How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

As fall begins and winter is upon us I Have been noticing a lot more questions From pet owners about how to tell if their pet is sick so we decided to make this video on the signs to look for when your cat is sick and what you can do about that.

Cats naturally sleep a lot a majority of the day so it can be really difficult to tell when they’re not feeling themselves. When they’re sick, they might sleep a little bit more than normal but it’s hard as a pet owner to tell the difference between sleeping 15 or 16 hours a day and sleeping 18 or 20 hours a day. So it’s something that is difficult to tell but there are signs that you can look for.

A big one in cats is a sudden change In mood especially their socialization. So if you have a cat that’s typically very social and likes to be around People and all of a sudden they’re kind Of keeping themselves hiding a lot or The opposite if you have a shy cat and You notice them coming out more and Trying to get more attention that mood Change can be a sign that they’re not Feeling themselves.

No inclination to Play or appearing lethargic so again you Know cats do sleep a lot and it can be Hard to tell if your cat’s sleeping a Few extra hours a day but when they’re Awake if they just seem a little bit

Lethargic slow run down if your cat is a Player typically once in a while you can Play with them or they play with other Pets in your home and you’re not Noticing that that can be a sign that They’re sick looking at your cat’s eyes If their pupils look different if They’re constricted or they’re dilated More than normal that can be a sign that They’re not feeling well if they’re more Vocal or less vocal than normal this Kind of goes with the behavior if you Have a cat that’s typically more vocal And they’re not or you have a cat that’s Usually very quiet and now all of a Sudden they’re vocal all the time that’s An indication that you should be paying Attention to check out their breathing Rapid breathing or really slow shallow Breaths shortness of breath big breaths In all the time trying to kind of catch Their breath those are signs that Something’s wrong cats are very prone to Respiratory diseases and infections Especially if you have a cat that uses a Litter box and breathes in that dust Respiratory issues are common in cats so Breathing is something to watch very Closely noticeable weight loss or gain Same thing with appetite your cat’s Eating more or eating less and drinking As well drinking a lot more drinking a Lot less those are signs that Something’s wrong along with that

Vomiting or diarrhea if you notice that If there is issues like blood in the Vomit blood or mucus in the stool those Are things that you should not eat Um you need to be contacting your Veterinarian immediately there is Something wrong with your cat Changes in litter box usage so look Again in the litter box if your cat’s Going more frequently it if the clumps Of urine are you know really tiny and Small and they’re they’re going Um frequently but they’re very small if There’s any blood or mucus in the stool These are things that can be signs of Major problems really serious health Conditions Um so you want to have that stuff looked At quickly and then urinating or Defecating in strange places as well Sometimes when cats aren’t feeling the Greatest they may go to the bathroom in Your tub on rugs or in Hidden areas like Behind a couch or something like that They may go to the bathroom in different Areas if they’re not feeling themselves So watch closely if just one mild Symptom if you notice for example you Know your cat’s a little more tired than Normal or you know your cat’s not eating As much as normal watch your pack Closely if One symptom and it’s a mild Symptom occurs for example if your cat Seems a little bit more tired than

Normal or they seem to be eating a Little bit or more or a little bit less Than normal just keep a really close Watch on your pad it may just be a fluke But if you notice more than one symptom Or the change in Behavior seems sudden Or drastic again if you notice a more Serious symptom like lots of vomiting Lots of diarrhea blood in the vomit or The diarrhea mucousy stool something Like that that’s more serious that’s When you need to reach out to your Veterinarian if you notice that your cat Is kind of lethargic and they’ve had a Change in appetite you know these are Things when combined together it is a Sign that something is wrong and you Should definitely seek veterinary care For your cat as quickly as possible the Faster you can treat most problems the Better the outcome is for your cat long Term so it’s a really best if you’re a Little bit wary and you’re not really Sure what’s going on just reach out to Your veterinarian for a living console Foreign [Music]

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