How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

[Music] Hi everyone this is my pregnant cat Chloe she is currently resting in her Window bed Um you can see out the window we're Having a snowy day here in Maine today So I thought I would just let her rest In her bed and not move her so that's Why she's in this position right now Um today we want to talk about how to Tell if your cat is pregnant so the Average feline gestation period is about 63 days or close to nine weeks you might Not notice signs for the first couple of Weeks but there are a few Shore Fire Signs that you can be on the lookout for If you do think that there is a chance That your cat is pregnant if your cat is In a heat cycle if they are not fixed And they're with an intact male cat you Have every reason to believe that your Cat is pregnant don't wait until you see The noticeable signs as soon as you Think that your cat may have gotten Pregnant you want to just keep a lookout And look for certain things the physical Signs that you you'll notice obviously The heat Cycles will stop After two to three weeks you'll be able To see the nipples swelling and start to Pink up so I'm going to show you on Chloe's belly here you can see there's One of her nipples there it's quite pink And they will start to swell

So try to bring you in a little bit Closer and show you Um you know the nipple area again you'll See it pink and you'll see them start to Swell and that's obviously your cat's Body getting ready to be able to provide Nutrients for the kittens As Chloe sits up and again I kind of Apologize for the angle but you can see The nipples here um they're nice and Pink and you can also see her big belly There we're starting to bother her so I'm gonna go ahead and give her a break Now now this is Chloe you can see how Her uh she's gained quite a bit away and How her abdomen protrudes there she Definitely doesn't want to sit with me Right now so I'm not gonna make her do That but as I discussed you're going to See those nipples we get to swell a Little bit and a little Um pinkness around them you're also Possibly going to see a little bit of Discharge which is completely normal and Nothing to worry about Um in the beginning of the pregnancy You'll notice probably a decreased Appetite Um it sounds like the opposite of what You would expect to see but like humans Pregnant cats can suffer from morning Sickness it might not necessarily be Just in the morning but vomiting Shouldn't happen often maybe one or two

Times a day Um for those that beginning stage of the Pregnancy if the vomiting is more severe You definitely should seek Veterinary Attention because that's something to be Concerned about but typically there's Not a lot of vomiting it's just you know The cat your cat stomach isn't feeling Well some nausea discomfort um so they May not be eating as much in those first Few weeks After that you're going to notice that Their appetite will actually increase And that's when you're going to see that Weight gain we could see that in Chloe You'll start to notice that they're Gaining weight most pregnant cats being About two to four pounds per pregnancy So when you think about the average cat That's quite a bit of weight it's Definitely noticeable around five weeks Is when you're going to start to notice The swelling of the abdomen and that's When you're going to start seeing things Moving a little bit more quickly you'll Notice the change in the abdomen every Few days you'll probably be able to see A difference in the size of your cat and Notice that so that's kind of when it Starts to get to the exciting point of The pregnancy when you you're really Seeing those physical changes start to Happen quite quickly as far as physical Signs um you know those are the more

Noticeable ones but there's also going To be some personality changes they call It nesting in humans and you may see Nasty behavior in your cat they might Choose a spot and try to make it Comfortable bring soft materials there There to create a birthing nest for the Kittens it may be okay it's going to Depend on the area that your cat chooses But you want to make sure that this Nesting area is somewhere where it's Easy for you to have access to your cat If something goes wrong during the birth After those kittens are born you're Going to need access to be cleaning that Area and tending to the mother and the Kittens so you don't want them to be you Know hidden in the back of a cupboard That's hard to reach or something like That so what you can do to prevent your Cat from choosing a difficult location That's hidden away is provide a birthing Box that's easy for her to access but You also want to keep it in a quiet area Of your home if it's a busy area if it's A high traffic area if it's loud in that Area your cat is not going to feel like That's a good safe comfortable place for Her kids So somewhere in a quiet room you can put That birthing box line the box with soft Linen that can be thrown out or washed And sterilized sanitized easily after The birthing process and while the

Kittens are in there um you know Obviously there's going to be accents And things so it's either going to be Things you're going to throw out or Something that you can really clean well You might also notice an increase in the Time that your cat spends sleeping Sometimes this can be hard to notice Just because you know cats are creatures That tend to sleep more but you're going To notice an increase in your calves Normal average time spent sleeping and You may also notice that your cat is More affectionate that's part of that You know the hormones and the changes in Your cat as they're pregnant they may Become more affectionate and seek more Attention so those are all the signs That you should be looking for if you Believe your cat is pregnant you should Schedule a checkup with your Veterinarian as soon as possible not Only can they confirm the pregnancy and Health to educate you on the proper way To care for your pregnant cat but also You know they can monitor the pregnancy Make sure your cat's healthy talk about Nutrition and prenatal care things that Are very important for your cat while They're pregnant and they'll also be Able to help you with the soon-to-be Litter that you're about to have and Discuss some of the things that you're Going to need to do for that I'm getting

Them you know weaned onto cat food and Get their shots and all those things That they'll need to do before they go To their new homes [Music]

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