How to Unlock Your Dog’s True Potential By Understanding This 1 Thing! #dogtraining #dogtrainer

What's your dog's personality like Understanding your dog's personality can Truly make a world of difference in Training I'm Zach George I train dogs Like and follow for more quick story About our own dogs inertia and Veronica That really shows the power of Understanding their personalities when We brought Veronica home she was quite Nervous around inertia okay back up at First Veronica seemed to gain a little Bit of confidence and started Approaching inertia to play but suddenly She got nervous and let out a squeal it Really was a reset moment for both of Them but instead of pushing Veronica Brie and I focused on understanding her Unique personality we allowed Veronica To do her own thing and we asked inertia To respect her space and you know what It turned out pretty good between them By tailoring our approach with Veronica We helped her overcome her fear and form A really strong bond with inertia but Her overall confidence also grew making Our training sessions more successful Remember to take the time to understand Your dog's individual personality it can Really change the game when it comes to Training what's your dog's personality Like can you tell me in the comments Below like and follow for more

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