Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Fussy Eaters

A lot of pet owners have trouble feeding Picky finicky ears this can be cats dogs All types of pets typically with dogs They're more food motivated and you Don't see the pickiness as often certain Breeds tend to be more pickier than Others and I have for example a Labrador And they are known for eating almost Anything so certain weeds definitely are Pickier than others taste can also Change as your pet ages so while you Might have a puppy that will eat almost Anything as they get into their senior Year they may become pickier and that Could be for a number of reasons taste Preference is changing it could be Because of dental issues certain certain Foods are just easier for them to eat There are a number of reasons of why That may happen but in any case if you Have a picky eater this recipe is Definitely super tempting it's made with Limited ingredients so there's not a lot Of things mixed in there going on Different smells and things like that It's made with chicken as the protein Source which is a protein that most dogs Find to be very appetizing however if Your pet has an allergic reaction and Can't eat chicken or if they just prefer A different protein Source you can Substitute for something that's going to Be more appealing for your pet so if Your pet tends to love ground beef or a

Cubed steak or venison or game meat Rabbit you may have something that they Are really fond of you can always switch Out the protein source to make it more Appetizing for your pop this homemade Dog food for fussy eaters is really easy To make the first thing you're going to Do in a large Skillet with high walls you want to add One pound of boneless chicken cubes I Have cubed this for an appropriate size For my dog she's a 75 pound chocolate Lab so if you have a small breed you Want to make sure that you're making Them a little bit smaller I'm also going To add two cups of dry brown rice Six cups of water And a teaspoon of dried rosemary And I'm going to set this on medium heat I'm going to allow it to come to a boil And once it boils I'm going to turn the Heat down to Low cover it and let it Simmer for about 20 minutes now that It's cooked for 20 minutes you can see That the rice has soaked up most of the Water the chicken's fully cooked I'm Going to add a 16 ounce package of Broccoli cauliflower and carrots you Could use fresh vegetables if you want To I'm just going to stir these in I'm Leaving it on low heat and I'm going to Let it cook for another five minutes That will thaw the veggies and if you do Use fresh you may want to cover it and

Cook it for an additional maybe 10 Minutes on low just to soften those Fresh veggies Once the recipe is finished cooking you Can serve it to your pet you just want To make sure it's fully cooled before Doing so if you're looking for the Serving size guidelines or the Nutritional information for this recipe Just click the link below that'll take You to my written recipe guide and all Of that information is there how much to Feed your dog what nutrients is in each Serving that's great information to Bring with you to your veterinarian if You want to have a conversation about Homemade dog food if you guys have any Other questions feel free to reach out To us through email thanks for watching This video recipe guide

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