Recipe: Homemade Cat Food with Pork

[Music] Foreign [Applause] Cat food recipes that use beef chicken And turkey or fish as the protein Source Those are kind of the more common ones That you see in commercial products a Lot but recently I've had some emails Pet owners asking me to share recipes Made with pork in certain areas pork is Readily available it can be cheaper and Some cats may just prefer this as a Protein source so if you're looking for Recipe of pork this is a great one also Just so you know you can always make Substitutions with protein sources so For example if you find another recipe Of mine that you want to use but your Cat prefers pork over chicken or beef You can certainly substitute pork for Any of those other protein sources as Well as always just be sure to check With your veterinarian to make sure that The recipe that you create is going to Provide balanced nutrition for your cat For this woman cat food you just cook The ingredients in advance and then you Put them all together so it's super Simple to make takes about 15-20 minutes Of prep time and most of that is just Cooking the pork so uh the first Ingredient that I have is one tablespoon Of safflower oil I have a quarter of a cup of cooked

Brown rice I have a quarter of a cup of cooked Sweet potato you can see that mine are Diced fairly small you want to cut them To an appropriate size for your cat same Thing with the pork I just pan fried Mine but you could bake it if you wanted To as well and again you want to make Sure that you just dice that into pieces Appropriately sized for your TAP I'm Just going to toss this all around and That's it this makes about three Servings of the homemade cat food if you Want the serving size recommendations or The nutritional guidelines just click The link below this video that will take You to my written guide where I discuss The recipe in depth you can print the Recipe out and it also has a nutritional Information as well as serving size Requirements and storage so if you have Any other questions feel free to email Us thanks for watching this video guide Foreign [Music]

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