How To Train 2 Easy Tricks in Minutes! The First One is Cool But The Second is Wow!

I'm Zach George I'm a dog trainer I use Evidence-based positive reinforcement to Train dogs prioritizing their emotional Well-being this creates a highly Effective learning environment and Fosters a happy relationship between us And our dogs today I want to go over First how to train a super easy trick And then I want to go over how to train A still pretty easy trick I want to Start with a crowd pleaser like spin it Starts with the lord it's a way to get Them to understand the motion but the Idea is to be able to say spin like that And as you can see she doesn't quite Understand that concept I'm going to Keep the treat in my hand but I want to Redirect her onto my index finger on the Hose did you see the half spin yes good Girl every time I say yes right now I'm Going to give her a treat Look and I got two lores there with just The index finger now I'd like to see if I can reduce that hand signal so I'm not Having to do this big motion all the Time but did you see that one you don't Always have to use food to train dogs And you can see how that really gets her Going on spin that's a winner of a toy There I like how they have the little Tug toys in addition to the lobster Claws that's one of the reasons I really Like pop box is because they make that Process really easy hubbox is going to

Put things in here that you're not Necessarily going to think of that can Open all kinds of doors you'll get tips On preventing separation anxiety in the Nine month box grooming tips in this box You get a high quality shampoo and Conditioner you'll learn how to train Your dog to stay at doorways thing about This toy is it doesn't inhibit their Breathing when they're bringing it back To you so you have all this ventilation You can get 50 off your first box by Going to pup Zach I'll have a Link below Brie and I have been so Excited to teach Veronica one of our Signature tricks that we like to teach Dogs and that is something we call a Back stall that's where a dog literally Jumps on your back and stays it's Remarkably flashy remarkably easy and Insanely fun to teach this is what a Proper finished back stall looks like With inertia we could just skip the back Stall and do a lap stall now the first Step to teaching a back stall is to get Them comfortable with jumping onto Something like a fallen redwood tree if You don't happen to have a fallen Redwood tree you could use something Like a chair or a bench but make sure Your dog can grip it we happen to have Some Moss that's extra grippy which I Like a lot I'm just trying to get her to Maybe put her paws up yes

Just to like ease her into it I'm not Just going to try to get her to jump up There she doesn't know what that means Yet see if I can get one or two of these Good And I'm just kind of luring her up there I could probably just say Maybe if I just tap it so I don't have To be too lore dependent here Good so she's getting comfortable her Confidence is increasing so I want to See if I can get her to actually jump up On that log that would be really nice It's really important to get dogs to do Things like this on their own accord for Example we don't just want to put her up On the log and tell her to stay looks Like she's thinking about it doesn't it Jumping up is an important part of this Trick oh my gosh did you see that Getting down is a whole different thing Look she's a little cautious okay come On There we go yes there we go maybe my Favorite thing about this trick is that It is an amazing confidence Builder and It's pretty easy to see how building Confidence like this translates into the Real world as you move on with training But the real Point here is to get Veronica to jump On Brianna's back this is a trick that You've really been wanting yes I love This trick I'm so excited I'm thinking

That rather than just having her jump Directly on your back it might make more Sense to get her up there so that you Can kind of walk onto your back a little Bit okay yeah because my back is a Little bit scarier potentially right Because I'm like not I'm more uneven and So she could be a little bit more Nervous about it yeah exactly so that's Why you're thinking she's more sure of Herself here because we taught her this So then maybe that'll help her be more Sure of herself on me come on Good so she's still comfortable there She hasn't forgotten that that's nice Give me a nice level surface here your Level you're perfect yeah yes Doesn't that feel great so I'm not Asking her to put all four feet at one Time on there how many feet are on there Two yes good now she's got three now we Really want to be mindful of slips like That because we don't want our dog to Become too fearful my goal there is to Quickly try to get her back on track and Focused on the task at hand here Teaching a back stall in the Redwood Forest that sentence has never been Spoken Good girl there it is there it is so That's the first yes Okay all right let's let her let's let Her get back up here so she doesn't fall Nice work girl

Good you see she's getting a little Shaky there so we want to teach her how To get down confidently because we don't Want her experiencing falling off though She seems quite at home good girl Spaced the wrong way but we can work on That later it's more important just to Get the muscle memory going here get her Comfortable with stabilizing herself on A human back and also we want to make Sure she knows how to get down good girl I remember you saying this is the trick That like made you feel so excited about Dog training yeah back stall can easily Be taught in one or two training Sessions so it's such a flashy looking Trick it looks like it would be really Advanced and hard to train but it really Isn't in most cases now some dogs may Not love this type of activity It's Always important to consider that like Not every trick is for every dog well I Think we're ready to get her to actually Jump on your back now from the ground That is okay like so that you don't have To have a redwood tree with you every Time you're doing this oh okay ideally Veronica will jump from this side and Get up there not from the side although You know you can make your own rules However you want to do it's fine I see and that's normal a lot of dogs Will try and go around so don't worry About that we'll get one here if we keep

