How to Decode Your Dog in Less Than 1 Minute! #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining #rescuedog

They give us so many different clues for Example what about their vocalizations From barks to wines your dog's sounds Can indicate their emotional state their Desires or their warnings pay attention To the pitch their duration and the Context to try to decode what your dog Is trying to tell you body language Watch for tail wags ear positions and Their body posture to gauge your dog's Mood generally a relaxed playful stance Probably means that your dog's in a Favorable mood whereas if they're more Tense stiff or rigid this could indicate Some more uneasiness eye contact eyes Can reveal a lot about your dog's Feelings soft gentle gazes with their Eyes are likely signs of trust and even Affection while a hard stare might mean Something else or even avoiding eye Contact might mean that your dog is Uncomfortable or fearful by Understanding your dog's General body Language you are in a position to Understand them better like and follow And check out some of my long form

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