How to have a healthy dog with Dr. Peter Dobias

I may be a vet but people don't listen To me either sometimes right Like they usually come when there is a Problem and there is uh when they didn't Listen and then there's a problem then They come and they want to listen Right so it's uh i i much prefer Prevention but I know how the world works and how life Works we usually Wait until pardon my language [ __ ] hits The fan and then Welcome to the functional dog podcast Here is your host Saro from sorrow dog training [Music] All right okay so let's start with the First kind of a Question can you tell us a bit about Yourself When did you start being you know Involved with Vets with the industry and becoming a Vet and How did you fall in love with dogs and All that oh my goodness long story many Years back In the mid 90s i used to ride horses And one of my horses was was affected by Tendonitis And i felt really helpless i couldn't Really I couldn't really help her so i decided To go

I wanted to go to vet school and my dad Was a vet and he wasn't really happy About me making a decision to go to the Vet school because he had plans for my Sister to go to the vet school so he Wanted me to be an architect and i put My brakes on and I basically decided to go to vet school And then I uh graduated after a lot of um Hard work uh it's actually i wouldn't Want to go through it again But it was worth it uh at the same time I You know i was um i was very Conventional and then i moved to canada And um i became even more conventional Because i had to Pass through the canadian national board Exams for veterinarians And i um i actually ended up being one Of the One of the top sellers of kibble believe Or not In the mid 90s it's really hard to Believe because i Since switched completely and i've been Recommending and feeding Raw or cooked diet for the last At least 25 years and it's been a real Eye-opening experience Some of the things that i've learned I've learned from my obviously from my Patients and also from my clients who

Were Open-minded and then i started A veterinary clinic in north vancouver And i worked there for about 10 years And then after 10 years i thought This is really ridiculous i have the Same problems and And cases coming in just with different Dogs and different Different guardians or owners but the Same problems for repeating so i thought How can i Create a situation where i would Actually help people to prevent these Problems or help them To solve them on their own without you Know Paying a lot of money for for making our Dogs healthier And often it didn't happen that way Anyway so i I decided uh i i you know i started kind Of soul-searching what i wanted to do And i I decided to actually sell the practice And start online work and writing and Teaching people how to keep their dogs Healthy And then eventually i thought okay well That's one thing to Tell people what to do but i didn't Really have the tools to Do it with so i started formulating Different products and supplements and

Uh and we kind of took it to the next Level we tested on humans we joked that Uh Humans my team and i and we started Having really good results with uh Mineral support and fermented vitamins And sustainable omegas and different Things and And wound healing without chemicals and And and And thick and free products without Without the chemical Part so it's been a real fun journey on Top of that i You know i i kind of thought if if we Are not healthy And happy as humans we cannot have Healthy and happy dogs so This year we are actually we are Launching a human supplement line as Well so it's been like a I kind of let let the river of of of my Work flow And see where it takes me and it's been A really exciting journey I yeah i'm very grateful for All the good people that i've had in my Life and sometimes there have been Obstacles and people who didn't really Like what i was doing and that was fine Too because it just kind of Kept me on my toes and um And and helped me to evolve and be Humble and

All that couple of points there so You're saying Uh you used to promote kibble which Leads me to next question What changed your mind to go from kibble To fresh food and Also tell us about the benefits Of fresh food and also the Negative effects of kibble you have These big questions but i'm gonna try to Answer them as As simply as possible uh so Kibble well you know i i kind of Believe that kibble was the right way to Go because that's what we were taught at School And also that's what the pet food Companies told us Eventually i realized they were just Telling us to Sell their product but the question came Up And i kind of thought it was a that was A very valid question Whether any doctors any human doctors Recommended Kibble or processed food for their Patients and You know doctors always say eat fresh Food eat healthy food eat fruit and Vegetables and do not eat processed food And Veterinary medicine it was the exact Opposite but the transition happened

