Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Surprise Any Owner

Thanks for tuning in to this video on Interesting facts about dogs that will Surprise any owner I've been working in The pet industry for over 10 years I Have three dogs myself and some of these Facts even surprised me did you know That dogs can be right or left pawed Just like humans dogs will have a more Dominant paw so over time you can watch Your dog observe them and see which paw They go to when they're doing things Like pawing at toys or the ground if you Teach your dog to shake which paw do They Shake instinctively first you can Tell over time whether your dog is right Or left pawed Dogs also have 18 different muscles that Help to control their ears so if you Ever watch your dog whether they have Floppy ears or stand up ears you can see Their ears move around dogs with floppy Ears tend to lift their ears a little Bit and they can shift their ears around Obviously that is to help them be able To hear from all around them and their Surroundings but it's pretty neat that They have 18 muscles that control just Their ears Number three dogs have a unique nose Print much like a human fingerprint so Every dog nose print is unique to them Number four a dog sense of smell is About 60 times stronger than humans I Think we all know that dogs can smell a

Lot better than we can but a human's Nose has about 5 million smell receptors While a dog has up to 300 million Along the same lines and number five is That along with their sense of smell a Dog's sense of taste is actually not as Strong as a human's humans have between Two thousand and ten thousand taste buds While dogs only have about 1700. number Six did you know that yawning is Contagious not just for humans but for Dogs as well a study that you can check Out if you click the link below this Video that study shows that a dog can be Triggered to yawn after a human yawn and The dog is four times more likely to Yawn if they know that person and They're comfortable around them number Seven most people know that puppies are Born blind but did you also know that They are born completely deaf pretty Interesting Number eight when dogs kick with their Back legs after going to the bathroom a Lot of people think that they're trying To cover up what they've just done but In actuality they are using the scent Glands in their pads to mark their Territory so if urinating and defecating Isn't quite enough in that area they're Going to go ahead and rub their paws on The ground and we kind of think of it as Scratching or digging but what they're Doing is rubbing that scent on the

Ground to just add a little more of Their own odor around there so that Other dogs know that's their turf Number nine did you know that a Bloodhound's sense of smell is so Accurate like it can actually be used as Evidence in a court of law again if you Click the link below this video there's Some information there where a Bloodhound's uh sense of smell has Actually been documented court evidence In past court cases number 10 dogs have Three eyelids there's a top a bottom and Then there's an eyelid in the corner as Well for removing dust mucus and debris From the eye this is one that even I Didn't know my number 11 fact did you Know that a town in California has a dog Mayor in 2012 Max the golden retriever Became the very first mayor of a town in California called Idlewild unfortunately Mayor Max passed away in 2013 but he was Replaced by mayor Max II who has been in Charge of the Town ever since my number 12 interesting fact is that there were Actually three dogs who survived the Sinking of the Titanic back in 1912. two Pomeranians and a Pekingese survived That tragic event and finally my last Interesting fun fact about dogs number 13 is that dogs have actually learned to Use Subway transportation in Russia There are tens of thousands of stray Dogs and people have actually observed

The same dogs getting on and off the Same subway stops daily to look for food Those are my interesting facts about Dogs if you have one that didn't make This list that you'd love to share do so In the comments below or jump on our Social media and share it on our Facebook Twitter Instagram we'd love to Hear your interesting dog facts as well

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