How To Control And Manage Your Dog Without Treats

Welcome back to the channel in this Video I'm gonna go through lessons that I use in my signature program perfect Dog plant and my students go through These lessons and this is how we Establish how to correct and reward our Dogs and how to manage and control our Dogs so before we start training our Dogs anything we have to have some form Of communication so the communication That we start with our dog is based on Me being able to communicate my dog that What you're doing is correct and or what You're doing is not I want you to do This I don't want you to do that so Correction and reward positive negative Yes and no so we have to communicate These to our dogs so our dogs has to be Able to understand what we are saying so For example if we want our dog to sit And we're saying sit and the dog doesn't Do it then how do we correct the dog or How how do we help the dog to learn how To sit for example so before we start Training on a dog you want to make sure That we are having this communication With our dog so the way you build that Communication is first of all throughout The day whenever you are doing something With your dog and your dog is doing Something that is good or bad I suggest You to communicate that to your dog and Say either yes or no tell your dog how You feel about it so this is the

Exercise that you're going to be doing For the next month maybe and you're Going to just communicate this to your Dog so for example if Annie is doing This and she's just standing there and She's not bothering anything this is an Opportunity for me to say any good girl Right so that's an opportunity for me to Say you did something right so I will Reward her verbally and physically as Well I can praise him as well right but Let's say this is something that I don't Want her to do any nope Nope Foreign Good girl yes so do you see the Communication we're having so as soon as She sat I said good girl I can praise Her you know physically as well right And I can praise her verbally as well And also I can correct her verbally and I can also correct her physically this Is the part that most dog owners have Difficulty correcting a dog physically So let's explore that so how would I Correct a dog physically first of all we Have to be Humane we don't want to be Aversive and we don't want to be Aggressive to our dog to the point that Our dog doesn't like the way we are Communicating it starts feeling fearful And it starts feeling uncomfortable Being around us so we want to make sure That even though we are correcting our

Dog or so-called punishing our dog we Want it to be Humane right we want it to Be gentle light but effective so the way We do it was to put the dog on a leash Now There are many benefits when we put the Dog on a leash but the number one is now We have control over our dog and those Things that I want to do on a leash And have my dog With me on a leash most of the time so First of all it prevents her my dog of Making mistakes physically or mentally She's not able to make mistakes she Can't go and dig a hole she can't go and Bark at the neighbor she can't be Chewing the furniture so on so now he's Under control so at this stage I have The opportunity to also control and Manage the behavior that I want all the Behaviors that I don't want so I can Start introducing controlled Distractions to make my point a more Clear form of communication to my dog so Why are we using controlled distraction Because if this distraction is too much For our dogs we can take it away put it Away and do nothing or that was easy we Can add a little bit more so so here's What I mean by controlling and managing And also communicating teaching our dogs That do this and don't do that so this Ball in this case has a dog who's a toy And play motivated could represent the

Neighbor's dog the dogs who are walking On the street could represent a piece of Bone it could represent neighbors kids Could represent a lot of things that are Distracting to our dogs so if we can Control this and we can use this toy to Control and manage our dogs we're going To be way ahead in the future in our Training so here's what I mean and I'm Going to demonstrate it so you can see And understand exactly what I mean so I Have a dog who's on a leash on a loose Leash it's under control and there is a Distraction can we control our dogs Using distraction Good girl good nope nope Good girl yes So that's how I correct the dog with not Being aversive We're being gentle we're being Communicated right so the fact that She's not going and attacking that toy And you know reacting to that toy we Have to reward the dog and most dog Owners forget to do that so Yes good girl nope Good girl yes Yes good girl oh yes so there's a verbal And physical reward and correction so You saw the way I was able to correct my Dog without being aversive because we Have practice this idea of if you want To get to that distraction you have to Listen to me if you want to go for a

Walk you have to listen to me if you Want to play you have to pay attention To me if you want to meet the neighbor's Dog you have to pay attention to me and So on and on so this little game using Play and praise reward system that You're learning in sorrow dog training Program is actually the key to start Developing the foundation for the future Training so if we control our dog using Play good girl yes she is controlling Herself and really being nice and kind To me she's scratching my back so I'm Gonna scratch her back I'm gonna say Good girl yes And here's the kicker we're gonna reward Her now Annie cookie cookie yes so one More time we're gonna try it And I'm not asking her anything to do I Just don't want her to go after this And I'm just playing with him And she is being really good right so Good girl yes yes Good girl good girl yes yes there's a Correction and reward and praise all at The same time so this is how we are Communicating how we are building Communication Annie okay good Yes then we can go off leash and we can Try it off this too so when you have Your dog or fleece expect not getting Good results because it's a different Scenario now so no So you see you don't get the same

Results that we were getting when we had Our dog on a leash right Nope Good good girl yes we got a little bit Of better results because our training Of communicating verbal and physical Cues of yes and no is now coming to help Us to be more productive and more Communicative in training we have to Practice a little bit more now of leash Right so nope Nope Good girl Good girl Nope Nope Good girl Yes so they see the way we are Communicating now right I'm not being Aggressive I'm not being physical I'm Not being angry and I'm building the Foundation of training my dog that's how Simple dog training is and then always Start the training with play and end the Training with play so your dog starts With a positive mode and ends the Training session in a positive mode So Training using play can become the ideal Way of training your dog that's how you Build the foundation by correcting and Rewarding your dog my students use it And once you get this part build up the Training becomes piece of cake this way

You're building a good relationship You're building a positive relationship With your dog you're building a positive Communication and your dog is just Having fun without even knowing that is Being trained if you benefited from this Video give it a like share this video And if you want to learn how to correct Your puppy I'm Gonna Leave a video right Here go ahead and watch it and I'll see You on the next video Half a million dollars Thank you

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