Kind of more Drastically and suddenly because i had One Patient his name was skokie golden Retriever That was two years old and skokie had a Very severe ear problem And the owner and i were Kind of i was at the end of my my kind Of Options and i sent skokie to a Specialist and the specialist Suggested that skokie will have his ear Canal removed Ear canals removed so there was a real Shocking Kind of uh discovery that that you know That This was recommended and i was i worked In whistler bc Which is a ski resort and i was skiing With my friend who was feeding raw food And she said why don't you just Put this dog on raw food so i did And after actually first i objected i Said you know I can't do that like that's not right And then i did And within a month the dog was 50 better Within two months he was absolutely fine So that was the that was the last little Bit and also my cat then i I had two cats and um a dog person Sorry dog cat lovers i i just switched

Completely but anyway i had a cat and She was hyperthyroid she was on cable Too at the age of seven And i switched her and i treated her With homeopathy and she lived until 21 But there were so many different Suddenly all the difficult Patients and cases that i dealt with uh Many of them recovered just by giving Them Proper food so it was it was a real Eye-opening experience and and it Happened somewhere around You know 1997 98 i would say Somewhere there long time ago i know That That especially in those times you know Raw food Feeding was like kabu like was uh Oh you you don't do that you know You're gonna kill your dog and all that Stuff And so so what what would you say are The main benefits of feeding raw Food or fresh food oh my goodness main Benefits So you know i think that i think that Our dogs really need Um the food that nature wants them to Have So you know what are the main benefits Uh the benefits is that we actually Give them the right fuel it's like Asking what would

What would be the benefit to put Gasoline into gasoline car and diesel Diesel fuel into diesel Diesel car well they don't break down so I think the benefits Is that our dogs don't get sick as often But it's you know it's not the only food Is not the only Condition for our dogs to be healthy but It is the Essential condition and when we feed Food that is heavily processed that has Uh you know ingredients that should not Be even there and also chemicals and Then it sits on the shelf for six months 12 months maybe two years And then we feed it it's not really food That nature intended Some of the foods have grains which is Not great but also the grain-free diets Are still processed And dehydrated and cooked under high Temperatures and The ingredients often are not really the Quality that dogs deserve I have a feeling or i have believed that That all animals are entitled to the Goodness of the world and and and should Not be treated Any less than human you know some people Ask me well what you're feeding human Great Meat to your dog as well you know i Don't eat meat so i can feed it to my

Dog But who said that we humans are superior To To everything else right like who said That it's just this Kind of idea that we can ravage This planet without any consideration of Anything else And that we are entitled to the best of The world and no animals other While we are the worst animal on the Planet right but also the most Beautiful animal on the planet because We've created beauty and And art and different things but you Know we definitely have this polarity And when it comes to dogs they they just Need it and and you see the Transformations it really is like Putting the wrong fuel in your car in Your vehicle if we feed your dog the Wrong Food number one it's gonna get sick more Likely And there may be the odd dog that will Live long life but it's like the grandma That That smokes and lives until 90 right how Often Does it happen [Music] Which which this leads me to You brought it you know humans are you Know

Kind of doing the wrong things which Is actually destroying the soil and i Know You talk about this topic a lot too can You talk us about the The quality of soil and the results of It Yeah you know when it comes to Soils and depletion of soils and how we Treat them It is actually very closely connected to The health of our dogs and also Our own health in the hundred years plus We've been really excessively using and Abusing soils And what happens when we when you get Tomatoes or produce from or lettuces From california especially in the winter And you buy them in canada the manure The compost the leftovers never go back In the soil Let's say if you go to africa and you're In the savannah you realize how Broken our system is because there the Animals Eat the plants and then the carnivores Eat the Herbivores and then it goes on and on Until they all end up in the soil again And this cycle is interrupted and Farmers cannot really afford To replenish the nutrients so As a result they they produce Depleted food and the depleted food is

Then Eaten by our animals or us and we have Depletions and there is There's 37 000 billion big Billion chemical reactions going on in The body or taking place in the body Every second Like this is a number that nobody can Even comprehend right and if the Building blocks are missing Then disease happens and this is how i You know just kind of understanding and Knowing that I created a mineral support Plant-based mineral support that was my First first nutritional supplement Called agreement and we started seeing Such Amazing transformations that i i was Blown away i never expected that it Would be as Pronounced but it was it was amazing Actually i have to tell you one of the One of the raw pet food manufacturers in Vancouver Asked me to make this mineral support to Replace calcium Because she was uh she was adding bone Meal in the In the food and i i talked to her and i Said you know it's not a good idea a Bone meal is cooked and it's not fully Digestible And we need to figure something else out