Trying I'm pretty sure we'll reward her For any effort at all remember we've Changed the variable here yeah what There we go that's the first one ever Come on she's such a natural so you can See how it really paid yes To have her rehearse in that easier way First rather than skipping the step and It is important have them get down when You say so a prerequisite for this is That you've taught a stay until you Release your dog so they understand that Concept and yet another benefit to the Back saw it's yet another way to teach Your dog how to stay and how to hold the Position in a specific scenario and that Goes a long way towards teaching them to Generalize the very important skill of Stay when we ask them to the next part Of this is duration too we want her to Stay up here for a period of time Until we release her just nice and still Yes we've been working on standstay Anyway so this is quite convenient yes Good Okay come good girl do you want Veronica To try and jump up a little higher I Think we'll need to work on Bree's form A little bit in the future but for now It'll do Bree This Is The Life you've Chosen this is my favorite job I've ever Done in a Zack George video I have to Say Good like before I'm still going to

Reward for the effort because she's Engaged and she's trying I love this Example right here because I can see it In Veronica's eyes that she's like I'm gonna jump I think I'm gonna do it In a way that keeps them upbeat and Optimistic good good come on yes That's why knowing your individual dog Is so important because you can read Them and kind of help them through those Moments tricks build confidence and as Importantly they build communication Between you and a dog let's lower her Down a little so it's not as daunting Can you do that sometimes people call me A trick trainer okay understand that Whether it's sit lie down come stay or Roll over or stand on my back they're All tricks per se it's semantic so we're Teaching our dogs to do a variety of Tasks that really challenge them Mentally and really have the effect of Making them a much richer thinker can One person teach this alone yes Certainly one person could teach this Alone you did right I remember you Saying this is the trick that made you Feel so excited about dog training when We travel we don't always have the Luxury to let our dogs off leash so in This case we're in California we're in a National forest and they're super strict About leash laws both at the campground And on the trails so how do we work

Within those limitations this is how we Try to innovate some semi-off leash Freedom for the dogs what's great I Think this is a 30-foot lead So I have 30 feet that way and 30 feet That way so if I can affix it to Something at the midpoint then I get 60 Feet but yeah it's a lot of benefits Here I mean you know you'll get more Catches per unit of time in so you can Really practice your fundamentals now Ideally inertia should be on a harness Right now but I know I'm not going to Overthrow it so we're good I want to Make sure I'm always throwing well short Obviously there you go you see that last Minute adjustment you don't always have To have a giant field in which to Exercise your dog or a really big yard You can actually get a lot done in a Small area like this you remember come Around good go There it is that's a nice start there First throw go Oh pretty acrobatic head go Yes that's it you're getting confident [Music] That's it you can see the light bulb Going off can't you and to provide the Dogs with a fun and relaxing environment We allow them to explore this foreign Forest during a walk a dog has a very Superior sense of smell it's a Completely new way to experience the

World relative to our sense you can Probably imagine that a lot of this Foliage and life and all of these rocks And just every little thing here Probably has a really unique scent to it As well and that is so fulfilling for Dogs to be able to experience the world Through their nose as well as through Their eyes and their ears and their Sense of touch a general guideline for Walks like this for us anyway is we Limit training to maybe five to ten Percent of the Walk inertia loves Jumping on these old laws what where did You get that I didn't even see her go up There I did she scrambled I may never Leave I'm just gonna train dogs in the Redwood forest for the rest of my life So now I think we've created a monster She is literally jumping on every log we Come across just astonishing like you Just keep getting things put into Perspective for you just by walking by a Tree dogs seem to make experiences like This so much more Rich too the nurses Found herself in a uh a redwood tree and So is Veronica there she is and let me Give you scale here gosh you do look Tiny But look at this tree here that's what They look like when they're babies in History it probably has in front of it Or the future I think they call that by Partnering with your dog and giving them

The freedom to express themselves I Really think you'll achieve much richer Results the happiest dogs are the result Of a training process that values their Overall well-being above the mere Management of their physical Behavior I Would strongly encourage you guys to Follow us on Tick Tock and Instagram There's a dog training Revolution going On over there and get 50 off your first Pup box at Zach link below We'll see you guys in the next video bye

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