If you have a reactive or aggressive dog, you NEED to see this! #dogtraining #dogtrainer #reactivity

It's not reasonable to just expect dogs To be good because you have the Expectation that they should dogs are Complex animals that need to understand This world and make sense of it that's Where desensitization comes in we Desensitize our dogs by gradually Exposing them to things and increasing The intensity or the duration of that Exposure over time as they are more Comfortable with it where we really have A strong emphasis on reinforcing those Calm moments an example of desensitizing Your dog let's say your dog was scared Of young children you might start by Giving them some general exposure to Older children who don't behave as Erratically and giving your dog space And of course advocating for your dog to Make sure they don't become overwhelmed During any interactions with kids but The more exposure your dog gets and the More you go out of your way to prevent Any undesirable interactions the more Likely it is that your dog's going to Become accepting of young children I'm Going to have a video that goes over This in more detail pinned in the Comments

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