And she asked me to formulate this Plant-based mineral support so i did And and yeah agreement is agreement is The most The the middle support can actually make The most difference because Dogs cannot make minerals on their own So they have to come all in food And you know the body cannot really Function properly all these different Cycles and biochemistry of the body Cannot function it's like Trying to make a bicycle without the Parts you cannot really make it Right so it's uh it's an interesting one So So even even if you're feeding fresh Food you're still Depleting some form of uh Supplement or anything yeah well you Know um I know that there are people who say Absolutely not this is not necessary and I often joke i say you know why don't You just uh Either you can do two things you can you Can take your dog's hair And you can measure the levels of Minerals from the hair We use actually plasma induction method Um And and the test that we have is called Hair key test And uh the the hair is basically

Dissolved into plasma into very kind of Atomic Form and then there's a machine that Counts the Different atoms of the different Different elements and we get a good Idea a quantitative Idea of of how many minerals calcium Magnesium iron and so on selenium how What is there and also we can measure The toxins like mercury arsenic Lead and and others so you know Sometimes i I tell people hey i'll do the test or or Run the test and see But for me it's such a no-brainer now Because it really We have severely affected the cycle of Nutrients in nature We transport food at long distances and It doesn't get back to the soil so You know for me it's a no-brainer and Everyone who believes That it's not necessary i'd say just try It and see What the differences are because you Know maybe in a puppy until they're An young dog until they're four or five Years they're fine but then they start Running out of juice i'm gonna Call it that way they basically start Being depleted And i would say you know not only the Life span

But also the health plan extends Dramatically If you if you provide the essential Nutrients and it's not just Minerals it's also vitamins and omega Oils and probiotics that are important For Digestion but also the immune system but The minerals if someone asked me You know what is the number one support That you would give Your dog if you didn't have anything Else i would say that's the mineral Screaming And i'm saying it humbly because i Didn't expect that to be So profound and so amazing and we kind Of you know we had some people Taking the dog supplements and my whole Family is taking Dog greenman so he finally said you know It doesn't taste that great because it Also has spirulina so we We are actually launching this year We'll be launching the human Uh human agreement which is going to be Called greenman plus agreement h Plus actually so you know we finally Kind of Did that because people like to take it To you i'd be taking it Religiously well uh I understand that you know um from Everything that i've learned and you

Also thought that Food is is the main core Medicine for every every creature in Life right to have a good life the food Is Very important what would you say is Next few things that are important in a Dog's life wow yeah so um I i'm gonna i i will choose to talk About One thing that most people do not Understand and realize And that is spinal health now i'm not a Chiropractor but i've been working with Chiropractors and physical therapists For Many many years and The best way to imagine the spine it is Like the watering system in the garden Uh It basically disperses the the blood and Nerve flow and the energy flow In the different organs and the segments Of skin and so on And if the spine is congested or if it's Tight or if the muscles along the spine Are tight Then it affects not only the skin But also the joints and muscles and also Internal organs so i'll give you An example dogs that have injuries in Lumbar spine which is very common Because they like to run and chase the Balls and

And and jump up to catch frisbees They have very tight muscles if they do That on regular basis And they You know in nature this would not be Happening 50 times an hour it would be Happening once or twice because there's Not 100 rabbits or 50 rabbits Running in an hour by by a dog Um so we kind of expose them to Unnatural Environment and stress and as a result Their their muscles in the lumbar spine Get tight And that's how dogs believe or not get Chronic diarrhea Often not always but often so some People treat their dogs with elimination Diets and Uh and you know a test for allergies Diet allergies and then you realize it's Actually Back injury it's kind of wild and and How i learned that was from my first Dark sky Because i love to chuck the ball for him And by the age of six months he had Chronic diarrheas and i could not Actually do anything with it So i i kind of gradually eliminated Everything else and i thought what if The the back Is actually related to the intestinal Tract and from chinese medicine we know

