How to Get your Dog to Listen Without Treats


Let’s have a look at how to get your dog to listen without treats. So, does your dog listen to you without a treat? When people are new to training a dog, they often tell my dog listens to me, but only if I have a treat.

I’m going to attempt to give you some tips as to how to get your dog to listen to you without a treat.

Tips on How To Make Your Dog To Listen Without Treats

The first mistake to avoid is assuming that just because your dog does a behavior for a treat that they now know it and you don’t need to use treats anymore. If your dog doesn’t listen to you without a treat, it’s not a sign of them being stubborn, it just means they haven’t internalized the behavior. Yet we have to continue to provide motivation to our dogs for an extended period of time before we wean them off of treats. This means spending many cumulative hours with them over time.

Basic obedience is more habitual than anything. It’s better to establish consistent patterns of success than it is to try and hurry up and cut the cord on treats before you even think about weaning your dog off of treats. It’s important that you’re consistently rewarding them on. At least two to three behaviors that they already know very well.

So I’ve got Venus with me here today now. The first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you have taught sit very good and that you’re rewarding very consistently.On set when I use food when teaching dogs I like to use something really good like turkey.

The second thing people generally teach obedience wise anyway is lie down. So once your dog is lying down consistently and you’re rewarding consistently it’s time to combine two behaviors at one time. Sit first. I’m going to treat on this lie down good, so I’m going to reward on lie down as well.

The next thing you want to do is start to ask for two behaviors in a row like this sit lie down, then reward and how you me give them an extra big reward, the first several times they do that as if to say I’ll pay you for both, but I want you to do them both in advance.

First, repeat that lots of times get them really comfortable doing that. Doing two behaviors in a row or three and remember you don’t always have to use food as a reward as well. In fact, last time I showed you how to use play as a reward. The same concept applies and if you have a high energy dog. This might be a better way to teach them anyway, being a sit, lie down, play dead. Good now, she’s doing three in a row. I like that excellent job, so I’ll reward every third trick, but sometimes to keep it interesting.

I might just say Venus it and keep her guessing and reward on sit, always keep your dog yes and keep it fun for them. Anytime you’re asking your dog to do something that you think they already know how to do without a reward in an environment that they’re not familiar with, be prepared to reteach it a little bit. In that environment dogs are really sensitive to new changes in their surroundings. So be very understanding of that being a sit, wave sit, pretty lie down, get up, speak up, good up stand, walk, look at that.

That was all for one reward. Bottom line: you don’t just go from treats to no treats, you just ask for a little bit more as your dog progresses in their training. You’ll notice over time that you don’t really need to use rewards anymore, that your relationship is such that your dog chooses to listen to you because you create a good environment for them.

Sit, lie down, get up, sit. Speak help so she’ll do it without a reward, but I think it’s always nice to offer them a reward to kind of say Thank you. I appreciate that you’re trying you’re the girl Venus for best results in dog training. Be the tortoise. Not the hare. Take your time and do it right.

Thanks for reading about how to get your dog to listen without treats.

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