How To Go From Out of Control Dog to Leash Walking Bliss in the Middle of a Crowded City!

I'm Zach George I'm a professional dog Trainer I don't use choke prong or Electric collars and we are on a mission To show you how we train our dogs Everything if we have learned anything About dog training it is that dogs Require a comprehensive approach we've Got to take into account their entire Experience I want to give you three Powerful reasons how giving your dog Something new can benefit both of you Reason number one it can go a long way To preventing destructive Behavior new And unique toys can help your dog Establish problem solving skills and Number three it can improve their focus And that drive super chewer toys are for Those dogs who are so tough on toys the Super tour box is notably heavier yeah I Don't think a dog is going to destroy This BarkBox toys are for dogs who are Tough on toys but maybe not quite as Tough I will forever be impressed by Their attention to detail on all of These toys they're gonna get those high Value top-notch treats these are awesome On walks we put some peanut butter on This when life gets busy having Something like this to go to is Wonderful all of you can get a free Extra box when you sign up at training or Dog training I'll have a link below in Today's episode Veronica is about nine

Months old and she's about to have a Very novel first time experience we're Gonna take Veronica on a walk in a brand New place our main objective today is Exposure to a bustling City we've got Our first major distraction of the day Got a dog Straight Ahead there we have Dogs over here that sometimes presents a Challenge four foot leash a clip to you We're always extra vigilant in places Like this like here you go here's two Off-lease dogs and they're doing okay We'll always want to be aware of them These dogs seem very well behaved and Under control but don't want to assume Too much cities have a lot of variables It's going to be impossible to focus on Things that I cannot control so I'm Gonna focus on what we can control Bree Has picked up Veronica no reaction There's no point in having the dogs Cross at close range even if she's being Perfect you don't you don't know every Dog in the world you don't know how They're going to react It's a nice plus of having a small dog When I go to a city with a dog I'm not Letting my dog come into contact with Other dogs there's a time and a place For that but when we're out on a venture Like this our dog safety is always the First consideration one of kind of the Silly myths in training dogs is that Picking up dogs somehow makes them

Overly dependent on you it's a form of Coddling them I've never really bought Into that I don't really get it well It's management not training right it's Picking her up so she doesn't bark isn't The same as teaching her not too far It's also not rewarding her for Something but in this case we're going To fall back on management because Veronica does not yet know the skill of Staying right by our side while we pass Dogs that she doesn't know at close Range in a brand new city that she's Never been to I don't know being so into Dog training I find myself looking at People who train dogs in public and just Trying to see what I can learn from them Look at these guys we see that they've Got a long lead on their dog look at That look at the rate of reinforcement There rewarding duration this person Knows what they're doing right here Get that dog in public by giving the Treats over and over like that a lot of People think oh you're feeding your dog Too much but really you're just Communicating hey staying there is what Equals rewards like this this person is Training like a pro trainer right here Okay so he's going for a really nice Long duration here we we can look for a Release I bet we can look for it let's See if he does it there you go and There's the release and there's the

Reward with the ball nice work is this a New series idea going in public and Covertly watching people train their Dogs the world cannot be coming to that No but you're gonna elect to carry her Rather than walk her it's pretty busy Here as we cross this crosswalk if you Have a bigger dog though it's not always So easy to carry them so we have to make Sure that we're doing other things to Manage and keeping them on a short leash Prioritize heel training going out During off-peak hours that's why you Probably don't put them in this Situation for their first city outing And you do some prep work and lay the Groundwork we have to cater our training Approach to each individual dog lately In the comments of my YouTube videos I've noticed a lot of people will say Something like well Zach there's more Than one way to teach a dog so positive Reinforcement isn't the only way okay so Much for not pulling I guess I think What a lot of people are failing to Realize is that there are a thousand Ways that you cannot use versions in Your dog training being tolerant to Pulling like this is pretty important When you're training for them and taking Them to new places and this is one of Those unplanned variables that just Presents itself got a barking dog over Here

There That was another Barking Dog right there Yeah can you get her attention on you Well done maybe we can focus on teaching Veronica to look at us or pay attention While the dog is in the distance there's A couple of things that Bree and I are Considering we don't want to continue to Approach a barking dog that could just Escalate both dogs and we don't want to Create that precedent Perfect essentially this is being done In the spirit of changing as few Variables at a time as possible so if we Want to minimize the likelihood of her Having a significant stress response Which she will then correlate with being In places like this in the future you Can see how we keep those brain Chemicals nice and controlled approach The situation slowly and methodically That we are not creating more problems For ourselves in the future another Common way to kind of test your dog and See are they receptive to learning new Things is to ask them to sit can I get To sit Easy to get her to sit anywhere else Cried a busy street not so easy yes It's almost like you can see her Thinking sit sit what's that I think I Know what I think I know it you can see How the environment affects her it can Be so valuable when you just let your

