Recipe: Homemade Cat Treats with Turkey

[Music] Foreign [Applause] I share a lot of dog food and dog treat Videos recently I've had some pet owners Asking me to share some homemade cat Treat recipes with them I don't give my Cats a lot of treats obviously you know Cats tend to have a weight problem Because they're less active so I don't Feed my cats a lot of treats but you can Train cats in the same way that you Train dogs and you can certainly give Your cat plenty of exercise play with Them get them up and moving so if you're Adding treats to your cat's diet just be Sure that you're watching those extra Calories and you're offsetting them with Some additional exercise The first step to making these homemade Cat treats is to make the dough so in a Mixing bowl I'm going to combine half a Cup of whole wheat flour And then I have half a cup I've ground Some turkey this is dark meat turkey That we had left over from a turkey meal That my family had so I ground a half a Cup of that in my food processor but you Know you could certainly use just Regular ground turkey from the grocery Store just make sure you cook it first Then I'm going to add half a tablespoon Of olive oil and one egg Now we're just going to mix all of this

Together to form a dough So now I have my dough ball here and It's on a piece of parchment paper and I've floured the parchment paper and I'm Just going to roll it out I've also Floured the dough on top you can see There and I'm just going to roll it out Until it's about a quarter of an inch Thick I'm going to put my parchment paper on a Cookie sheet And then I use a pizza cutter but you Could just use a knife too if you wanted To and I'm just going to Score The dough you want your strips To be about a quarter of an inch to half An inch wide And then I'm going to go diagonal Same thing you want about a half an inch Uh a quarter of an inch to a half an Inch wide And then I'm gonna go diagonally the Other way And these are going to make triangle Shaped treats That you can easily just kind of snap Apart once they've baked so we're gonna Bake them in my oven and I preheated the Oven sorry I should have mentioned that Whoops I preheated the oven to 350 Degrees and we're gonna bake them in the 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes and Then like I said once they're all crispy

You can just snap them apart and break Them into the little triangles and feed Them to your cat for serving guidelines As well as the nutritional facts click The link below this video that'll take You to my written recipe it's easy to Print the recipe out there or to Multiply it make these in bulk if you Have multiple cats like I do if you guys Have any other questions feel free to Email me thanks for watching this video Recipe [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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