That but Not many veterinarians actually Acknowledge the fact that the connection That That it is so so you know the first Thing that i do Actually when i treat chronic diarrhea Dog would be to actually Obviously do the test and check for Parasites and other things Make sure the diet is right but also That That the dog doesn't doesn't go through Severe Excessive exercise and that it hasn't Slipped or slit And it doesn't have some sort of chronic Injury that is blocking the Blood nerve energy flow to the Intestinal tract so it's kind of cool so Spine Definitely is um you know is the Num number two i'm just going to say Thing that that we should look at And it starts with uh using harnesses Instead of collars Right because um the neck is actually Governing center for not only the front Legs and and the innervation of the Front legs but also It governs the internal organs because The the The vagal nerve actually passes through The

Through the neck and if it's impinged by The collar Especially if a dog is is pulling it can Affect the heart function lung function Stomach the gut kidneys like it Basically affects everything So it's uh it's quite fascinating but Also frustrating because Um there's still so many people who use Choke chains and And collars in pulling dogs they think That they cannot train their dog to To heal they can but it requires Patience maybe sometimes one or two Years right your dog trainer you know So uh yeah spine definitely spine Yes this is this is mind-blowing and Thank you for Bringing this up because as you say as a Dog Trainer i have this issue that people Want to train their dogs and they use Aversive tools or methods including you Know chalk chain colors and Brown colors and one other thing that i Want you i Know you have talked about it and you Have explained it in a way that Many many people even trainers even Professionals Never thought of this is about shopkins Can you tell me and tell us about The effects of shock collars you know Shock collars i

I if there's If there is if i had like one thing that I could eliminate from the world Like it would be either choke chain or Shock collar and ideally both i would Just say collars The damaging collars shock collars you Know there's a I think the biggest issue i have is with The Not only with the physical impact but Also the emotional impact on dogs I i give you an example i You know i go to an area where there's a Dog behind An invisible fence and he has shock Collars And this dog is usually standing behind The fence But i can see that he wants to say hi to Other people and he wants to say hi to Other dogs And having this kind of block or Inability to kind of be himself is Really cruel in my mind I also know that dogs may behave but They become Very stressed and they're not really It's not like you know i think that our Our relationship with our dog should be About partnership and not dominance We should we should really be careful About that and it's not really the dog Is not trained the dog is afraid of

Being shocked Right so that's why he or she is not Leaving Or coming back or not doing certain Things but I think that nobody would really like to Be shocked And so that's the the the huma humane Aspect of Of shock callers is obviously off Second um there is a There is a very important gland thyroid Gland on the neck and the shock collar Usually Is placed in that area and if we shut The gland it may actually lead to Inflammation And when there's inflammation in the Thyroid gland it can lead to the body Creating antibodies against the thyroid Gland cells that are inflamed And will destroy the thyroid gland the Same thing actually happens on the Physical level with show callers so if Dogs are pulling I actually just talked to a gentleman in The park And you know he had a puppy that that That was pulling and i i Always just kind of start gently saying You know he's got a nice puppy and then We start a conversation And and and i never told him i'm vet but I

I i told him you know i i i've I've seen some dogs having some damage And having thyroid issues from that he Goes oh That's interesting because my last dog Was hypothyroid right and he was a real Puller So it you know sometimes it clicks Sometimes it doesn't but it's really Nice to try Going back to the collars e-collars you Know there's the ethical part and there Is the physical Part of that and i think that they're Just A lazy person Person's way of in quotes training dogs And um you know i spent part of the year In in maui because I love it and i don't like the north Vancouver winters but There's a there's a training center It's called it's called dog sit sit Means sit Right so already the name tells me that I don't want to go there because it's Like Yeah it has to be partnership but second They have dispersed these scholars left Right and center on the island and every Second dog has a shock collar and i I'm frustrated and i don't really know What to do so if anyone from maui is Watching this program

