What Can Shorten A Dog’s Lifespan: Most Crucial Mistakes That Shortens A Pet’s Lifespan


Who doesn’t love their pets? We all treat our pets like family and they are surely the pampered babies of the household. They are our companions in happiness as well as in sorrow, and we all want to have them around for as long as possible, but unknowingly. We often make mistakes that end up reducing our pet’s lifespan.

These seemingly harmless gestures and habits can take a toll on your pet’s health and shorten their life. If you want to care for your pet dog properly and do everything right stay tuned, this video will be addressing some critical mistakes that should be avoided at all costs if you want to have your dog around for years to come.

What Can Shorten A Dog’s Lifespan


Number one – not feeding your dog properly. Many pet owners are careless when it comes to feeding their dogs, feeding your dog too little or too much food. Both scenarios are harmful for your pet’s health. Overfeeding can lead to excessive weight gain and obesity, which can further stem health issues related to heart health, while underfeeding will not be able to provide the right amount of nutrients that your dog needs, thus leaving your dog, malnourished and weak on the topic of feeding your dog.

Make sure that you select only the best dog food for your pet carefully go over the ingredients and avoid selecting food that is rich in GMO or artificial flavoring agents. These ingredients are harmful for your dog’s health and will adversely impact its well-being. Don’t leave food in the feeding tray for so long and only put food that your dog can eat and finish up change the feeding, tray and clean it regularly to ensure proper hygiene for your dog.


Number two – not taking your dog on regular walks. Dogs are active animals who require special attention and physical activity, make it a habit to dedicate some time of the day for playing with your dog and taking him on a walk, arranging a longer walking session one day and skipping it entirely. The next day is not the solution. Your dog needs to be exercised regularly. You need to make sure that your dog remains well exercised so that his weight can remain within the healthy range and his limbs remain fit and healthy.

Oral Health

Number three – ignoring oral health. According to an estimate, around 85 percent dog owners ignore their pet’s oral hygiene, which leads them at a higher risk of acquiring periodontal diseases. Poor oral hygiene not only affects their teeth, but the germs can make their way into the dog’s stomach, causing gut and digestive tract issues. Many kidney and liver related diseases in dogs are also traced back to poor oral hygiene, keep an eye on your dog’s teeth.

If you experience smelly, breath or excessive salivation, take your dog to the vet and get their teeth checked as soon as possible. You can only incorporate supplements that clean the teeth of your dog and prevent smelly breath.

Handing Over Table Scraps

Number four – handing over table scraps. This is an extension to the feeding mistake that most dog owners make. You might see your dog sitting on your feet while you sit down at your dinner table and enjoy your meal, those eyes beg for some food and you end up giving in to their demand and hand them some of your table scraps don’t make this mistake. There are plenty of human food items that are unsafe and toxic for dogs. For instance, chocolate can affect the cardiac muscles of dogs and lead to an almost immediate heart attack. Never feed your dog leftover food from your plate. Bones should not be offered at all as they can get stuck in the dog’s food pipe and cause suffocation.


Number five – bathing your dog wrong. Cat owners don’t have to bathe their cats because they naturally lick their bodies to clean themselves. But this is not the case with dog owners: they have to bathe their dogs, although dogs will do well, even if they are bathed once in three months. The owners have to be careful about the way they are bathing. Their dogs be careful when pouring water over the dog’s head, the water should not reach inside the dog’s ears. Moreover, keep the soap and shampoo away from the dog’s ears eyes and nose also check the temperature of the water to ensure that it is neither too cold nor too hot after bathing, your dog dry it carefully and brush the coat properly to avoid knots and tangles in the dog’s hair.

Time And Attention

Number six – not giving your dog time and attention. Taking care of your dog’s physical needs is not enough. You have to ensure that you give your dog attention and love so that its mental health can also be cared for. Dogs are very expressive. Animals who are always demanding attention and love from their owners make time for your dog and cuddle with it, bring some toys and play with your dog. It will not only ensure that your dog exercises and remains physically fit, but will also bring him joy and happiness and keep its mental health in check.

Let your dog sleep in your bed and allow it to express love number seven. Keeping dogs in small enclosures avoid enclosing your dog in small enclosures. Don’t change the dog unnecessarily and allow it to roam around freely, but even when the dog has to be enclosed in a cage. Make sure that the cage has ample space so that the dogs doesn’t feel congested. The enclosure should not restrict the dog’s movement. Tight spaces will bring a lot of stress and pain for your dog.

Using A Collar Or A Leash

Number eight – using a collar or a leash. That is too tight. We all love to buy and put collars on our dogs. Majority of dog owners also use a leash when they take their dogs out on a walk. The size of the collar or leash that you select is a very important factor that has to be taken into consideration. Would you like to wear something that is too tight and makes it harder for you to breathe around your neck? Absolutely not.

The same is the case with your dog. The collar or the leash should not be too tight that it disturbs the blood flow, but at the same time it should not be too loose either if it will be too loose. The dog will easily pull its head out of the leash or the collar and roam free. You can buy collars with adjustable sizes or change the collar size as your dog grows, or puts on more weight.


Number nine – not getting your dog vaccinated, spayed or neutered. The most common misconception of dog owners that can take a huge toll on the health of their pet dogs is believing that vaccinations, spaying or neutering. Your dog is not important. Vaccination protects your dog and prevents it from catching deadly diseases. The vaccination cycle may be a bit uncomfortable for the dog, but look at the brighter side. It will ensure that your dog remains healthy and content. At the same time, if you don’t wish to breed your dog, get it spayed or neutered as soon as possible. This will prevent them from going on the heat cycle. Heat cycle without a mate can be a very painful experience for the dogs. Many owners opt for the temporary injections that suppress the heat cycle for the time being, but these injections are extremely harmful for the dog’s health and can cause a lot of serious health consequences. Neutering and spaying, on the other hand, is a safe option that will not have an adverse impact on your dog’s health.

Regular Checkups

Number 10 – not going on regular checkups dog owners believe that they have to take their dogs to the vet only if they exhibit some signs of Illness, but in reality many a times the dog is sick, but the symptoms are not noticeable by the time the owners realize that their dog is not well. It is already too late, therefore, make sure that you schedule an appointment with your vet every couple of months. Take your dog in for a checkup and ask your vet to run some blood tests to ensure that your dog is fit and healthy.

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