How To STOP Any Dog From Excessive Barking: The Ultimate Guide.

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Description Zach now let's Get back to discussing all the other Things you can do about that barking to Achieve long-term success in barking Issues it's vital that we address the Underlying cause rather than just the Symptom which is the Barking by Comprehending the reasons behind your Dogs barking you can help your dog feel More comfortable and more secure barking Is a natural way for dogs to express Their emotions and to communicate with Humans and other dogs here's a few Common reasons that dogs tend to bark Alerting like signaling that people are At the door or unfamiliar noises for Example this is our win When someone Knocks at the door our wind goes crazy Runs to the door she lunges she wants to See what's going on it's really Difficult to get her under control Because she's just so focused on what's Going on another type of barking is Attention seeking barking or boredom Barking Behavior this is Calliope why do You think she's barking right now I Think she really wants our attention she Typically marks when she wants something She also barks when she wants our Attention um you know especially if We're doing something cooking dinner Putting up the dishes it sounds like she Barks under all possible search stances Pretty much some dogs bark because of

Fear or anxiety it might be reacting to Unfamiliar situations like fireworks or Storms or new people or new places so Whenever a new person walks in the house Expecting a man she's more apprehensive As she gets scared she barks her hair Raises up I was over here a few days ago And I could see she was really Uncomfortable in that presence I mean When I stood up for example she was Really thrown off by that and if your Dog barks excessively when they're alone That might be a manifestation of Separation anxiety inertia wanting to be Near me when I go out this is normal for Puppies I mean they love being near us Some dogs seem to bark because of a Territorial issue that's where Unfamiliar people or things enter their Sphere he loves loves people when I met Him a couple of days ago I came over Here to meet you guys and he went crazy When he saw me out there he was like who Are you what are you doing over here Barking can also be a social behavior Exhibited amongst dogs so dogs can bark In response to other dogs barking dogs Can bark out of frustration sometimes I Mean think about it some sometimes when People are frustrated they vocalize so Do dogs so those are the most common Reasons that dogs bark that I can think Of but how do you decide which of those Reasons applies to your dog or is it a

Combination or more than one of those Reasons the best way to do this is to Observe the dog's Behavior their body Language and the context in which They're barking that'll help you Identify the underlying cause you can See her tail in between her legs and her Ears back as she barked indicating that She just really wasn't comfortable see How her tail is waxed that's more of a Nervous tail lagging kind of waving back And forth rather than wagging vigorously Looking at her pylo erection that's when Their hair stands up on the back of Their neck and it seems to have gone Down that's good I mean she's a little Bit more comfortable consider factors Such as the time of day specific Triggers and the duration and the Intensity of The Barking paying Attention to these details are going to Give you a lot of valuable insight into Your dog's needs that's going to help You address this issue far more Effectively now you can also look at Things like their specific vocal tones Which might be able to clue you in to Specific messages that your dog is Trying to exhibit of course every dog is Different you know your dog best for Example a low growl might signal a Warning or a Potential Threat You heard that growl right there Oftentimes when a dog growls we have

This Association that oh that means that They're aggressive or they're about to Do something mean actually growling is a Pretty good thing largely speaking Because of the dog being very open about Their emotions and expressing how they Feel high-pitched Yelps or wines could Indicate pain fear or distress Continuous or rapid high-pitched Sparks Oh boy off guard there might signify Alertness excitement urgency or even Fear howling that can occur for several Reasons including loneliness Communication or responding to certain Sounds form a hypothesis as to why your Dog might be barking Now we'll develop a strategy to address It what is it that you do to get your Dog's attention on you when they start Barking or doing something that you Would prefer they not do and the Majority of circumstances you will not Stop all barking at one time your goal Is going to be to create a trend of less Sparking over time oh and over here good So right there just a little bit of Barking so we're already starting to see A bit of improvement here that will be Our measure of success what if your dog Is barking to alert you or warn you About something I mean to me and many of you this isn't The worst thing a dog can do but if you Don't teach your dog that one or two

Barks is enough this can easily escalate Until it's out of control See right there she's distracted by Something which is probably why a lot of You are watching this video I'm guessing Very alert this isn't just a yappy bark This is a dog who's Sees something the wind blowing I'm not Sure yes now in those cases we want to Acknowledge our dog's concern thank you For letting me know dog and then Redirect their attention to an Appropriate activity let's go We're going to teach our dogs a word Like quiet or relax when it's time to Stop barking we'll cover more on that a Little later it's so tempting for many To discipline barking but we have to Remember dogs need to be able to it's a Natural expression for them now granted We don't want them to do it all of the Time and we can definitely reduce Sparking but to expect them to be quiet A hundred percent of the time isn't very Ethical the real question for me is can I get her under control after a brief Barking outburst and then hopefully we Can minimize unwanted barking over time A lot of people would look at this and Say Zach you're just letting her bark You're not addressing anything at all But I really want to double down on this Idea that it is okay for a dog to Express an emotion in a natural way my

