Life Line Pet Nutrition Supplements Giveaway

Welcome back to top down tips my name is Samantha and today I am sharing our Latest giveaway with you we have these Fish oil supplements for dogs and cats From Lifeline pet nutrition I have four Different bottles here we have the Alaska salmon and Pollock oil the omega Fish and hemp seed oil The anchovy and borage oil and then the Wild Alaskan fish oil and these all Retail for 25.99 so all together this Giveaway is worth more than a hundred Dollars it's completely free to enter Keep watching and I'll tell you how to Do that in just a second if you do want To see my extensive product review that I did on these products just click the Video above that can take you there and You can learn more about each individual Oil but they all include DHA Omega-3s lots of really beneficial Things for your dog's overall health and Well-being from skin and coat Health to Brain development uh to helping with Arthritis and Joint issues so they're Really great supplements for any dog Um this giveaway as I said is completely Free to enter so all you have to do is Go to our Facebook page it's under top Dog tips if you search it it'll pop Right out and you have to like our page First of all you have to be a U.S Resident we do only ship to the USA at This time and I'll be have to do is like

Comment share the giveaway post which is Pinned right to the top of our page and That will enter you into the giveaway It's that easy we do the drawing via Facebook and notify the winner via Facebook so if you guys want to stay on Top of all of our giveaways we do Giveaways a couple of times every month Just make sure you like this video And Subscribe to our Channel there's a Little bell button down there and that Will give you notifications for all the New content that we post so you can keep Up to date on all things talked on tips

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