Recipe: Homemade Cat Food for Picky Eaters

[Music] Foreign [Applause] Cats are well known for being picky Eaters a lot of cats have a certain Brand or a certain type of cat food that They enjoy and if you try to change that Up on them they will put turn their nose Up at their meals homemade food is Typically more appetizing than Commercial diets whether it be canned Food or kibble however cats can still be Picky when it comes to homemade meals as Well this can be especially true when it Comes to adding fruits and vegetables Into the mix certain cats will actually Pick around the ingredients they don't Like or pull out just the protein source And only heat that this recipe is simple It's a limited ingredient recipe it's Something that will entice most cats There is chicken in this recipe as well As chicken broth that is enticing to Most cats if your cat doesn't care for Chicken or they have a protein source That they would rather have you can Certainly substitute that they're also Canned clams in this recipe and those Have a very powerful Aroma and they tend To really entice cats without Seafood Flavor and smell as I mentioned this is A limited ingredient recipe it's made With some pretty powerful ingredients When it comes to aroma so hopefully it

Will tempt your picky eater it's pretty Simple to prepare the first thing you Want to do in this pot I have a quarter Of a cup of chicken breast that you can See that I've cut into really small Pieces big enough for a larger cap my Cats are all adults so just dice it into Pieces that are a suitable size for your Cat and then I also have a half a cup of Dry brown rice so then I cooked it I Boiled them together just to save myself The extra dishes and the extra time so I Cooked those together drained out the Excess water and I have the chicken and The rice cooked there I'm also going to Add one ounce of canned clams And one tablespoon of beef broth so as I Mentioned you know these have some Really powerful Aromas should be very Tempting to your cat once this has Cooled you can see mine steaming a Little bit because I just finished with The rice and chicken but once it's cold You can feed it to your cat if you're Looking for serving size information or Nutritional information just click the Link below this video it'll take you to My written guide and all of that's there How much to feed how to store the food Um the nutritional information is all There as far as calorie count fat Content protein all of that so I would Encourage you to check that out print Out the recipe bring it in have a chat

With your vet before you switch your cat To homemade food or even if they're Already eating homemade food before you Switch to this diet your vet May Recommend adding a multivitamin or a Couple of supplements to make it Nutritionally balanced for your cat's Unique needs so just be sure to touch Base with them before switching over to This recipe if you guys have any other Questions feel free to email us thanks For watching this recipe guide [Music]

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