How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?

Hey guys thanks for tuning in today I am Going to answer the question how long Can you leave a cat alone I get this Question frequently from people who Travel often or people who have a long Days at work they might work 12 to 14 Hour days where they're gone for long Periods of time and they often ask me How long can you leave a cat alone cats Are much less maintenance than dogs this Is typically why a lot of people get Cats instead of getting a dog if they're Not home enough to have a dog and give Them the proper attention they need they Often think about getting a cap because They are less maintenance and you can Leave them alone for longer periods of Time as long as your cat has a clean Litter box fresh water and access to Food while you're gone they're going to Be more than fine alone all day while You're gone to work you can leave a cat For 10 to 12 hours 12 to 14 hours and as Long as they have those things that they Need they're going to be fine now what About traveling or leaving them for an Extended period of time if you're going To be gone for longer than a whole day You're going to want to have someone a Friend a family member a neighbor if you Don't have anyone near you a Professional pet sitter who can come Into your home and check on your cat at Least once every 24 hours I would

Recommend having someone check on your Cat twice a day if possible and that's Just to make sure if you know they do Have access as I said to a clean litter Box fresh food and water what if the Water dish gets knocked over what if Your cat has an upset stomach and Becomes ill or you know there's another Issue that comes up that needs immediate Attention so you want somebody checking In periodically just to make sure Everything's fine especially if you're Going to be gone for multiple days You're going to want somebody who can Scoop the cat litter to make sure that That stays clean and your cat isn't Using dirty litter because that can Cause health problems so I recommend at Least once every 24 hours if not twice If you're able to do that or somebody's Able to do that for you twice every 24 Hours is my recommendation and just have Them double check obviously pet your cat Check in with them check for any signs That maybe they're not feeling you know 100 Um but also check the litter box clean The litter box make sure that they have Fresh water and make sure that they have Food in their bowl other than that your Cat should be fine as I mentioned they Are much less maintenance than dogs Where they're not going to need the Outdoor bathroom breaks they're not

Going to need to be fed multiple times a Day as long as somebody's just checking In really quick making sure everything's Great your cat should be fine to be left Alone for a few days while your eyes Around [Music] Foreign [Music]

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