How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at EVERY. SINGLE. THING. #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining

What if your dog is barking to alert you Or warn you about something moose next Door I mean to me and many of you this Isn't the worst thing a dog can do but If you don't teach your dog that one or Two barks is enough this can easily Escalate until it's out of control See right there she's distracted by Something which is probably why a lot of You are watching this video I'm guessing Very alert this isn't just a yappy bark This is a dog who's Sees something the wind blowing I'm not Sure yes now in those cases we want to Acknowledge our dog's concern thank you For letting me know dog and then Redirect their attention to an Appropriate activity let's go we're Going to teach our dogs a word like Quiet or relax when it's time to stop Barking we'll cover more on that a Little later

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