How To Teach My Dog To LAY DOWN and STAY Without Treats

In this video I'm going to teach you how To teach your dog or your beagle to lie Down and stay I'm going to go through The theory the Practical part and also How to practice this command in your Regular daily life all that and more in This video hello dog lover my name is Sarah I'm a doctor and I also Coach dog Owners and if you are interested in Learning how to train your dog without The use of treats food aversive tools Force or domination make sure to Subscribe to the channel and hit the Bell icon as well so you will get Notified as soon as I post my next video So I have Annie over here and he is Going to be my partner in crime for the Day so let's start learning how I taught Annie to lie down and stay so the way I Did it I started teaching my dog sit and Then when she sat I slowly asked her to Lie down using her toy I asked her like Down For the first few weeks that's what I Got I got nothing I was just introducing her And then after a few practices and tries I said anything lie down All of a sudden it happened And that was it and that's when I Rewarded her with a toy or a game cook Oh yes so what what I just did is Basically I interacted with her and then I practiced a little bit more and more

So and you know Sit Nope running over here Over here set And it down And it happened right so it's matter of You practicing and repeating this Command over and over until your dog Gets it the idea here is not to force Your dog you don't want to force or push Your dog or do anything physical with Your dog you want your dog to do it Voluntarily so what that means is You know like that you want it to happen Naturally you want your dog to Understand what down command is when you Force a dog to do something they don't Learn it they just do it because they're Afraid of but when you take your time To practice and teach your dog what you Really want Automatically happens so now I don't Even have to tell her to do it she does It because she's doing it voluntarily She's happy to do it because I'm Rewarding her with the interaction that She loves believe it or not your dog Loves this interaction It's not much of the toy is the Interaction that is more important if There there's no toy nope There's no interaction nothing happens The toy is the bridge that connects your Dog to you the interaction right so any

Over here Sit Down stay now next thing is stay so stay Command is you're going to ask your dog To lie down and stay and what that means Is don't move until you're giving the Release command any okay and that's the Release Command right so let's do some Troubleshooting before you teach your Dog the down command you want to teach Your dog all these commands first so go Through this list Make sure that you're teaching all these Commands first before you get to down Command understand that down command is One of the last commands that you're Teaching your dog right so you start With Sit Stay come heal Stand down and then wait but stays one Of the first commands right so you're Gonna teach your dog stay so in this Case your dog should know what stay Means which means and he said stay that Means don't move a muscle even if I'm Doing something crazy stay is me means Don't move and now you taught your dog To come and he come And he sit and he healed your teeth Taught your dog all these commands and Then you are teaching any daring then You're teaching done Command right So you have to go through that process If you're having a hard time that your Dog is not learning or is not happening

Your dog is not lying down that's Because you haven't taught the other Commands properly yet you have to Practice more until you get to down Command now the last thing that I want To teach you is the combination of lie Down and stay when it comes to Practicing so let's say I'm sitting and Watching my favorite TV show and I have Annie here and he come and he said any Down Stay so there's calm sit down stay so I'm watching my show and she's staying Right the show could be five minutes Before it goes to commercial So she's going to practice staying for Five minutes that's how I'm Bulletproofing the down and stay and in General training my dog you can take Advantage of opportunities that you have During the day if you're in the kitchen You're cooking something or you want to Feed your dog you can ask your dog to Lie down and stay and then feed watching TV shows if you have any questions leave Those questions in the comments area and To improve your steak man watch this Video and I'll see you in that video

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