How to Get Your Dog to STOP IGNORING YOU: 2 Unexpected Dog Training Tips


You today’s episode I’m going to show you two simple things that you can do that will make even the most excited dog want to listen to you when your friends, family and guests come over click thumbs up rue the border collie. She really is amazing, also make sure you’re subscribed to my channel.

So you see all my future dog training videos which are always fun and always free. Today, in less than 30 seconds, I’m going to show you how to eliminate the chore of ever having to go out and get dog food again watch how user-friendly this is go to pet flow.

Tips How to Get Your Dog to Stop Ignoring You

Mini Fetch

Now, let’s go meet through the border collie and your mom Annie. How long have you had Ruth? I got room three months ago, so she is now five-month-old puppy, oh wow, okay. So how do you feel that your current communication with or do you feel like you guys, get each other? I think we do. We have a pretty good connection. Does she listen well when it’s just the two of you without distractions she does. She can be distracted by a leaf blowing across the yard just as easily as a guest, and it comes to the door she’s going to listen to what she’s most interested in she’s. So social and interactive look at her. She just wants to be with us. Why?

Don’t you show me what you have taught roots so far in terms of basic obedience? Okay, first, if she did it the first time, that’s wonderful through down thinking about it. Look at her she’s got a little designer distracting situation. That’s understandable! That’s what you were talking about, isn’t it that will distract it she’s less likely we’re down good job stay, stay good girl come. I think, you’re well, on your way to having her behave perfectly around people. There’s a couple of things we have to tighten up, but that’s what I’m here, if you’re serious about getting your dog, to listen to you and understand new concepts, it’s important to get that initial layer of energy out of them.

Dogs, like Roo, are very, very smart. Very energetic and they will comprehend new concepts a lot easier after they’ve been exercised a little bit. You’ll want to do this, both before primary training sessions and just prior to guests. Arriving at your house – and I know her fetch is kind of intermittent right now. Is that right, she will go, get it and she may or may not bring it back. Make sense. Perfect sense.

That’s all normal fetch is generally the most efficient way to exercise a dog in about 20 minutes or so. But since Roo is only five months old, she doesn’t quite have the fundamentals of fetch down yet so we can’t rely on that to exerciser. The next best thing to do is to do a mini fetch training session, which I’ll cover in just a minute, followed by a significant loss.

This might make your dog just manageable enough to work with miny fetch is where you teach your dog, the basic concepts, the fundamentals of fetch, it’s very important to do that. First, before you just go outside toss, a ball 20 yards and hope that they bring it back, we want to focus on teaching a dog how to chase the item. Get the item bring the item back. Let go of the item instantly and repeat that process.

They’ll need to understand the rules of the game of fetch before we can expect them to do a real, focused, energy-releasing game of fetch, and for that reason you need a lot of repetitions by doing your fetch training sessions in a small confined area like this you’re Going to get many more repetitions in which will get you to where you want to be much faster, let’s give it a shot right now, I’m just focused on getting a really into the toy.

Teaching To Play Tug

That’s the first step of mini fetch. Step two is teaching them to play tug and, let go remember. Fetch training starts with. Let go not throwing it like many people think to teach your dog to let go it’s as simple as making the game boring waiting when she lets go. I’m just gonna wait. Making it uninteresting yes good, but did you notice what I did right after she let go? I threw it to her as if to say, hey you can have it right back, but remember we’re in a confined area.

So now, I’m in a position to reignite the game of tug-of-war, get it okay, let go yes good, just throwing it a few feet there. Yes, good girl, really good. You know what she thought about veering off there. So what I’m gonna do – and this will come in handy later, so I’m gonna put her on leash. Thant’s a fantastic way to control the environment with a young dog that doesn’t all the rules yet good and see. I can reel her in or encourage her to come back with a leash on her a little bit easier and she can’t run away from me very good, good job. Look at this nice she’s doing a great job. This is how fetch training should initially look see.

If you just go straight outside your dogs likely to get very distracted, let go yes that was a perfect. Let go ready, go get nice job, so she’s chasing it she’s, picking it up and now bringing it back is one of her weak points. Let’s see if we can get her to do that I’ll, be calling her excitedly to trying get her to bring it back good I’ll, take that, and rather than just pull it out of her mouth, I want to make sure that I a little bit of trouble Or with her to let her know that I’m still fun and then I’m going to keep the game going good girl see this.

This is a complete game of fetch is just in a smaller area in a less distracting environment than outside. It’s very normal for to take several weeks to transition this little game into a proper game of fetch in the backyard. So don’t be discouraged if your dog doesn’t want to play fetch perfectly when you do this outside for more detailed video on teaching your dog, how to play fetch outside I’ll have a link in the description now, if your dog isn’t the type of dog that likes Fetch or they’re still learning fetch, then a very significant walk before people come over will make things a lot easier for you keep in mind that when you do interact with your dog, when you have people or friends or family over that, you want to give them your undivided attention.

Your dog, that is, I can understand that you might want to visit with your company. So if you’re not prepared to train your dog during those moments, it might be a good idea to have your dog in another room and then once everyone gets settled, bring your dog back out and give them the attention they need.

Teach How To Come

Our next order of business is to teach Roo how to come when called while in an excited state, this will be a little bit more challenging. Essentially, what we’re doing is proofing our communication that is teaching her to listen under a variety of different circumstances. Let’s have a quick review on come win call number one make sure you’re calling your dog in a really enthusiastic voice, make sure that when you’re practicing come when called that you’re in a safe environment you’re in a position to actually get to your dog, if they End up not listening to you, but perhaps most important when your dog does come to you, make sure you reward.

Bing, I’m gonna try and be really interesting through now. Your challenge Anna, is going to be to try and get rude to come to you. No matter how exciting I am because, ultimately, if you have a guess over, you want to be able to say: hey rube come here. I don’t care here if you’re interested in having a good time. I want you to behave we’ll play later. Thant’s the type of thing we have to prepare our dogs for.

I’m getting really excited here, and I want you to see if you can get Roo to come to you and if she does reward huge, especially if she abandons us fun game really come was Fantastic now, let’s make a little bit more challenging and see how she does with food. If I got a piece of chicken right here, naturally, she’s gonna want to stay with me, but can you get her to come to you all this chicken is right here. I’M even giving her a little bit here. Come yes, good girl!

If your dog doesn’t come to you in that situation, you could lure them back to the point where you were calling them with a tree. That would also be a good way to enforce. Come when called, I tried to really make it extra hard for there, but she listened to you and that’s a testament to your very strong bond that you have with her. And this is what it means to teach a dog without force and really teach them to originate the behavior from the inside outward that was fantastic. There was no lease jerking, no pulling you communicated with her and made it work for a while to do it.

If that was not successful, you would pick up the leash and bring them back to the point from where you called it rude. Thant’s just what real combat room! Thant’s good! Come! Okay! Thant’s where our with fire right there. She wants to play so use this as a currency motivator, that’s a good idea, if you think rooted really well today give her a big thumbs up.

You guys, obviously have a very deep real connection with one another. I think that’s why she’s doing so. Well, your bond is impressive, keep up the good work and thank you so much for being on the show. We had a lot of fun. Rou and Anna were seriously impressive team if your dog is really reactive. Around loud noises, like the vacuum cleaner see my video how to get your dog to listen to you around anything, even vacuum cleaners. If your dog is out of control, you probably need to do some training see my video on teaching your dog, the perfect fetch for help with that. If your dog doesn’t listen at all, while distracted, it’s time to teach the leave, it look at me. Combo thanks for subscribing and we’ll see you guys next time you.

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