Recipe: Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomach

Foreign This is one of my favorite recipes to Make dog treats for my pups when they Aren't feeling well this is a limited Ingredient recipe it only has three Ingredients rolled oats egg and pumpkin So it's also a great option if your dog Has any stomach sensitivities or food Allergies this is a really easy recipe To make where there's only three Ingredients so it's fast it's easy it Can definitely be used for any dog but It's especially helpful if your dog is Having some upset stomach issues the Ingredients in this help to settle the Stomach and get his digestion back on Track All right guys so as I mentioned this Recipe is as simple to make as the Ingredients there's just three Ingredients the first one I have already In my Mixing Bowl here before we get Started I preheated my oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit and I also have two Cookie sheets back here that are lined With parchment paper so I get that stuff Done first and then make my dough in my Bowl here I have three cups of the Rolled oats I am going to add in one cup Of hand pumpkin And then I have two eggs Now I'm just gonna mix this all together Until it forms a dough it does form a

Pretty sticky dough if you want to you Can roll this out you're going to need a Little bit of flour because as I Mentioned the dough is quite sticky so You can use a little bit of flour and Roll this out and cut the treats into Shapes if you'd like to I just drop them In small round balls on the parchment Paper to make it easy on myself and I Promise you these cookies taste great And your dog is not going to care what Shape they're in All right I've mixed everything together Here it's Mixed nice and evenly there's no chunks Of pumpkin in there and that's what You're looking for once it's done like I Said I just make little balls Um I usually do about teaspoon sized Balls of dough and just place them here On the parchment paper if you'd like to Roll them out and cut sheets you can Certainly do that But I like to take the easy way out Because I make all my own homemade food And treats so I do this quite often for Three dogs and I'm just doing it this Way is a huge Time Saver So keep in mind that these aren't going To expand or anything while you cook Them so they can be placed as close Together as you'd like and fit as many On the sheet as you like If you're looking for more information

On this video just click the link below It'll take you to my written guide you Can print Um the recipe very easily there and it Also shows you all the nutritional facts So if you're wondering how many calories Are in these treats or how much fat how Much protein you can just click that and It will take you to my written guide Where all that information is there's Also information on how to store these Treats So I'm going to finish up placing all of These on the parchment paper lined Cookie sheet and then I'm just going to Go ahead and pop them in bake them in The oven for about 25 minutes at 350 Degrees and um they're all set after That you do want to remember that these Homemade treats and any other treats That you make homemade they don't have The preservatives and the artificial Ingredients that commercial treats do so They don't last as long as you can tell This batch makes a lot of treats it Makes about 60 to 70 treats so that's a Lot of treats especially if you only Have one dog you can freeze them for use Later on if you'd like you can either Freeze the dough before you bake it or You can bake the treats and just freeze Them in an airtight container again all Of the information on how to do that and Storing them if you're not going to

Freeze them is on our website so just Click the link below the video that'll Take you to my guide there if you guys Have any other questions feel free to Email us thanks for watching this video Recipe Foreign

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