Off Leash Training and How To Handle Reactive Behavior.

Today we're going to talk about a lot of Off-lease training heel training and Just give you some general tips to kind Of train your dog without really trying Too hard I'm Zach George I train dogs With modern methods if you love dogs and Learning subscribe to my Channel right Now all of us want things to be as easy And beneficial for our dogs as possible Completely Frozen they arrive like this So you put them in your freezer Nom Nom Is a fresh food that can be delivered Straight to your door there are a lot of Benefits to a fresh food diet and that The food is minimally processed it still Meets those nutritional needs that dogs Need once you set it up it arrives at Your house every two weeks so you don't Even have to think and they get some of The freshest highest quality food Available for dogs anywhere to make sure That your dog is optimized for training And exercise a high quality food can go A long way if you want to sign up go to zap you can get half off a Two-week order I don't know if it's just Me but I know that some of our most Productive training sessions happen when We're on walks before our walks I really Like to get that preliminary energy out Of her this is where I personally love a Dog to be physically and emotionally Particularly a high energy dog when I Train them new things or when I'm

Testing things they already know by Giving the dogs an opportunity to expend Some of that energy before a walk we're Ensuring that they're in a more ideal Cognitive state of mind we haven't Forgotten about you you can see how a Lot of that pents up energy is likely to Diffuse when you do exercise like this Her enthusiasm is fully on point one of The things we like to do on our walks Too is bring a toy that they like And have them play with it Veronica Loves those rolling frisbees in terms of Keeping up with our dog's energy needs Walks can be amazing for many dogs but For many others they need a little bit More than that our dogs require not only Walks but also some vigorous activity And mental stimulation one of the things We have a strong emphasis on these days Is making sure that each dog remains Tolerant while the other one is being Worked Veronica Someone asked recently why do you always Have Veronica on a long lead in these Situations and I had to explain that I Don't let any dogs of mine off bleed in A completely uncontrolled situation Under the age of two and she's only one She still has a lot of proofing to go And in training sessions like this Veronica does a really good job of Staying nearby there's rarely tension on The leash which means as far as she's

Concerned the leash isn't even necessary Inertia just is infatuated by this dog She really likes to take a look at him Every time we come out I want to test Her in this situation it's a controlled Circumstance she's on a long lead Yes Why did I say yes there because she was Reacting appropriately she was looking But she was still being a good dog even If they're looking at the dog sometimes Especially if you're fairly far along in The reactivity training process it can Be a good idea to say yes I appreciate That you're looking at the dog and not Lunging and barking in a situation like That I just really want to make sure That inertia is under control so I'm Going to put her into a precautionary Heel just to make sure she's right there We're not using the leash as a Communication tool we're using it as a Management solution and as a safety net There's no need to provide a harsh Correction you can stop the behavior by Managing and that's step one step two is Just to train your dog what you want Them to do where he was just messing Around with Veronica and doing some Off-leash prep work and trying to keep Veronica very close to her where he's Getting her warmed up for a heel session By doing one step of heel and then Throwing the Frisbee just to guarantee

Success this is where it all starts one Step at a time look at that a tiny bit Of restrained walk watch how fast this Progress happens yeah there we go she's Focusing on getting that nice slow Deliberate walk it's okay that Veronica's focused on the Frisbee right Now we can phase that out the whole idea Of obscuring the frisbee is so that we Can start to get Veronica's attention Onto our eyes or Breeze eyes in this Case if you can kind of hide the Frisbee Having Mutual eye contact can be a Really powerful way for humans and dogs To read one another Yeah exactly you can see how that Frisbee was completely out of sight and We got two three steps of heal and it's Worth emphasizing we're not using the Leash to teach this we're using the Natural connection and the communication That we've built mutually To teach that those tiny moments if you Can convey your satisfaction to your dog In those moments and do it effectively By following it up with something they Really like like a frisbee like access To the environment like an amazing treat Those are the moments where you can see An explosion of progress sometimes in Just a single training session Yeah and oh good use of the good good Yes good means hey you're about to earn A yes oh you're still about to earn it

Yes it's like warmer warmer hot hot and When you do say yes or whatever your Marker word is it needs to mean Something so just be sure to follow it Up with something your dog strongly Values in that moment what are we Looking at here wow you can see there How the emphasis is shifting It's on Rise yeah you can clearly see That the Frisbee's nice and hidden There's the reward as time goes on and Not a lot of time you could start Immediately actually start walking a bit More normally when she's really in the Rhythm of it so be aware as you're Training yeah I'm going to eventually Phase this out because I eventually want To look normal when I do this but man It's just a great way to play and your Dog gets trained without even realizing It this is another barking dog that Catches a nurse's attention here's Another example of where inertia used to Have a hard time Yes again marking the fact that she's Remaining and keeping herself under a Threshold that's what the point of that Is when inertia sees a dog actually Trying to engage her and bark at her she Gets very curious by that and in the Past she would bark very heavily in Return but one of the many things that's Been very helpful is to acknowledge her Good behavior before one of those events

Takes place where she starts barking Uncontrollably even if she's looking at The dog and that might seem Counter-intuitive but in reality we're Saying I don't mind you looking at the Dog but I like the fact that you didn't Go over threshold I still continue to Reinforce her when she behaves well and I continue to test her no tension was Needed on the leash I think that's worth Mentioning it really is just like Teaching a child honestly there are more Similarities than there are not at least As it relates to teaching and learning One way to teach your dog heels to start With really good treats make sure you're Doing it in a distraction-free Environment like your house or if your Dog is receptive even your front yard or Backyard or nearby and like we saw Earlier acknowledge one two three steps At a time don't look for a perfect heel Yes every three steps yes Yes and then we worked up to one you Know one two three four five six seven You can see the bike there eight nine Ten eleven twelve thirteen we'll stay There yes you get them used to changing Directions here I'm gonna still keep her On the left side Good job She's not looking at the Frisbee leave It She's not looking at any treats even

Though we use those in the beginning she Understands the concept and she Understands it in various environments No matter what I do she's staying by my Side until I say okay all done Let's go then we'll go on our walk and I'll let her drag the leash behind her This is how you rehearse off Lee's Training safely we can take off the Leash too and you know we can get the Same result at this point I like to have A reliable stay while in public like This as well and so even if I'm like Talking with someone and I say okay Inertia come Veronica and I were having A great moment she was just doing so Well in Frisbee and I was really Genuinely deep in my heart very proud of Her effort her progress I really enjoyed Seeing her Joy yeah you're doing so good I'm proud of you you can see how when You're being genuine with your dog and Genuinely encouraging them that this can Be a positive feedback loop and you get Better and better results they're more Motivated to keep going you're more Motivated to keep training everything is Perfect Yes hold on I think she wants to play You got it girl go Over That's called an over that's a freestyle Frisbee move it's pretty simple you just Toss it up they just jump up and get it

Nothing to it if you want to get half Off a two-week trial of Nom Nom go to Zach I will have a link below If you enjoyed this video let me know Click thumbs up and we'll see you in the Next video

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