How to Get Your Dog to Stop Stealing Things Right Now


In today’s episode we are going to talk about how to get your dog to stop stealing things right now. If your dog steals things out of the garbage or picks up things around the house or seizes every opportunity to take food off the table or counter, today’s episode is for you.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Stealing From The Counter?

Does your dog jump on the counter and try and eat all of food? The first step doesn’t require much training at all. We just need a leash, I’m willing to guess that you can kind of predict when she’s about to jump on the counter. If you’re sitting on the calories, yeah and she’s probably faster and gets to the counter anyway, right, just a little bit yeah, it’s my opinion that she should probably be on leash until her counter surfing and her unwanted jumping of all kinds is under control.

A leash gives you so many more options before we can expect sable to stop jumping on the counter and stealing food at every opportunity. We have to make sure we can override her natural impulses. Does that make sense? Definitely! Would you mind if I work with sable for a little bit? No problem. All right. Come here, girl.

stop dog stealing from the counter

When I throw a tree, stay. That was pretty good there. She stayed with the treat, I’m pretty happy with that. Let’s see how she does with leave it when it’s right in front of her, leave it alone. Okay, not quite so much there until your dog can leave a piece of food alone. When you hold it in front of him like this, you can’t expect him to leave it alone when you’re in the living room right – and she knows, there’s chicken Popeye on the counter or something.

Her eyes say so much. That was so sweet. This is what he gets away with all the stuff she does. I’m hoping you can get her down. Stay combined with. Leave it. Looking really good. Until I see you again, do you feel confident about that yeah, and for the rest of you who are having issues with teaching your dog leave it? It might be a good idea to keep temptations off the counter and keep her on a leash in the meantime, just for now until she really starts to understand this concept.

See a common mistake that a lot of people make is not really controlling their dogs’ environments efficiently. I know that we’re all in a hurry to let our dogs off-leash and have lots of freedom and really enjoy their life. But remember dogs are very curious, intelligent, inventive animals. My advice is to take a step back on their training and really work with sable on her impulse control issues. Once they get that looking a little bit better, I think we can have a lot of success on her counter surfing.

How To Get My Dog To Stop Stealing Food?

I’m back to check in with Shaun Caitlin and sable. Let’s see how they’re doing. Caitlin, how has sable been doing with her training. She’s been doing pretty well. She kind of decides when to listen and when not to listen. The reason I had you guys practice down stay with leave. It was to get her processing two things at once that she’s pretty familiar with the kind of mixing things up a little bit. Last time we used dog treats. Would leave it and she did really well.

golden retriever puppy

This time, I’m using chicken and I’d kind of like to see how she does with down stay and leave up down. We can’t complain about that. That’s what’s real chicken too. It’s the purpose of teaching a leave! It’s training exercise, like, this is not so they’ll leave everything alone you ever want them to in real life, but it’s to establish some basic impulse control. Today we’ll try and bridge the gap between a primary training session.

That’s where you’re giving your dog your undivided attention and a secondary training session where you burst into more spontaneous training, drills depending on circumstance or your desire to train at that moment, when it comes to teaching your dog a real life leave it, you’ll want to get quite creative with your training, because if they get used to just leave it alone with a piece of chicken, then of course they learn.

Ok, I leave chicken alone during this very specific incident, but they don’t tend to generalize it. If you want your dog to really generalize this concept, you have to make sure that you go out of your way to show them lots of different situations with that you want them to leave food alone with most inquisitive dogs. The more unfamiliar thing is, the more likely they are to want to investigate it. We have this little cake here, for example, ah leave it. Look, how interested she is – and I remember, this is unfamiliar she’s never seen this before, leave it alone.

Yes, good. That was a great start. This is a primary training session. I’m really putting her on notice, leave it alone, being very clear with my body language. She’s not touching it. It’s fantastic up here. Look at me! It’s very good. I’m gonna reward with the chicken. However, so that makes this a little bit different, I’m no longer rewarding with the same stuff. I’m asking her to leave teaching dogs in many respects comes down to really changing up variables on them like this leave it alone very good.

dog eating food

That’s a wonderful one, very proud of you leave it alone, and here I’m just moving it around for good measure, because things that move are a little bit more exciting she’s like what do I have to do to get that chicken? Please tell me – and this is quite fragrant – leave it. That was a really good one. Leave it again, the closer it is the more challenging it is, but what about more real-life instances where our guard is let down or we’re talking on the phone we’re a bit distracted.

Yes, that’s what we’ve got work on next, if you have a lot of experience, training dogs you’ll understand that, if you’re here to guard it that most dogs are pretty intelligent and they’re gonna kind of put two and two together. Well, obviously, I’m not gonna go for that crab right there, because he’s right here, he’s gonna get it.

So, our next step is to start introducing a bit of distance to the equation. Yes, magical moment right there. She very deliberately looked at the distractions right in front of her. She had full access to that food made the choice to come over here and get her reward. I’m gonna try one more test here and make it really tough or before we go on to the next phase.

You’re doing great. You know that right, good job come here. If your dog did go for the items that you were leaving on the ground, as you walked away, your job would be to get over there and cover those items up, and that’s also your cue to take a step back on your training and make sure your dog is a little bit better about leave it with a shorter distance.

I’ve got all of these things right here on the edge of the counter where she can easily get them now, if she does jump for them like that, I’m gonna be there. I’m gonna be prepared to lure her away. Didn’t pull her off the counter. Did you see that? Nope? I don’t know if you caught that moment right there she was jumping on me. She glanced over here and she looked immediately up at me.

The better you can get at identifying those tiny moments of compliance, the faster your progress will be. Resist the urge, unless you absolutely have to pull your dog down. Yes, good, very good, look at all of this stuff here, Wow! It’s here, it’s here! I got this yes, whoo, isn’t that fun and you know it might seem like I’m tempting her and making it really exciting, and I am because I don’t want to wait, and so I’m cooking dinner or having people over to train this right now to walk away.

You can see there’s a whole bunch of food. She looks like she’s about to jump. So, what am I gonna do? I’m prepared to intervene to redirect her and bring her over here. Come here girl. I would, Sam I’m gonna report, her no ma’am, don’t get it get down. No! Look at that fried chicken right there. I didn’t have to touch her head. Stick with her, come and go, come on. Yes, excellent job, very good. That was fantastic, I’m so proud of Saylor. I think so much of the frustration that people experience during dog training comes from trying to fix things in the moment. If you’ll just take 5-10 minutes to set up these types of exercises and be prepared to give your dog the training they need, when moments arise. In actual real life, you’re gonna be way better off.

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