Is Treat-Free Training Possible? Can You Train a Non-Food Motivated Dog?

So in this video I'm going to lay down The foundation of training dogs who are Not food motivated how to train them how To change their behavior and how to Improve your relationship with your dog So you can have a better life with your Non-food motivated dog you may say well Your dog is trained it's easy to say but I started from zero as well so I started From somewhere that we didn't have any Relationship I didn't have anything with Her and this is where we are now so you Can get the same results with your dog And this is with my all dogs that have Used this system and this ideology you Can do it as well so there could be few Scenarios that are happening you may Have a dog or a puppy who's not food Motivated and you want to start training It or you have a dog who has behavioral Issues and is not food motivated and you Want to train it and change its Behavior Or you're a type of person who feels and Believes that dog training using treats Is not a good idea it's not healthy it's Not ideal and you want to train your dog Without the use of treats so first thing That we have to do is build the Foundation so the way we build the Foundation is we have to erase Everything that we knew until now Because you're coming either from a Perspective or ideology of that dogs Need to be trained with treats or you

Have been using different methods or Different ideas to train your dog or you Just don't know what to do and you're Starting fresh so the first thing that We have to do is we start building fresh Foundation and once we build this Foundation then we can start building up On it and make it better and better so One of the first thing that I do with my Clients especially my students in my Perfect dog plan program Is to teach them to understand that Before we start training our dogs we Have to improve two things relationship Then is reward the relationship that you Have with your dog is special And when you build a relationship based On treats or food or force or domination The relationship is kind of scarred and It's not ideal it's not solid the way You improve the relationship is with Improving the reward so relationship Improves the reward and the way you Reward the dog improves the relationship Reward for dogs is not just treats Although many dog trainers would say if You have a dog who's not food motivated You have to either starve them so they Will be more foodie or use high value Treats to train the dog in my opinion These are all grown because we are Focusing on the wrong thing wrong energy To train a dog who's not food motivated If a dog is not food motivated our goal

Shouldn't be to encourage the dog to be Food motivated because when you start Developing a relationship which is built On food and treats then you're depending On the food or treats to train your dog Or to change his behavior rather than Something simple as building a Relationship or improving the way you Reward your dog and now we have a dog That is a well-behaved beagle at 10 Months it has changed our lives because I have never had a dog that behaved that Sat stayed listened played and one of The biggest things that we learned from Sarah that our dogs don't get treats Every once in a while after food but They obey commands just because with Nothing else with what we've taught them Um with play and toys hitting your dog Walking your dog playing with your dog Just verbal or physical Praise of your Dog can be reward and they are a solid Reward your dog really appreciates or Enjoys when you reward your dog Verbally or physically or emotionally so The way you interact with your dog can Become The reward and if you improve the reward Then you can improve the relationship And if you improve the relationship the Relationship itself can become reward And I'm gonna just demonstrate what I Mean when I say interaction with your Dog so here's my dog watch when I

Interact with her what happens in her Body and in her soul Literally affects her soul when I Interact with her Any good Good girl Come sit Stay Good girl yes Nope Down stay good girl good girl see this Is just the best reward for my dog just This interaction now we can build on This and we can add more layers to it And I can you know go from 100 to zero In a moment and that interaction can Become the reward that is between us and You can use this reward to train your Dog and have control over your dog Change his behavior and all that so in The next video I'm gonna actually show You and teach you how you can improve Your relationship with your dog and how To train your dog using the rewards of Interaction and relationship with your Dog so make sure to subscribe to the Channel and hit the Bell icon as well And if you have any questions leave Those questions in the comments area and Until next time have fun with yourself Let's go [Music]

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