Please please help tell people what Shark dollars Shock callers are about they're actually About dollars they're not about helping To train dogs I'm very familiar with that but one Thing that i Know i've learned from you was the Effects of the the shock itself The you know the electrical currency That it goes into the dog's Body through the the the prongs that Are used in the shock collars that goes To the body and what happens After he goes there well you know to be Honest um i think that we We cannot always know what will happen Right like we all don't always know all The side effects but i have one rule of Thumb If there is something that is unnatural If there is something that would not Happen in nature I just don't do it just just as a Precaution unfortunately I don't have hundreds and millions Millions of dollars to get hundreds of Thousands and millions of dollars to do All these Tests and studies right like it would be Nice to prove someone wrong But i think that common sense tells us You know would it be happening in nature Definitely not are there energy

Meridians in the body definitely yes Does it affect the body in a natural way Yes The the after effects we cannot really Determine but i would Say that that between the stress and The emotional aspects there's there's Definitely some physical Physical aspect as well or an effect but I cannot tell you for sure i would You know i i cannot tell you exactly What happens But it is you know i'm gonna go back to Chocolates it's a little easier to Explain If someone jerks on the collar it's like Being a chiropractor without going to School Right like it just causes damage like You basically Do chiropractic adjustments of a very Sensitive area without knowing what we Are doing And and it's not a good idea right right Right Wow wow if you are interested in Learning the negative effects of Training dogs using treats or food and Learn how to train your dog using play And praise as a reward system Make sure to visit I'm a dog trainer that uses play and Praise as a reward system i Highly try to avoid using

Treats or food to train dogs and the Reason for that is Not only because i'm i want to say you Know you you have to You know dominate the dog without treats And that it's not that it's just that i For the past over 15 years i have Trained dogs without the use of treats And that's because i Strongly believe that not it's not Healthy mentally and physically and Emotionally to use trees to train those Because It limits the human it limits the dog to Just respond to treats it's not healthy And you get dependent on treats and the Healthy part is the part that i want you To kind of expand on Uh are dogs okay to be fed All the time throughout the day you know Using treats you know Something related to keto you know can You expand on that You know uh when it comes to feeding i Think that dogs do Do benefit from intermittent fasting They would fast intermittently in nature So it's actually There's a good reason not to give them Food all the time there's a good reason Not to have the the food in the bowl all The time And there's a good reason not to give Them treats all day long

You know this is this is actually an Interesting topic because this morning i I wrote a little piece that will be Coming out Next weekend on How friends can be still friends Even though they may not always have the Same experience or opinion and i I think that i actually agree with you In principle because if we Are able to train our dogs without Treats i think that's amazing And you have to be an expert you have to Be good enough of a trainer to do that I must confess that i'm not as good of a Trainer And therefore i sometimes use treats but I agree with you That that you know if there is a if There is a way of connecting with our Dogs and then being excited And and being more sexy than a squirrel I think that it's always A good thing so i i agree with you in Principle I'm just not a a good enough dog trainer To To train perfectly without treats But yeah maybe when i come to north Vancouver i will visit you and we'll Just do some training That's the goal of this channel the Channel that i have is to Educate people that you take you can

Train dogs without treats and The the truth Or the reward that we use is play and Praise dogs Naturally are born you know they are Playful They love to be praised they love to be Rewarded by humans by just saying You know good things good boy good girl They get excited they get all Uh happy just for that because Uh as a dog trainer and i as a Behaviorist and an Educator who has been educating itself Even Myself for years but dogs i have learned That And also there is another doctor dr Gregory burns he had Done a research that he put i don't know If you're familiar with this or not He placed some dogs in the mri machine To see what their brain is acting or Does during the test that they They offered the dog you know praise And also food and they They concluded that the tell after the Test and All this research that dogs Prefer the hand that gives the treat Rather than the treat i see I see wow that's really that's really Wonderful that changes The whole it changes the whole effect of

