How To Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers


I’ve had quite a few people, ask me: if you can sharpen dog nail clippers. You absolutely can and I definitely recommend it. It saves you some money from buying a new pair. So whether you have the scissor style like I have, which has a blade on each side or if you have the guillotine style clippers, which has one blade that goes up and down to cut the dog’s nails.

It’s going to be the same thing because the blades are very similar, so I have a few tips for you.

Tips on How To Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers

The first is to keep with the angle of the blade, so you can see here how the blade has that natural angle. So I want to stay with that, so this is my sharpening file and I’m going to insert it in here and staying with that natural angle. You can see how my blade is angled. I’m going to pull it towards me. I’m going to do the bottom and the middle and close to the top of the blade and that one is going to be sharpened.

Then I’m just going to flip it over and do the same thing with that one on the other side. So I’m staying with that angle and pulling it towards me. So, it’s a really easy, quick process. You just want to keep with that angle. If you do it straight across, if I were to do it like this and pull it straight across that blade, it’s actually going to dull the edge of your blade.

By doing that, so you don’t want to do it straight across, because that will ruin your clippers once you flatten that blade out. It’s gonna be really difficult to resharpen. It’s probably gonna be better just to buy a new set.

My final tip is to always pull towards you. Some people do like you saw when I did. I just it’s one motion and i just pull towards me. Some people go back and forth like a saw um and that that doesn’t that will dull your blades as well, that doesn’t sharpen as well so uh make sure that you’re just pulling in one direction towards you.

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