Recipe: Homemade Cat Food for UTI

[Music] Today I am sharing your recipe for Homemade cat food to help treat the Urinary tract infection this is a really Common condition in cats it's typically Not something to be really worried about Um definitely touch base with your Veterinarian but it's something that can Typically be treated at home unless it's A really severe case if you leave it Untreated it could result in a blockage Of the urinary tract and even death it Could cause kidney infections bladder Infections so you do want to make sure That you treat the condition and if it Seems to be getting worse at any time or You go a couple of days and it's not Getting any better you want to reach out To your veterinarian and seek some Medical treatment for sure signs of a Urinary tract infection in cats can Include increased urination urinating Frequently in very small amounts Straining or discomfort while urinating If you notice your cat making any noises If there's any signs of blood in the Urine or except aggressive leaking of The genital area are all signs of Urinary tract infection as I mentioned Seeking Veterinary assistance is a good Idea if your cat has urinary tract Infection they can prescribe an Antibiotic which will kick it out of Your cat system in no time and that will

Mean that it won't get any worse it Won't lead to any serious health Conditions like a bladder infection Kidney infection or any other serious Trouble with the urinary tract homemade Food can definitely help and this is Something that your veterinarian may Talk to you about you can load their Diet with ingredients that help to flush Out the bladder the kidneys the urinary Tract and get rid of all of that Bacteria so it's something that can be Used this diet should be used as a Long-term diet is just something to use For a few days while your cat is Struggling with that infection this Recipe is incredibly easy to make it Takes about 20 minutes of prep time Because you want to boil a one cup of Chicken a quarter of a cup of carrots And a quarter cup of broccoli I'm gonna add all of those to the food Processor once they're nice and soft and Then we're going to add about a quarter Of a cup of chicken broth just to get Started and then we will puree this if It seems kind of dry and clumpy we'll Just add a little bit more broth until You get the consistency of a canned cat Food This looks like a really good Consistency So I'm not going to add any more chicken Broth to my recipe if you enjoyed this

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