How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails Without Hurting the Dog

[Music] Thanks for tuning in to my video guide On how to trim your dog's nails this is My beagle modeling she's going to help Me demonstrate this for you today uh the First thing you're going to want to do Is make sure that you have the right Supplies so you're going to want your Nail clippers which I have here I use These scissor style Clippers you can Also get guillotine style clippers but I Prefer these ones and I have a small set For Molly and then I have a larger set Because I also have a 75 pound Labrador Retriever so I use Um different sizes for different dogs And of course if you have multiple pets You're going to need to do that as well You could also use a Dremel tool to trim Your dog's nails now what this is in an Electric tool this is our cap off by the Way this is an electric tool it has a File head on it and when you turn it on That file has spins And it just shaves the nail down really Slowly so if your dog has an aversion to Their nails being clipped you can try The dermal tool Um the journal tool works good my dogs Are used to it I don't prefer this one Just because it's a much slower process To just file that nail down as opposed To quickly clipping it but you could use A Dremel tool if you choose and I also

Recommend having some styptic powder you Can buy this at any pet supply store you Could also use cornstarch if you don't Have any styptic powder or can't find Any in your area cornstarch works just As well and the reason I tell you to Have a little bit of that on hand is if You clip the nail a little bit too short It's going to bleed there is a nerve in The nail it's called the quick And when you clip the end of that nerve It bleeds quite a bit so you're going to Want something to control that bleeding To help to stop the bleeding and that's Why you have stiff dick powder on the Hand probably you don't have to use it But if you do you have it handy Molly's hanging out here on the couch She's relaxed she's tired we've been Playing I try to clip my dog's nails When they're relaxed and don't have a Lot of energy so that they're more apt To sit still for the entire period Um if you want to see some more tips on How to make your pet comfortable with Being groomed you can check out this Video guide where I share some tips About making your dog comfortable with Paw handling different products that I Use to entertain my dogs during grooming And when how you should start getting Your pet used to being groomed so make Sure your dog is calm and comfortable Like I mentioned try to Tire them out

First so if your dog is into playing Fetch or tug try to play a game first And get them you know get all that Energy out like I said I use Clippers so Here are the Clippers that I use for Molly You Can Tell She's had her nails Groomed before she has no problem with Me touching her paws she actually likes It and she's used to the Clippers I do Have some information on our website if You click the link below this video you Can check that out on how to kind of Start from scratch with either a puppy Or an adult dog that's never had their Nails slipped before so we do have a Guide on that as well if you're having Some trouble with your dog but what you Want to do you're going to trim just the Tip of the nail so you can see Molly's Nails here they're Grown out a little bit I've been waiting To trim them for this video so what you Want to do is Get the nail and you just want to take That tip off we're not talking about Cutting them way up here short just the Tip is all you want to take off this Will avoid cutting that quick that I was Talking about the quick does recede After a few days so if your dog's nails Are really long you can clip a little Piece now and then clip keep clipping Away small pieces once a week until They're the right length so I'm going to

Take my clippers here they do have a Guide on the back Um and that guide is handy so it Prevents you from being able to stick The nail all the way through and Clipping off a big chunk but again if Your dog's nails are really long you Want to just make sure that you're only Taking a little bit off the end So that's the piece that I just clipped Off Molly's nail it's just a tiny little Bit Um you're taking that little bit off the End and then if your dog nails are still Too long you can go back in a few days Once that quick has had some time to Recede and cut a little bit more off Each nail until you get them to the Right length if you don't know what the Right length is just keep watching I Will get to that in a minute uh but for Right now I want to talk about the nails Themselves so Molly's nails are black It's really difficult to be able to tell Exactly where the quick is if your dog Does have white nails I would recommend Having a flashlight or your cell phone Everybody's cell phone has a flashlight On it nowadays so just turn your Flashlight on and you just want to shine It up to your dog's nails and you'll be Able to see through those translucent Nails to the quick and you'll know where You can cut and where you should stop as

Far as the length of what you're Clipping off Black nails are definitely a bit more of A challenge so I'm gonna try to show you On Molly if you can flip your Dog's nails over and I'll see if Molly Will go over enough for us so that you Can see So on the nail underneath you can see This triangle shape there's a triangle Shape under here and If you can examine the underside you'll See the solid tubular shape it begins to Taper into a hollow triangle Point Toward the tip where you'll see these Two outer walls Um if you click the link below this Video you can see a close-up photo of Molly's Nails because she's not being Super helpful right now but um you can See see kind of the white edges here on Molly's nails and that's what I'm Talking about it Hollows Out close to The tip and then you can see that's the Area you want to trim and then it can be Filed down a little bit further to take Care of any ragged edges if that's the Case especially trying to do it upside Down that can get a little bit tricky But you can just easily slip snip that End off like that if your dog will allow You to do that you could also ask Another person to help you either hold Your dog or try and hold that paw you

Know in the right way so that you can See underneath Molly is really great about letting me Clip her nails as you can tell um if you Watch some of my other videos we have Another medium sized breed mixed dog his Name is Joey and he is not good at all About letting me cut his nails in fact He hates it he will not stand still he Squirms he wiggles he tries to get away And if you have a dog like that I also Have a video for you in that video I Demonstrate how I cut Joey's Nails Um he tries to run away as soon as I get The Clippers out so they make harnesses For dogs that allow you to hang your pet Up in a closet or a doorway and this is What I do with Joey I hang him in a Doorway and Um that allows me to clip his nails and That's probably sounds strange and Bizarre but it works really well your Dog can't get away and you can get the Nails trimmed safely without having to Spend the money on a professional Groomer and finally as I promise um you Want to know the right length to clip Your dog's nails I get asked this Question quite often people want to know How short they should go obviously you Don't want to cut the quick but as I Said that quick receives and you want to Keep trimming your dog's nails until They don't touch the ground when your

Dog's standing on a firm level surface So this means you shouldn't hear any Click clacking when your dog's walking Around on a hard floor that seems simple Enough but you know as I said if you Don't trim your dog's nails on a regular Basis it could take you months to get to That point it's think about it it's Taking your dog's nails months to grow Out to that point so it's going to take Months to get them slowly gradually Trimmed back to that point as well if You guys have any other questions feel Free to email me anytime thanks for Watching this video guide [Music] Thank you

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