Most dogs won’t listen in new places – This Solution Works Anywhere! #dogtrainer #dogtraining #dogs

We bring our dogs when we travel so it's Really important that we make sure that They are satisfied mentally and Physically one of the hacks I picked up Over the years are finding Sports fields In local small towns like this using Them to my advantage well I like fenced Areas like this for our dogs fences are Also great for keeping unknown dogs out I think you guys will find that most Dogs are less likely to listen to you in Brand new places that they've never been To given the wide variety of smells Sights sounds that a new place has to Offer having it fenced you have that Peace of mind that they're secure and You can actually get a reliable Realistic idea as to how they're going To behave you've got like a big Volleyball that's enticing to a lot of Dogs in fact what I'll do because I want To do a little proofing with her right Now I'm going to have her play fetch in The direction of this to make sure she Sees it and to make sure she's reliable This is something that would have really Distracted her at one point in her life There we go good and you can see I don't Know if you caught that but you can see How she looked back like oh that's a Little different but continue to do Business as usual which I appreciate

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