How to train dogs without treats and using relationship

So what can you do with rewarding your Dog using relationship let's see any [Music] Stay [Music] Here [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] I can't do all that using your Relationship I'll explain all that are More in this video Welcome Back to the Channel in this video we're going to Talk about how do we use the Relationship to reward our dog to train Them and change their behavior and all The good stuff by the way I was going to Film this video outside but outside is So cold it's -23 so no way I'm going to Stay outside with my dog out there so We're going to film it inside right here Here are the three steps that you're Gonna need to take to train your dog Without the use of treats and using Relationship step one build a healthy Relationship with your dog step two Train your dog using relationship as a Reward as I explained in the previous Video and step three is enjoy and have Fun training your dog using this method So Step One is basically explain already

In the previous video which you can go Ahead and watch that step two training Your dog using relationship and reward So here's running and I want a teacher To heal beside me and walk beside me and Do all kinds of stuff with me now I'm Not feeding her treats and as you can See her full focus is on me because we Have a healthy relationship together Right right right we are always in happy Go lucky mode so how do you reward your Dog and how do you reward using Relationship the way you do it is you Play or praise your dog this is a Concept that I've created long time ago And I've been using it with my dogs with My clients dogs with all my dogs myself Personally a I have used it so I used to Foster dogs couple of them were German Shepherds then I have had my own dogs Beagles I have used this system to train My beagles and now we have Annie and I Have trained her she's not a rescue dog Anymore she's a normal dog so I've used Clay and praise the reward system to Train my dog my clients dogs and at the Moment I have students as well in my Perfect dog plan program who are using This method to train their own dog so The way you do it is you use play and Praise as a reward that's how you reward Your dog when you have a healthy Relationship with your dog you play and Praise your dog so for example penny is

Sitting nicely now there's an Opportunity for me to praise her say Good girl good set yes yes so I'm Rewarding her for sitting so now if I Want her to let's say walk beside me Which is a heel command any Walk here here it's not solid yet right But we're working on it Good good honey Sit Stay So there's a command of sit and stay and My goal is for her to stay there for 30 Seconds so I'm going to start counting One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten and she broke it right so Instead of getting angry and all that Any Will restart Sit Stay Nope move it The command here was sit and he Sit Stay So one two three four five six seven Eight nine ten one two three four five Six seven eight nine ten one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten good Girl yes yes there's a praise that you Know we're celebrating because she did What I asked her to do you can also use Play so here's the reward style of play When you're training your dog so it's The same concept I want to teach her to Sit and stay maybe this time you're

Going to go with lie down and stay okay So any over here Down Stay so we're gonna go for 30 seconds The goal here is for her to lie down and Stay without moving for 30 seconds so That's been 10 seconds and we're going To go for another 20 seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. good Girl yes go kitty go get it so her Reward now is play okay we're playing Her favorite game which is ball remember When you are training your dog using Play and praise reward system your dog Is having fun you're having fun and when Both of us are having fun we're building A healthy relationship and when we are Building healthy relationship with our Dogs our dogs want to please us more and More and they will learn faster they Will learn better and they will do Things that you want remember rewards Improve the relationship the Relationship improves the rewards [Music] Okay here Video Very good Very good yes Yes [Music]

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