I went in public You have to really be Veronica keep your Dog from jumping on strangers as they Walk by for example good management that Was so good yeah tell me how training is Going with her right now now that we're Living I mean look at her she's all over The place but As we got closer it was not lost on Veronica that her environment was more Densely populated with people and dogs Yeah Bree decided to address Veronica's Excitement barking by pulling off to the Side and reminding her what quiet means Yes good she's being really good yeah She really is Amazing because you had the dog walk by You have the crowd chance and you had an Airplane fly over all at one time so We've just been coming back here for Like a minute or two good girl and then When she seems like she's relaxed then We can go back up there right then we'll Probably come back oh the motorcycles Are coming again Yes Yes yes Quiet that's perfect So you know I mean we've got dogs here Volunteer And Veronica here doing a great job

Debris was able to successfully let her Observe the dog and then Call her back Veronica loves everyone But we don't necessarily want her going Up to everyone that she wants to go up To watch how Bree blocks Veronica's Access to the people asks her to sit Politely and look at her all seamlessly That was the first time she didn't jump On someone that she could reach oh That's good yeah but you really have to Be on her good girl okay let's go Throughout our time at the protest Veronica adjusted well and she was able To act relatively calm in this Extraordinary setting after a long Stimulating day Veronica needed some Rest and we needed to go out and have Some us time so you're finally Comfortable with Veronica being alone at The house while we go out to a prolonged Dinner in general Veronica's been really Well behaved and non-destructive and We've shown you how we've taught her to Behave that way throughout this series So we made the decision to leave her in Our living room while we went out Instead of leaving her in a crate which Seems to cause her pretty significant Stress at least now the feeling of like Leaving her and not not knowing if she's Going to be okay was really paralyzing Me from even trying it right but now I Can check on her and I can see that

She's totally fine let's check on her Now and see how she's doing she heard Something outside hey Veronica can you Be quiet it's okay relax Good job It's gonna give you a treat We're gonna be sitting there at dinner And she's gonna have that propped up so She has a permanent eye on her I just Checked on Veronica I was like where is She I just discovered how good the zoom Is on the purpose I was like searching For looking around then I was able to Zoom in And there she was after going out to Dinner we'd be like let's rush home now And make sure the dogs are okay exactly There you go you can see what's up Veronica and inertia are Perfectly content yeah she's just Sleeping in her spot being totally Perfect and where's Veronica oh my gosh All right so she was barking for a Second but then she resettled so this is Also good data not just for our own Sanity But it's good data to know how she's Behaving when we're not there as an Instrument of science it is fantastic We're home Dogs are up there inertia does this all The time but Veronica is taking this to The next level she's like pressing on The window you're not used to us coming

Home You're used to be in with us so much of The time hello oh yeah you did so well Good job guys thanks for everybody Sitting inertia let's ask the test for Those of us who have multiple dogs Keeping peace and order is of the Highest importance for example many dogs Might guard resources such as shoes or Toys in fact if you've watched a nurses Training series you'll remember that Guarding things was very natural to her Excellent love how she looked at them She's focused on this is she being Protective is she gonna bite Yeah look at that She's resource guarding in fact this Resource guarding was such a hot topic On my channel that some critics were Quick to point out that I might even be Responsible for these snaps taking place In reality many if not most dogs will Exhibit this type of behavior especially When they're young and it is true that If unaddressed it can take more time to Resolve guarding Behavior like this but Let me say that I've been so impressed With inertia's social skills with Veronica and the other dog she's known Throughout her life in addition to Working with Veronica on her natural Desire to potentially guard things Inertia has been an ideal role model you Don't have to share if you don't want it

Or she you can tell her to back off I Know you'll be nice Just don't let her take that you can go Get it back If you enjoyed today's episode make sure You subscribe follow us on all of our Social networks I'll have links below And sign up for a pup box subscription To make you and your dog's life even Better and we'll see you in the next Video Foreign

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