How To Check A Cat’s Pulse

Thanks for tuning in guys this is my cat Stitch and he is going to help me show You how to check a cat's pulse there's a Number of reasons why you might need to Check your cat's pulse um he may have Some sort of health condition going on He may just Um you know maybe be overheated or Something like that and you just want to Keep an eye on it may just be out of Curiosity Um it's interesting sometimes to keep an Eye on your animals Vital Signs and just See sort of what's normal for them and So in the event of an emergency you know What to expect a normal cat's heart rate Is between 140 and 220 beats per minute This is our other cat Chloe and she Apparently wants to get her heart rate Taken but we're going to try with Stitchy so what you're going to do is And cats aren't always the most Cooperative so you're gonna get your Hand kind of up underneath their armpit But it's going to be on the left side of Their body and you can put your hand Right there on their chest kind of like That up in that armpit and you'll be Able to feel their heart beating now What you're going to need is a watch With a second hand or a timer and you're Just going to hold your hand there and You're going to check and you're going To count the Beats for 15 seconds once

That 15 seconds is over you're going to Take the number of Beats that you got in 15 seconds and you're going to multiply It by four and that's going to give you The number of beats per minute and as I Said a normal cat's heart rate is Between 140 and 220 beats per minute so That's a varying range different size Cat smaller cats will have faster heart Rates than larger cats there's a number Of reasons why it would fluctuate like That but that's why it's really Important to kind of keep tabs on your Cat and know what's the normal range for Him so anywhere between 140 and 220 is In the normal range if your cat has been Laying there being lazy for a while it's Probably going to be a little bit lower If they've been a little bit more active Maybe you recently had about a playing Or they you know know run up and down The stairs it's going to be faster Obviously just like a human's if you Have concerns about your cat's heart Rate call your veterinarian right away This is not a symptom that you want to Wait to find out if it's you know going To regulate itself it's something that You want to get advice on right away Thanks for watching guys if you like This video if you like the information Click right below here there's a little Bell that's the notification button um So like our video here and subscribe to

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