Puppy Grooming: How to Brush Your Puppy


Today, I’m gonna talk about puppy grooming. It’s important to get them used to being brushed and touched the moment you bring them home. The reason you want to get your dog used to being touched firmly, especially if you happen to have a puppy, is because we want to desensitize them. We don’t want it to be a special occasion. So, for example, if one day a child or a stranger, comes up to your dog and catches them a little bit off-guard, we want to be reasonably assured that our dog is gonna react well start slowly.

It’s a good idea to use some treats. I’m using tiny pieces of real turkey meat today. If I didn’t have the treats – and I was doing this – there’s a good chance – he might be all over the place I’ll give them a piece of meat right there. Then I’ll start to touch his neck a little bit right here and I’m doing more than just petting him, and you can see he’s reacting really well. Now, I’m gonna touch his feed. Many dogs have very sensitive feet. You want to rub their nose and their mouth don’t be afraid to get up in there and their gums too. A little bit just to get them used to being touched.

They’ll also make vet visits a little more bearable for your puppy too, and use a little resistant there. So, I want to just take a step back and try and keep them at ease. I mean you can’t blame them you’re going into his mouth and touching those little tiny teeth. We’re gonna open his mouth touch his tongue a little bit. It’s really helpful, too, put them on their back. Just get them used to really being comfortable with you in all sorts of positions. It’s a really good trust, building exercise, but he’s a little squirmy here, so I’m gonna give them some treats here.

I’m not having to hold them down at all. The idea here is to have them be really comfortable, while on his back, you see that I’m gonna touch his little fat belly over here. His little pug paws, I’m just kind of letting him nibble on this tiny piece of turkey. While I massage his feet. A little bit just to get them really used being touched, see that I’m gonna touch his nose.

I know you got a nose in there somewhere. Where is it and right now you can see he’s totally relaxed he’s just hanging out. So, let’s see if we can take this to the next level and get mojo comfortable with being brushed now like everything in dog training, you want to make the grooming process as enjoyable to your dog as possible.

The idea with getting your dog comfortable, it being brushed, is to not push them to the point where they just hate it right off the bat you want to keep them from getting in that position to begin with, and the methods that I’m about to use to get mojo comfortable with being brushed are the same methods that you would use in order to get your dog comfortable with having their cheese brush their ears clean or their nails trim.

The first thing we want to do is start slowly by introducing the brush to our dog. I’m not even gonna touch mojo with the brush. Look at this. I’m gonna let him see it right there and then I’m gonna give him a nibble of this handful of turkey. I’ve got right now, it’ll, let him investigate it. He’s all into the brush. We’re gonna give him a treat for reacting in a relatively good way. At least he wasn’t scared of the brush. I really like to start by easing a dog into the process, so I’m just gonna touch him with it like this, he reacted.

Well, I’m gonna give him a treat just like that, see that and look he’s reacting really well, while I do this just tapping him lightly with it. I’m using the treats here just so he’s really comfortable and has this great association with this brush now comes the moment of truth. I’M going to attempt to do my first brush stroke with him, and hopefully he reacts well job, I’m going to give him some Turkey. You couldn’t ask for better than this on the first attempt. This is a soft brush that I’m using, but you notice, if I turned it over, it has a completely different texture.

So this is a major variable change to him, just because he reacted well to one brush doesn’t mean. I’m assured that he’s gonna react the same to another type of brush. Now, let’s see what happens if he doesn’t nibble on the treat – and I just touch him so here we go touch great okay, he’s doing so well, so I’m gonna brush him like this. Look at that now, I’m gonna give him a treat. So now he’s just being really tolerant brush him. Give him a treat. Yes, brush him. Look at that see. You can see right there.

He looked at the brush, but he was so interested in the treat he’s already been a bit desensitized to it. Slicker brushes are a really common brush to use for dogs that shed a lot and they can be a little bit abrasive to a dog if they’re not used to it. So again, you want to go nice and slow at first, just getting them comfortable. Look at that, oh you’re, so good right now, I’m not focused on a proper groom with mojo, I’m just focused on getting uncomfortable with it, and that preparation is really what will make all the difference and right now, I’m not even having to treat him.

You see that so I didn’t put him in a position to hate being brushed to begin with, to only then go back and try to fix it. However, if you are in that position with your dog, it’s totally fine take a step back, reintroduce it in the way that we’ve done here, click thumbs up, if you think mojo, did a great job today subscribe to my channel and pick up a copy of my Book dog training revolution for a more structured experience, don’t forget to set up automatic pet food delivery at that flow and we’ll see you guys in the next video you did such a good job today.

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