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I just want to show you guys this video Donnie is my foster dog and one thing That I think is going to be really Important for whoever adopts him is that He participates in some kind of dog Sport he has a lot of energy and he Needs a productive Outlet so why not Frisbee it's local and it's super simple And not very intimidating I really love How easy this sport is to get into for People that haven't done Dog Sports Before so for the next two weeks we're Going to be working on getting Donnie Ready for frisbee I'd like to have him Catching frisbees out of the air by then But to participate in the sport he can Still catch rollers that's perfectly Fine I am just particularly bad at Throwing them but my main priority is Going to be seeing if he can do this Around other dogs that could be very Challenging for him our other big Training goal between now and then is Teaching him how to let go of the Frisbees I love playing frisbee with Dogs and I love the variety of reasons People get into teaching their dogs how To play Frisbee tell me what you guys Think and once again awesome job Tara And Donnie

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