Dog think it out sometimes rather than Saying sit sit but dogs have their Moments and when they're in new Environments there it is becomes harder Now she's been warmed up now she Understands training sessions like that Are 30 seconds to two minutes at a time A few minutes went by Bree decided to do A little bit of training with Veronica But started to become a bit frustrated Because Veronica stopped taking treats When you're training with positive Reinforcement you have to have something To reinforce your dog with in order to Make sure that you can seal in that Behavior and sometimes that's Inconvenient when your dog doesn't want The thing that you think should motivate Them our objective was only to give her Socialization out here anyway I'm fine To just move on from that or maybe I Could try yes well I said she stopped Taking treats in Zach challenged me and I think he's winning Good you really have to like capitalize On those moments when your dog is like Really really interested in you really Paying attention yes here we go yeah Here we have things going on like Construction We started seeing a lot of big equipment And experience tells me when you have Big loud things that you want to Approach those things cautiously so this

Is kind of in our theme of always being Aware of your environment so you can Understand how that's impacting your Dog's mental and emotional well-being at That moment being able to positively Affect the dog's mental and emotional State when you're training them in a Favorable way has unbelievable benefits When you are training a dog sounds like That do not go unnoticed by dogs letting Her observe the loud sound you can see The construction equipment over there Construction sounds are a great Opportunity to expose your dog to loud Sounds assuming that that doesn't Overwhelm them the key is to surround The abrasive sounds we're hearing of the Construction and the Jackhammer with Good experiences so so in this case Doing some easy sits for treats is Getting the job done look at that And there's construction in the Background as Bree continues to train Veronica you can see her mood is Uplifted she's adapted she's like all Right I'm into the treats now we just Gave it a little bit of time she's Jumping up she's excited we've got all This stuff going on and that is where I Want my dog mentally much better to have A happy jumping dog even if you don't Like the jumping than it is to have a Calm dog who is borderline shut down Because they're afraid to make too many

Erratic movements because we can always Tame down that jumping easily I would Elect a reward because the focus is on Brianna and that's more important than Anything see she's doing a lot better on Walking here Giving attention offering attention a Lot more and here's another unplanned Distraction we have a pigeon it's a good Training opportunity to see if we can Call Veronica off that pigeon no tension On that leash just avoiding tension Because I really want her to originate This behavior of listening debris from The inside outward I want her to do it Because she wants to and understands she Needs to and repeat that is what dog Training looks like does this mean that The next time we come out she's going to Be perfect no it doesn't but it does Mean that we've made progress and we Know regular exercise is a big part of Our lifestyle with our dogs I just want A launch a Frisbee and there's a lot of Extra Nuance that goes on during these Exercise sessions some days it might Just be about playing frisbee or it Might be about doing sit or stay or come Or heal what are the best times to teach Your dog is during or right after Vigorous exercise I'm talking about when They are freshly depleted By the way that's a walkie-talkie if You're wondering and even simple things

Like teaching your dog to heal or Staying near you I'll have her do all of This in order to play with the Frisbee For a moment All right ready Lie down Come around go And that's what she does before He's like oh man I'll do all that for One toss of the Frisbee but when you get Your dog a little winded like this Becomes much easier to get compliant Behavior on things like heel Well Give her a short one These outings where we play Frisbee with The dogs and really let them just let Loose and play fetch are some of the Most productive unplanned training Experiences that we have together I can Hear Brie calling me she needs help with Frisbee training guess who's here it Brings me so much joy to know that this Training session was caught on film oh My goodness but this is for all-time Greatest breakthrough to date frisbee Dog she's a fruit hahaha Veronica and go Yeah Yeah that's just what a happy dog looks Like tell me if you like videos like This where we actually show you our Experiences of training our own dogs who Don't yet know the things we're training

Them follow us on Instagram Tick Tock And Facebook it is not just business as Usual over there lately we have a lot of Big things going on as a dog training Community I mean we've been having Conversations that need to happen in dog Training over there all of you can get a Free extra box when you sign up at dog training or dog training I'll have a Link below we'll see you guys in the Next video

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