Jack Russell Terriers Top 10 Facts

Today we will look at 10 interesting facts about 
Jack Russell Terriers you need to know!
  Jack Russell Terriers are well known for 
their classic white and tan coats as well   As their insatiably high energy levels. Even 
so, there's probably a lot you still need to   Learn about these wonderful small dogs. They may be small dogs, but they have   Huge personalities. They are 
also blisteringly intelligent,   Which makes them quite straightforward to train. 
This breed loves to learn and perform tricks,   And they are the dictionary definition of "cute 
little dog." Jack Russell Terriers are also   Endlessly sociable and unquestioningly adorable. This is a dog that will happily partake in any   Adventure, and as you will see, 
they are well suited to it!
  Now onto the facts about these dogs that 
will surely leave you amazed!
  Fact number 1: They are hard workers!
Bred originally for fox hunting in the   First half of the 19th century, these dogs 
are still recognized as a working breed.
  This classification means they are not legible 
as competitors in dog shows because no rigorous   Morphological standards need to be kept for 
the dog to be considered a pedigree breed.
  Their categorization is maintained largely 
through the striving of Jack Russell kennel   Clubs around the world to preserve them as 
working dogs and avoid allowing breeders   To emphasize their looks instead of their 
other valuable traits and characteristics.   The initiative to keep Jack Russells good at 
their jobs also protects them from inherited   Diseases that are so common in other small 
pedigree breeds as their healthiest traits are   Improved instead of just aesthetic ones. In general, Jack Russells are hunting   Dogs. To be specific, they're actually 
baying terriers. You may be wondering:   What is a baying terrier? Essentially 
it means they are hunting companions   That will chase down and circle prey 
to keep them cornered in one place.   Jack Russells will also bark constantly 
to keep any animals from trying to escape,   As well as alert their owners 
that they've cornered a quarry.   From there, the hunters can 
come and make the final catch.
  It is this natural ability to work that 
gets them so many jobs around the world   In different professions. Fact number 2: They are quick thinkers!   Jack Russells are very intelligent and have a 
strong drive to explore the world around them.   Although this does mean they tend to excel at 
various training exercises, they also have to be   Intellectually and physically stimulated all day 
long, at least until they get quite old anyway.
  These aren't dogs that will just sit quietly in 
the corner and contemplate the finer intricacies   Of squirrel chasing. They will tirelessly 
pursue real-life squirrels and give them a   Run for their acorns. When left to their own 
machinations, especially indoors, they are  

Well known for wreaking havoc when bored.
It is for that reason that they must be   Well-trained from an early age and kept interested 
and entertained at all times. An obvious testament   To their brains is how many Jack Russell terriers 
are employed as actors in movies and on TV. It is   Simply because learning tricks and complex 
routines is easy and fun for them.
  Fact number 3: They are full of energy!
As they are bred to be hunting dogs,   Jack Russells are curious, agile, and have 
plenty of stamina. They are, without a doubt,   Ideally suited for the great outdoors and 
all the adventures that it brings them.   These dogs can run around, sniff, 
and play for hours on end and will   Expect you to join in the fun.
Despite their diminutive size,   They are a robust and nimble breed made for 
long chases after prey over various rough   Terrain. This means it's best to put up a high 
fence around your yard to ensure that they don't   Wander off or start chasing some animal up and 
down the road where they could hurt themselves.
  It shouldn't be a surprise that dogs made for 
hunting foxes also love to dig. Their small   Stature is perfect for following the prey in 
their underground homes and chasing them out.   Unfortunately, that means that they can also 
dig up your backyard at a moment's notice,   So that fence should probably 
go underground a fair way too.
  All in all, their endless energy and both 
physical and psychological traits make them   Perfect contestants in endurance, agility, 
flyball, and earth-dog trials.
  Fact number 4: They are canine celebrities! When it comes to all the glitz and glamor of   Hollywood, there are plenty of dog 
breeds that come to mind. However,   None are quite as accomplished and famous as the 
Jack Russell Terrier. This breed is incredibly   Popular in the film and TV world. In The Mask, 
Jim Carrey's canine companion Milo was a Russell,   As was Gene Hackman's pet in Crimson Tide. 
What's more, the titular Wishbone from   PBS's children's show were Russell terriers.
Possibly one of the best-known was Eddie from   The long-running tv series "Frasier," who was so 
popular he even made Keelsy Grammar jealous.   In fact, a Jack Russell named "Uggie" 
became the first ever dog to lay his paw   Print on the highly exclusive Walk of Fame. Additionally, in 2011, the same dog won the   Cannes Festival's Palm Dog Award, which is kind 
of like the canine equivalent of the Oscars.
  Uggie's highly decorated career featured roles 
in Mr. Fix It, Wassup Rockers, The Artists, and   The award-winning Water For Elephants, in which 
the dog starred alongside Reese Witherspoon.
  Ultimately, Hollywood's top dog won several awards 
before finally retiring to days filled with tasty   Treats and plenty of scratchies.
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Fact number 5: They are a New Zealand favorite!
  Time and time again, creative TV commercials 
starring dogs have always had tremendous success.   But in New Zealand, there was one Jack Russell 
Terrier that became an overnight hit after being   Featured in his first commercial in 1991.
The beloved Jack Russell Terrier was named   "Spot," which was actually an acronym 
for "Services and Products of Telecom."   As you may have already guessed, he was the 
newest corporate mascot for Telecom New Zealand.
  Spot the Jack Russell ended up being so popular 
that he was featured in 43 Telecom commercials   That ran for almost a decade – from 1991 
to 1998. Amazingly, the only reason Telecom   Stopped airing these commercials was out of 
respect for Spot when he passed away in 1999.
  Even so, the presence of Spot on primetime 
television gave a huge boost to the positive   Image of the breed. Today, Jack Russell Terriers 
are still one of the most popular dog breeds in   New Zealand, and it is all thanks to Spot! Fact number 6: They have big personalities!
  Many people say that when you get a Jack Russell, 
you get a 150-pound dog personality in a 15-pound   Dog body. They love to assert themselves 
on others and aren't afraid of anything or   Anyone. They are also regular divas and love to 
have everybody's attention all for themselves.
  As all divas do, they will often get upset 
if something isn't going according to their   Plan – be patient and let them know that they 
can't always have everything the way they want it,   And everything will be alright. Just remember 
that you are partners and need to work together.
  You should also note that they are fearless, 
and you should definitely watch out that they   Don't get in trouble with other, often much 
larger dogs. All these character traits can be   Influenced and changed through regular training 
and socialization from an early age. Even so,   You'll never quench their enthusiasm or 
boisterous and willful nature.   Fact number 7. They all have a common ancestor!
This breed was solely devised by a man named   John Russell – a reverend from Devon, England. The story goes that his favorite pastime was fox   Hunting, so John was constantly looking for 
terriers with the agility, size, and energy   To serve as his ideal hunting companion.
However, in 1819, John eventually stumbled   Upon a British White Terrier named "Trump." 
He was actually his milk delivery man's dog.   John would go on to crossbreed this 
pooch with several other dogs to   Create the blueprint for what we know 
today as the modern Jack Russell that.
  And while we don't really know exactly what 
other dog breeds were crossbred with Trump,   We do know that it was a variety of white terrier 
hunting breeds, many of which are extinct today.   So, if you own or plan to get a Jack Russell 
Terrier, you actually have reverend John Russell   To thank! Without the stars aligning and this 
one man meeting this one dog, we probably would  