You know Uh training the the concept of training In general and understanding the fact That It's not the food that the dog is Excited that you're giving to the dog It's that you are the most Rewarded it's a cuddle it's the pet Exactly yeah and you can use these to Train those and that's what i Use to train my dogs i mean all of my Dogs have been you know being the Beagles as well You know they're very focal Dogs they have been trained without Treats and they will do Exactly what a dog who would do with With the treats but they are on raw diet They're They're not fed all the time you know Treats and treats strength And they train well you know i can off Leash them i can Hike them off leash everywhere and they Will do exactly what i Want them to do not because they are Dominated Or they're forced to do that because we Have that Interaction with you know as a human to A dog And we have that relationship and they They see me as a reward that that's the The purpose of

Uh you know teaching dog owners to learn That it's possible to train your dog Without treats Not because only that you get dependent On treats but it's healthier you know As you mentioned you know they're not Supposed to be fed all the time Right nice nice so you're sexier than a Squirrel right Exactly yes i mean you know one of the One of the one of the things that people Have The issue with is that they This is one common issue problem that Can be solved easily is people they When they have a puppy they get these Toys That it looks like a squirrel and They introduced the puppy this toy and This puppy plays with it and learns this Is in his mind a toy but the dog things This moves just like the squirrel Outside yes Yes yes i've seen it at home we Practiced this And we played it i'm gonna play with it Outside Right so that's one of the One of the things that we could Eliminate you know just Use toys that they don't look like Squirrels first of all All play games that they don't require To you know to be reactive to

Things that moves out there yes yes yes You know especially if you have like Those working breed dogs Uh like you do right they're always Hunting and looking for things They're sensitive you know but Making yourself to be more Sexy or sexier or more rewarding than Anything else outdoors start with from Home If you take this proper steps You will achieve exactly what you want At the end but you know one of the Benefits of training With without treats or food also is that Your dog doesn't look for Food outside either right yes Yes yes yes that's right you know one of The things that I need i need an advice on that Like you know many dog owners they say Oh my my dog Is foodie is a food uh food hunt Yes but it is it is not i mean you know Better than i do every living creature In the world Is looking for food it doesn't mean that We are in love with food Is food is important yes but If you if you if i'm a foodie and you Keep bringing food to me and you say if You do this i'm going to give this food Then i you're Making training me to become more and

More foodie Yes yes yes right So you have to do the opposite if you're Making me If you hungry i'm a foodie if you have a Dog with food You have to actually less use less food So your dog starts re You're redirecting the the energy and The focus from food to something else Maybe you Maybe you're gay look forward to i would Look forward to Having having you know having more Information from you One more question that i have is Benefits of Having a dog on a microphone microbial Level you want on microbial level or Other level microbial yes start from Microbial levels I want to start the other way around is It okay okay I think that you know sometimes you have The people who Say they don't like dogs until they get A dog and you see them transform I would say that dogs are probably I would i think it's not exaggerated one Of the best things or maybe even the Best thing that has happened to humans Because they They make us they make us they make us So much happier healthier they get us

Out They make us feel connected uh you know Sometimes it's hard especially in the Coveted era that's why There's so many puppies and dogs which May bring some problems right for you as Well The level of behavioral issues but you Know dogs are [Music] Million times better than any Anti-depressants I i have we we had a Period of no dog in our family for two Years And i could travel i could do all these Things that i Wasn't doing before as much and i didn't Like it Like being with the dog plus dogs Connect us with Others right like you go to a dog park Or somewhere and you just have a Conversation You make friends it's like it's the best Way to actually have good life and Longevity Uh on the microbial level i think You know there was a study published Long time ago Uh in germany about kids who Actually are exposed to manure and cow Manure and bacteria and they actually Lived uh

They were more allergy free and and they Were healthier So the study basically concluded that You should move a Cow in a living room in order to have Healthy kids i'm just kidding but But the the premise is that bacteria Exposure to bacteria is actually good For us in our immune system And obviously dogs they're you know they Kind of they kind of go around and they Collect bacteria but It actually helps our immune system it's Kind of a training so From the bacterial point of view and Microscopic point of view Definitely there is a benefit and it's Proven and And um yeah without a doubt dogs are I'd say the best things has happened to Humans other than Other good humans which is a little Difficult to come but I i want to mention something some People and dog lovers Sometimes say you know i i don't really Like Being around people i love dogs and i Think that it's a little more difficult To be Around people because we cannot be Ourselves But i think it's worth trying to find The right