Emphasis is on letting her know what I Do like instead of what I don't like it Is shocking how much progress you can Make with that strategy if your dog Barks When someone knocks on the door or When you get visitors or someone rings The doorbell You can teach your dog to associate Those events with something really good For them as well as calmer Behavior not One time good go ahead and knock three Times Good work very good my long-term game Plan here is that when she hears a knock On the door I'm teaching her to look to Me for direction rather than just Reacting go a little bit out of your way To desensitize your dog to the sound of Someone knocking or a doorbell to get Them used to those sounds happening and In addition to that show them how you Would prefer they behave instead see by Easing her into it she's a lot more Responsive Whenever you get quiet Behavior if you Will reinforce that by giving them Something that they like whatever it is Make quiet work for your dog and the Same goes for attention seeking Behavior Or boredom barking you want to reinforce Quiet behavior that can be a little Challenging sometimes though she's Saying I really want to play with that Ball what are you waiting on but we want

To let him know we're only going to get This ball when you're quiet so we want To make sure that we time our rewards During moments of quiet Yes good there was a brief moment of Silence there start with just a half a Second or a full second or maybe two Seconds six Pushed her to failure I'm gonna take a Step back look at me buy it one two Three yes Okay I'm gonna try ten seconds again Eight Nine Ten yes good I'm gonna give her a really Extra big reward there this is how we Can prevent confusion so that a dog Doesn't start to think oh The Barking is What got me the treat which would be a Good question if you were wondering that We start to insist on just slightly Longer periods of time after the barking And most dogs will figure out that it's The quiet and not the Barking that's Getting them the treats make sure you're Providing them with regular exercise as Well as mental stimulation we can't Forget about that part what's your Favorite thing to do to provide mental Or physical stimulation for your dog When you're training them and a Well-socialized dog might be less likely To bark as well so you can set up play Dates with dogs who have similar play

Styles to your own dog when it comes to Vocalizing due to fear or anxiety we Have to understand that these emotions Can be very complex and really vary from Dog to dog and addressing the underlying Cause might be challenging in some of These situations it's really important To make sure that they have a safe space To go to where they feel secure for many Dogs this might be a crate that they Enjoy or their bed in a corner of the Living room I am going to have a more Detailed video that addresses fear and Anxiety in the description but in short You'll want to get them used to things That cause them fearfulness and anxiety On terms that your dog is comfortable With as well as change their emotional Response to these various triggers do You want this And look at this it's amazing what Turkey will do you can see she's a lot More comfortable she's in a playful mood There we go there's the tug that's what I'm looking for tug of war is a really Natural game for dogs to play and if you Can get them playing tug that's a Surefire sign that they're very Comfortable with you with separation Anxiety related barking opening this See it's right when I open the door we Can identify that as the trigger we want To make sure we're addressing the Underlying cause as well are they

Getting enough physical exercise and Mental exercise are you training them Regularly are you doing it early in the Day or just before leaving your dog Alone for example ideally you'll want to Make sure your dog is comfortable with Being alone for short periods even if It's just 10 seconds in the bedroom While you're in the living room yes good Right there what was it like a half a Second of Silence nice job really Spending some time around the thing That's triggering her to bark right here Now here let me see what happens when I Go over the threshold yes Good work very good now I want to be Clear this is no magic answer to solving This type of anxiety this is just Working her through how to behave and Short bursts this would require a lot of Repetition over time Oh look at that I got the door shut and Everything start there and then Gradually increase the time that your Dog spends a load to help them become More comfortable with Solitude over time Odds are that when you do address that Underlying cause and you do slowly get Your dog comfortable with being alone That this excessive barking is very Likely to subside again we're looking For trends of less and less barking now If your dog is barking because they're Behaving territorially or seeming to

Defend their area it's vital that you're Present in those situations you have to Actively supervise them so that you can Show them how you want them to behave It's really normal for dogs to feel Protective of their living space or to Be thrown off when something comes into That space so the idea is that over time We can communicate to them that they Don't need to feel so protective for Example if your dog tends to really bark Fiercely in the yard as people or dogs Walk by sorry be sure that you're Prioritizing training exercises where Your dog voluntarily pays it attention To you outside of these over threshold Moments where your dog is too excited to Listen to you currently the way that I Typically teach this is hey dog leave Treat Alone look at me instead okay you Get a treat and then I gradually start Making that exercise more and more Challenging introducing toys introducing Sounds introducing fast-moving objects Introducing stay when they normally Don't have to such as when I'm throwing A Frisbee and tell them to stay in Mid-stride okay This is how we teach our dogs to listen To us quickly and abruptly in situations That are surprising or exciting to them She's about to be surprised Yes good lie down you almost saw her Think about barking there I was able to

