Instant Solution: How to Swap BAD Habits for GOOD! #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogtrainer #dogs

The beauty of behavior swapping is that It doesn't suppress your dog's Excitement it just channels it into Something more appropriate they're still Rewarded for their behavior it's just a Different Behavior this is what's Properly referred to as differential Reinforcement of an incompatible Behavior or other Behavior sounds fancy But it's just a simple way of saying That we're going to replace an unwanted Action from our dogs with something that We find more polite what's so great About this is this approach can be Applied to a number of unwanted Behaviors from our dogs for example if Your dog's chewing on furniture you can Swap out the chewing of the furniture With a really good bone that your dog Might like if your dog is the type of Dog to run out of an open front door you Can swap that behavior out for a sit and Stay while the door opens ultimately When we're teaching our dogs how to stop Pulling on leash we have to swap the Pulling Behavior with polite Behavior

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