Friends and people and you know we often Try to find Friends who are not really in resonance With our With us they may have different opinions And so on but it has to be easy to be Around them and there's drama and Arguments and all that let's see just Move on There are how many almost 8 billion People in the world like There are other other people so not Fighting it and not really Always you know not We don't need to be liked by everyone But we have to have a few Good people and definitely at least a Few dogs in our lives to To have good life so anyway Thank you thank you exactly exactly What you said and more dogs are The best thing that can happen to humans And i I appreciate all all the knowledge that You shared with us today Uh dr peter tobias anything that else That you would like to add to this Conversation Uh yeah you know as as soon as i finish I thought i should have said one more Thing And that is that um i've lived in Vancouver for 30 years And i can see the kind of anti-dog

Sentiment kind of rising up in different Places and parks And so on and yeah and dog lovers 40 Population are dog lovers and we have no Access to beaches We have very little access to parks and Everyone wants our dogs to be On leash and then there is more Aggression as a result of that because Dogs actually don't learn how to Be free and communicate other dogs There's also another problem that Many of my colleagues say puppies should Not be seeing other dogs until they're Four months old which is like Taking kids to school or to to play with Other kids At the age of eight years old right so So it's just there's so many problems But i i really want to Caution everyone to build um a province Or country Of signs and no freedom because it Actually leads to more unhappiness and More aggression And ultimately kind of on unfair Treatment Of do two citizenships right one of them Is the dog The no dog people who basically have all The rights and the dog people don't so Everyone you know rise up don't let it Happen Uh there are many people who are afraid

Of dogs and they don't like dogs but if They learned about them If we kind of got a chance to to show Them how amazing dogs are the world Would be a better place And right now i'm in prague czech Republic and it Is kind of fantastic how dog-friendly it Is But also how free it is and i've seen no Fights i've seen zero fights and many of The dogs are neutered And and you know it's a little different Culture in europe but There are no dog fights it's kind of Crazy And so yeah i especially in canada I see this kind of tendency a lot of Restrictions And i i would like to say let's Have a conversation and let's make a Difference We pay taxes we are entitled to have our Dogs in places where other people go The beaches are beautiful and i've seen So many dogs at the beach and they play With You know on one side of the beach and The kids on the other sometimes they Blend and it's all fine We cannot really punish everyone for the Few bad apples And and and that's you know like Persecuting every every human being just

Because there are a few Misbehaved ones or few criminals so yeah I hope I hope for a better dog world on that Level and less restrictions I hope so too i i think it's just about Time and You know things are changing and Hopefully with The actions that me and you take Hopefully We will be able to change everything Yeah Yeah i hope so i you know there's i Think that it requires a community and It requires a concerted effort Um if there's anyone who wants to do it I'd be definitely helping with my social Media and my community and i'm sure at Eta Sure of course dr peter device what Where can we learn more about you and What you offer and all the every Information that you share um well you Can go to my website I have a lot of articles on how to Prevent Problems and how to also address them we Have some free tools we have a healthy Dog food recipe maker that everyone can Use to formulate and create cooked or Raw diet We have healthy dog tool that will Select custom select

Articles for your dog situation and we Also have about 10 people customer service people who Answer questions To anyone who has a problem even though Um You know it's i say it's a free service It is free service but it is also Um enabled or it is it is We i can do it thanks to everyone who Trusts my products and Uh and what we do so it's just you know It's a really nice symbiosis we can help Dog lovers and They uh they feed their dogs good food And and good supplements and as a result We can we can make the world a little Better place for dogs Great and i forgot to say that we also Have Give give to causes every month to Different causes uh Around the world dog causes animal Causes environmental causes so that's The other thing that we love to do Nice thank you so much for being here And i really appreciate to having you Here on my show and on my channel And appreciate the time that you took to Teach us thank you so much for being Here Saro i really appreciate it too and um And You know thank you for giving me the

Opportunity and thank you for doing such A great job and And i'm sure i will talk again [Music] You

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