Intervene there and get the attention on Me before the Outburst occurred that Really is your best time dogs will give You a little bit of foreshadowing just About all of the time for example you'll See their eyes light up or their ears Perk up and they look very alert Sometimes they only give you a micro Seconds notice focus on really getting To know your dog in that way and that'll Put you in a much better position to Work on issues like this practice Interrupting your dogs barking by Calling them and rewarding them for Compliance Behavior now again this is Something you need to set up in practice This not only helps you address the Unwanted behavior of barking but you're Also helping to instill a recall with Distractions all right another jogger Coming up over here and she's right up On them inertia come Yes good Lie down perfect stay Yes love how she looked at me you've Heard me talk about the leave it look at Me combo that was an example she looked At the distraction and then looked at me So I was able to give her guidance there When they're too excited to come to you When you call them where they otherwise Would comply if they weren't as excited That's your cue to take a step back and Focus on training things like come when

Called or look at me around more minor Distractions first and of course while You're working on this type of training You can focus on managing your dog's Barking and reduce it in other ways by Modifying their environment for example If your dog is barking at something on The street you can close your curtains Or blinds in addition to that be sure to Open those windows when you are paying Attention to your dog so that you can Reinforce calm Behavior at first when Nothing is outside of the window and Then when a car drives by and then when Maybe a person walks by and you catch Them before they bark and you're there To reinforce and say hey I like that That's where you really start to make Progress time your rewards during Moments of quiet I like to use the word Yes to communicate to my dog I like that Exact Behavior right there yes I mean Right there you can see it in her eyes She was really thinking about barking She used some minor restraint we need to Acknowledge those those small bits of Progress and sometimes it's challenging To catch those very tiny moments of Quiet Notice I'm being very careful to not Reward during The Barking I've had with Some dogs to Mark the yes as they're Taking a breath for their next bark yes I mean right there you could see it in

Her eyes she was really thinking about Barking she used some minor restraint Now ultimately we still would like to Have the option to have our dogs respond To a word like quiet or relax I know he's right there it's no look He's really tougher Veronica Okay Bree is trying to preempt a serious Barking outburst You really want to focus on finding some Way to acknowledge Quiet Moments with Your dog he's like barely listening to Me but he's good but she's not barking Good I don't mind if you watch if you're Quiet oh you do you want to relax look At that she just offered it yeah and the Way we do that is through capturing for Example when they're naturally quiet Maybe shortly after an outburst we can Say quiet that's relaxed as if to tell Them what they're doing so that they can Start to understand over time the Context of when you say that word this Is probably the most important one Anticipate situations where you think Your dog might bark we have another dog Coming up and prevent the behavior at Least at first by asking them to do Something incompatible before they even Have the chance to start barking you can See she's looking a little alert there Stay she's just discovered the other dog Good girl Nice job I love that automatic look at

Me right there she's giving me and Remember what we said earlier nobody Knows your dog like you do and I'm Willing to bet that you're able to Predict when they are about to start Barking with great accuracy inertia come Good girl I know you hear that Conflicted vocalization good girl I know It's hard you're doing great if at any Point during this training you find that Your dog is just too inconsolable and Nothing you're doing seems to get Through to them that means for now you Need to have a strong emphasis on Management while you set your dog up for Success doing a variety of the exercises We've talked about so far you can use Techniques to reduce barking triggers Such as making sure your dog has a Comfortable space perhaps in another Bedroom where you can insulate them from Triggers it's up to you as your dog's Person and trainer and parent to make Sure that you're doing everything you Can keep your dog comfortable and at Ease making sure that you're able to Provide something that your dog can do Instead like a really good dog chew or a Food dispensing toy have a consistent Routine where you get up you exercise Your dog nice and early so that they can Feel fulfilled physically and mentally I Know some people have found it helpful To have background noises like soft

Music music or a fan to distract from Other things that might tempt a dog to Bark and of course when we're addressing Barking consistency and patients are key Everyone in your household must be on The same page for best results make sure To regularly practice these training Exercises and be consistent when you go To reward your dog way longer than you Think you need to be very clear when You're communicating with your dog Throughout the process and understand That your dog isn't going to generalize This quiet behavior and understand that They need to be quiet in all of the Contexts that you want them to be quiet In very quickly so we need to be patient And have realistic expectations when it Comes to this if you can manage to get Your dog to this point again be patient With it it's not going to come very Easily initially but when it comes You're able to really get a lot of Traction if you follow the Recommendations that I've given here I Would expect you to start to see a Reduction in barking within the first Couple of weeks never forget that Barking even the excessive variety is Communication it's so critical to avoid Use using harsh punishing methods Because you actually run the very real Risk of inadvertently creating a Negative association with things that

Your dog is barking at and that can be Very problematic moving forward if you Do use positive reinforcement and you Exhibit patience and management and all The things we've talked about you're not Only going to get a handle on this Behavior but you're actually going to Grow closer with your dog in the process Strengthening your overall communication That's the beauty Zach Everyone in our audience can get half Off a two-week Supply with my special Link I'll have it in the description Follow us on Instagram Tick Tock and Facebook and we'll see you in the next Video

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