How To Check A Dog’s Pulse

[Music] Thanks for tuning in guys this is my Beagle Molly and today she is going to Help me show you how to check your dog's Pulse so I've had some people asking About vital signs for dogs I have done a Video on how to check your dog's Temperature which you can see here Um if you have questions on that and um Checking pulse is just as easy it's Actually really simple all you need is Some kind of a timer or a watch with a Second hand you might need to check your Dog's pulse for a number of reasons you May be concerned about something or it May be a health condition we had a boxer Years ago if you've been following my Videos for a long time you may remember Chloe she was a boxer that I had who had Cardiomyopathy and so we had to keep a Close watch on her heart rate so whether Your dog has a health condition or You're just curious or you're concerned About something it's really easy and it Only takes 15 seconds to check your Dog's heart rate so you can feel your Pet's heartbeat on the left side of the Chest in in the area where the elbow Kind of meets the chest there so I'm Going to kind of stick my hand almost Like in your dog's armpit and you can Feel their heart beating there so you'll Take your timer or your watch with a Second hand and you're gonna feel the

Pulse and you're gonna count for 15 Seconds once the 15 seconds is over you Take the number of Beats and you times It by four and that will give you the Number of beats per minute one thing to Take note of is that a dog's heartbeat Naturally slows down and speeds up with Every breath this is completely normal And nothing that you should be concerned About for dogs a normal heartbeat varies Depending on the size of the dog so Smaller dogs are gonna have a faster Heart rate about 120 to 160 beats a Minute dogs weighing over 30 pounds are Going to have a heart rate that's Anywhere from 60 to 120 beats a minute The larger the dog the slower the heart Rate again that's totally normal if You're concerned about your dog's heart Rate you want contact your veterinarian Immediately you don't want to wait heart Rate can as I mentioned is a Vital sign And it can certainly be something that Could be a sign of a serious health Condition so it's not something that you Want to wait on if you're concerned if Your dog's heart begins to be too fast Or too slow you want to really keep a Close eye on that and contact your vet Ask for instructions on what you should Do next if you should wait for a certain Amount of time or Rush directly to your Veterinarian they'll probably ask you Questions about what was going on was

Your dog being active is it hot outside Type questions like that to try to Figure out what's going on and see if It's something that needs to be Addressed immediately or if you can wait Monitor the heart rate for a few minutes Before you decide what you're going to Do another way that you can take your Dog's pulse is by placing the ball of Two fingers in your dog's inner thigh Over the femoral artery and you're going To feel a pulse it may take a few try to Find exactly where to place your finger But you will find the artery and you Will be able to feel it whole thing and You're going to do the same thing you're Just gonna wait 15 seconds count every Pulse of the artery because every time The blood pulses through that artery That's a beat of their heart so you're Going to do the same thing 15 seconds Count the pulses of the artery multiply That by four and you're gonna have the Beats per minute [Music]

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