Lifestyle Vaccines: Lyme disease, Bordatella, Oh my!

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes talk about the Non-core I guess and talk a little bit about why So non-core I'm assuming just means just They're not required Um they're so important is that correct Well so we consider these the word Non-chords very kind of sterile and seem Just very medical jargon but I prefer Lifestyle vaccines so essentially we are Looking more so you know with with Rabies and distemper and parvo really Any any well for rabies it's required by Law so that's why it's clear but for Distant from parvo because it's so Prevalent and hard to get rid of you Know the the exposure could be anywhere You know an animal with any level Um of just existence you know that That's why we consider it core but for Lifestyle vaccines those are more so you Know does your dog go to a dog park do They go boarding do they go to Doggy Daycare or you know are they a little Fluffy dude that lives up in a high-rise And doesn't really come into any contact With anything else then we're probably Not going to vaccinate for Bordetella Um lime is a big one

And uh in you know in Texas we really Don't see it very often so because we Don't see it very often we don't Vaccinate for it but a dog that's up in Uh the Northeast up in Boston Um they they vaccinate for Lyme all the Time because it's so prevalent and we Have a few others but that's essentially You know where it's so important to just Have a Frank candid discussion with your Veterinarian Um and and really spare no d detail on Kind of the lifestyle of your pet and They will help Custom Tailor what's Appropriate what's not appropriate so You you mentioned bordertella and lime Are there any other or what other Non-core vaccines are there Yeah so we have uh leptospirosis is a Big one that we see in Texas and that's Actually a bacterial Disease so bacterial vaccines Are a little bit trickier as far as Getting long-term protection so our Vaccines for Bordetella lime lepto those Are ones that will need to be boosted Annually because we just can't get quite The level of protection that we can Vaccinating against viruses Um and then for cats Um We have felv or feline leukemia virus so That's one that a cat has to go out and Get in a in a fight with another cat and

Actually have some sort of bite wound in Order for that to be transmitted so if We have a big fat lazy cat that you know Just vacates one or two house or rooms In your house and he never goes outside And has no interest probably not going To vaccinate that cat for fblv that Actually reminds me Um my sister her And her boyfriend this is back in College at FSU they had a They had a doll or sorry they had a cat Named Molly and um it was I believe it Was a they rescued it under like a A porch or somewhere somewhere in Tallahassee and it actually I think it Ended up getting the leukemia that you Were talking about so it must have Gotten must have been scrapping out There and that's probably why I got it [Music] Thank you Foreign

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