I’m tired of so-called “dog trainers”… #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogtraining101 #barking #jumping

At this point you guys know that I care Deeply about using scientific methods That are easy to understand and Practical to implement for everyday People around the world and personally I'm tired of seeing so-called dog Trainers recommend the use of very harsh Methods to resolve admittedly Frustrating behaviors like barking and Jumping and Leash pulling and so on Using Concepts like Behavior swapping Are ways that you can quickly almost Instantly get your dog under control Without compromising their emotional Well-being I just released a brand new Video that shows Everyday People how to Intelligently approach these issues you Can see it right now on my YouTube Channel at Sac George I'll have a link In the bio or in the comments or in the Description wherever you would expect The video link to be that's where it Will be I'm really interested to get Your feedback on this video let me know What you guys think contribute to the Conversation if you have any other ideas That you think would work let us all Know

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