Not have the Jack Russell Terrier today. Fact number 8: They have an insane vertical leap!
  There's absolutely no denying the incredibly high 
energy levels of the Jack Russell Terrier. They   Love to run, and they love to play. But did 
you know these dogs are the Michael Jordans   Of the canine world!? They are well known 
for their extraordinary vertical jump?   In fact, Jack Russells can propel themselves 
into the air at five times their own height!   This means if your dog is 12 inches tall, they 
can potentially jump five feet into the air!   For reference, the Guinness Book of Records for 
the highest jump by a dog was 75.5 inches. This   Record was set by a Greyhound. Yet, Greyhounds 
are around 28 inches tall – so they probably   Can't even jump three times their own height. The ability to leap straight up 5 times their own   Height makes the Jack Russell Terrier the breed 
with the highest vertical jump relative to dog   Size in the world. ===
  What's your favorite fact 
about Jack Russell Terriers?   Let us know in the comments and share 
your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
Fact number 9: They're excellent snake detectors!
  Have you ever seen one of those videos of Jack 
Russells taking on wild garden snakes? While   Most dogs would inevitably get their legs or 
muzzle bitten, the Jack Russell is known to   Be an active snake hunter with the agility to 
smoothly avoid potentially venomous strikes.
  Now, we would never suggest you allow your Jack 
Russell to go after a snake. But it's interesting   To know that they are better equipped to 
avoid snake bites than any other dog.
  More importantly, they have the instinct 
to back up hunting small moving animals,   Including snakes. This, combined with their 
incredible reflexes, excellent agility,   And impressive leaping ability, mean you 
have yourself the ultimate snake dog.
  As a result, this breed has quickly become 
the top pick as a snake detector dog. The   Best example is that when brown tree snakes 
were accidentally introduced to Guam, they   Began to severely damage the native ecosystem, 
so the US Department of Agriculture decided the   Best thing to do was send in 17 trained Jack 
Russells to help capture over 8,000 snakes!   If that doesn't make this breed a tough 
cookie in your eyes, nothing will.   Fact number 10: They have 
traveled from pole to pole!
  Although it seems almost unbelievable, a 
Jack Russell named "Bothie" is, to date,   The only dog in the world to have paw 
prints on both the North and South poles!   So exactly how did this globe-trotting 
dog achieve such a feat?   Well, in 1979, English explorers Sir Ranulph 
Fiennes and Ginny Fiennes decided to take an   Epic multi-continent, trans-global 
trip around the world. They also   Elected to bring their two-year-old Jack 
Russell Terrier with them the whole way.

The adventure was a great success, but 
while Jack Russells do enjoy cold weather,   Bothie still required a special red polar suit 
and boots to help keep him warm at the poles.   The journey took three years in total 
and after a 52,000-mile journey, news   Quickly started spreading about their fantastic 
canine companion that had accomplished more than   Most travelers would do in their lifetime.
Tremendous things came for Bothie after the   Epic trip. England's Kennel Club voted him "Pet 
of the Year," and his legacy was firmly cemented   Into the Guinness Book of World Records. There 
were even life-sized toys and posters being made   Of Bothie in his signature red polar jacket.
If that wasn't enough, Ginny Fiennes published   A book about their adventures titled "Bothie 
the Polar Dog" which helped document the   Many experiences this terrier had that 
most little dogs could only dream of,   Including a run-in with Arctic wolves!
It just goes to show that Jack Russells   Really are a very remarkable breed 
and one well worth learning about.

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