Recipe: Balanced Homemade Cat Food Recipe

[Music] Today I'm sharing a balanced homemade Cat food recipe that I feed to my cats I Use chicken in this recipe because it is Generally one of the cheaper protein Sources available in my area and you can Get it pretty much anywhere if you live In an area where chicken's more Expensive or your cat prefers a Different protein Source you can Certainly substitute for beef turkey Even venison bison whatever is available In your area and that your cat will find Appetizing for this balanced homemade Cat food recipe there is a little bit of Prep work involved the first thing you Want to do is take one cup of ground Chicken or turkey I used ground turkey And you want to just Brown it in a Skillet and then you're going to add That to a food processor You're also going to steam one quarter Of a cup of carrots and one quarter of a Cup of broccoli and add those to your Food processor and then we're gonna Puree these and you might need a little Bit of extra liquid I use low sodium Chicken broth so I'm just going to add a Couple of tablespoons for now and then If it's a little bit dry you can always Add some more you want it to be like a Pate style canned cat food that's what The texture should be like when you're Finished

Now that it's finished you can see that It's the consistency of canned cat food You want to let it cool to room Temperature before you feed it to your Cat if you're looking for the serving Size information or the nutritional Guidelines just click the link below This video that'll take you to my Written recipe guide and all of that Information is there you can print out The recipe from our website and I would Definitely recommend taking it with you To your feline nutritionist or vet's Office and just chatting with them to Make sure that this recipe is going to Provide all the balanced nutrition that Your cat needs they may suggest adding Supplements or a multivitamin to it Depending on your cat's unique Nutritional needs Foreign

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