Keep your expectations realistic when it comes to training your dog!

Keep your expectations realistic when it Comes to training your dog don't think That you can train them in two weeks how Many times have you guys heard me say Focus on the relationship with your dog First and the training takes care of Itself too often we look at that the Other way around like let me get the dog Trained then I can focus on a Relationship I always say it takes two Years to train a dog not because it Takes two years for them to learn the Basics but it takes two years for them To gain the life experience to know what Is out there to become familiar with This planet and its range of experiences So two years for you to let your guard Down maybe that's more what I mean Because we'll take a dog for three weeks And we get them listing pretty well to The basics you had your dogs performing Stunts that's true younger than two Years you know I was on the David Letterman show with Venus when she was 10 months old but you didn't let your Guard down I didn't let my guard down no Although she was she was pretty solid I Was pretty naive at that time though she Fortunately was a great dog but you know If you let your guard down with other Dogs people do that way too commonly so I'm following through for two years on That dog if I'm taking on a new dog in My life

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