How To Get A Dog Used To Wearing A Muzzle


If your dog isn’t great with other dogs or you ever go to the vet with them, or you just want to feel more confident when you go in public, today I’m going to show you your first steps how to get a dog used to wearing a muzzle.

Most people think that muscles are scary or for bad dogs, but today I’m gonna show you why every dog should be comfortable wearing a muzzle. Today, you’re gonna meet Daniel, loving father, two for rescue dogs and, of course, Molly, who occasionally acts out towards other dogs. We’re gonna get Molly warmed up with a sit and a stay.

Daniel, tell me what’s going on with Molly what issues you haven’t? Well, we really kind of got two things going on with her, and the first is that she’s not interacting. Well with other dogs, she sent a little aggression and just kind of get gotten out of hand a few times. Okay, the other thing we’ve been doing with is her leash walking skills are very poor. She pulls, she’s like a sled dog.

What happens if he counters a dog falling on a wall? It is quite an episode. We were walking in the neighborhood recently and a dog came out of her house and it was awful leash and they got into a pretty intense altercation, was a good 30 second, one-minute dog bite. We were trying to pull them off of each other.

So there’s a couple of issues going on here, then that we probably need to address in a very specific order. I mean you never know what you’re going to encounter in public, whether it’s an off-leash dog or any other situation that you’re just not prepared. So we want to make sure that we do everything we can to keep everyone safe and really it’s a good idea to have any dog comfortable wearing a muzzle, even if it’s just for the vet or the rumor.

how to get a dog used to wearing a muzzle and feel OK?

Today, we’ll work on how to get a dog used to wearing a muzzle and get her comfortable wearing a muzzle.

How does that sound? That sounds great see? The goal with muzzle training is to get them to put their nose into the muzzle, rather than just forcing it onto their face. This is a basket muzzle. I really like these muzzles, because they’re, nice and open. You can easily give your dogs treats in them and they can also drink water when they’re wearing it. So these are the most humane muzzles that I’m aware of, but don’t leave a muzzle on your dog for too long a period and definitely don’t leave it on them unsupervised.

So how does one go about getting a dog to voluntarily and enthusiastically want to wear a muzzle? Well we’re about to find out. The first thing I’m gonna want to do is place the muzzle on the ground. I love that she’s sniffing it right there. She reacted well, so guess what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna give her some chicken.

I wanted to be in a good mood around this muzzle chicken has a funny way of doing that. I like that she’s not showing stress about it and there’s no reason for her to be stressed out by this, because I haven’t created an experience. That’s unpleasant she’s in a generally good mood. I want to keep it that way.

Let’s get Molly to use that smart brain of hers and see if she can get the chicken when I put it right here on the end of the so this she went right into it. Did you see that I love it when that happens, she makes it look easy. Look at that, the slower you go with muzzle training, the faster your progress is going to be making your dog want to do something so much more profound, so much more effective.

Look at that tail, wagging, no stress at all that. I can detect. Anyway good job. They’re just letting tiny pieces of chicken go through my finger really slowly here, just letting her nibble on it just to kind of get her comfortable, I’m only supporting from the bottom. I’m in no way forcing or pushing this muzzle on her face right now. You see that and I’m just gonna let go of it. Hey that was good. Nice work good job by letting go of it, I’m not rushing the process, I’m doing it. One step at a time.

In general, it should be a pretty smooth transition. Once your dog has that positive association with giving the chicken as you lower them, you ought to be able to kind of coax them to put their snout into the muzzle without having to lower them. I’m gonna hold out the muzzle and it’ll let her brain strong yeah. It’s good, really good work right there.

She thought for a second, you could see it in her eyes and she’s like oh. I know what you want I’ll just put my nose in there, but again I’m still kind of making sure that the chicken is there for her. But now I’m gonna try and reward her after she puts her nose into the muzzle. Yes, good girl here once see how I let her take her nose out of the muzzle, and then I rewarded her, because I want her enthusiastically just being like.

Okay, I’m ready. So I think we’re at the point now where we can start to teach a new phrase to Molly. Maybe something like put your muzzle on: let’s try just waiting for to brainstorm. Put your muzzle on very good nice work. Let’s find out what happens if I ask her to put her muzzle on now in advance.

Put your muzzle on, yes, excellent job really good work now. My next step is securing this collar portion around here. I don’t want to do it all at once. So I kind of want to do the same thing I just did with the muzzle and go nice and slow so step one. I’m just gonna put it around here. Let go of it. Let her know that can happen. No big deal go ahead and give her a reward.

Now, I’m gonna try and see. If I can secure the collar around your neck, will you sit very good she’s getting a little weird there, so I’m just gonna go ahead and ease up on her and go nice and slow. But look you can see it’s actually hanging from her right now. Good job. Sit. Good. Let’s see if we can get her to put her muzzle on. Hey, put your muzzle on and, of course over here.

You can put this part on if your dog was stressing a little bit. You would want to go real slow with this, but Molly’s doing terrific, let’s take her outside and see how she does.

Wearing muzzle in a public

Molly’s very interested in that cat right now. So I want to make sure that she keeps her distance. Ideally, we need to teach our dogs to listen to us, no matter how distracted they are. Coming no ma’am come on over here, come here, good girl, very good. I’m just gonna walk back and forth here in front of the house just to get her comfortable wearing the muzzle outside in a public setting, you can see there’s a lot of tension on the leash and we want to teach her how to walk more politely than this.

Thanks for reading how to get a dog used to wearing a muzzle.

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