Positive Reinforcement Training Doesn’t Work For All Dogs #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining

Have you ever heard someone say that Positive reinforcement training doesn't Work for all dogs let's debunk this myth Right now I'm Zach George and I train Dogs like and follow for more contrary To what some people believe physical Corrections or as we say physical Punishments are unnecessary for any dog Critics May argue that positive Reinforcement isn't enough for some Breeds or some personalities and it is True that one method isn't going to work On all dogs however when we tailor each Dog's unique needs with positive Reinforcement in mind this approach Fosters a positive learning environment That promotes trust motivation and Lasting results this is as true as math If you're someone who previously Believed or currently believes that Positive reinforcement is not Appropriate for all dogs tell me in the Comments and I'm sure our community can Help you understand what you might be Missing don't forget to like comment and Share with your fellow dog lovers and Let's spread the word and debunk this Myth once and for all

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