Real Life Dog Reactivity Update + What Helped Me Get Here! #dogtraining #dogtrainer #reactivedog

Here's another example of where inertia Used to have a hard time this is another Barking dog that catches a nurse's Attention when inertia sees a dog Actually trying to engage her and bark At her she gets very curious by that and In the past she would bark very heavily In return but one of the many things That's been very helpful is to Acknowledge her good behavior before one Of those events takes place where she Starts barking uncontrollably even if She's looking at the dog and that might Seem counter-intuitive but in reality We're saying I don't mind you looking at The dog but I like the fact that you Didn't go over threshold Yes again Marking the fact that she's remaining And keeping herself under a threshold That's what the point of that is I still Continue to reinforce her when she Behaves well and I continue to test her No tension was needed on the leash I Think that's worth mentioning it really Is just like teaching a child honestly There are more similarities than there Are not at least as it relates to Teaching and learning

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