Recipe: Homemade Dog Treats for Urinary Health

[Music] Foreign A recipe for dog treats for urinary Tract infections if your dog is Currently fighting urinary tract Infection these can help add some Superfoods into his diet that help to Clean that bacteria out of the bladder Kidneys and the urinary tract if your Dog frequently suffers from these Problems you can definitely add these Treats to his diet as a regular treat Just be careful about the calorie intake If you click the link below this video You will see that I've shared all the Nutritional facts down there so just Make sure that you make the treats Really small so that they don't add a Lot of extra calories to your dog's diet If you're going to be using them all the Time urinary tract infections are a Common condition seen in dogs it's Typically not anything to really get Worried about but you do want to reach Out to your veterinarian let them know What's going on they're probably going To want to see your pet they can Prescribe some antibiotics which will Get it out of his system there very Quickly within a matter of just a few Hours usually antibiotics work really Quickly you can also see this video for Some of my home remedies for a dog Urinary tract infection if it's not a

Serious condition then you can usually Treat it right at home as I mentioned It's not usually something to get really Worked up about it's very common and Usually can be cleared up pretty quickly Signs of a urinary tract infection in Your dog can include excessive drinking Excessive urination especially if your Dog is urinating frequently but only Small amounts are coming out any blood Discoloration cloudiness in the urine Excessive licking of the genital area And painful or strained urination Because urinary tract infections can Lead to more serious health conditions Such as bladder infections and kidney Infections it is best to consult your Veterinarian when you're dealing with This condition these infections put Extra strain on your dog's bladder and Kidneys so it's best to feed a low Protein diet while your dog's trying to Fight off the infection it's also best To include some superfoods in the diet That will help to clean out the urinary Tract this recipe includes cranberries Which have natural antiseptic properties As well as coconut oil which has Antibacterial anti-inflammatory Antiviral and anti-fungal properties Naturally so those are some great Superfoods to include as I mentioned These treats can be given anytime Especially if your dog frequently deals

With urinary tract infections but they Can be included in any diet just to Promote urinary tract health Making these treats is fairly simple the First thing you want to do is preheat Your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and You want to get a cookie sheet line it With parchment paper or grease it Obviously you can see I've lined mine With parchment paper and I'm just going To set it off to the side then I'm going To mix all of my ingredients together in A medium sized mixing bowl so the first Thing I have is two cups of rice flour And I'm going to add a half a teaspoon Of baking soda I have two tablespoons of coconut oil And I melted them for about 30 seconds In the microwave just to make sure that It would be easier to mix I have half a cup of unsweetened Applesauce I'm gonna add one egg And then I have three quarters of a cup Of dried cranberries and you want to Make sure you get the dried cranberries With no sweetener no sugar added Then I'm just going to mix this all Around until it forms a dough If you guys enjoy my videos especially These dog treats and homemade dog food Videos be sure to click the like button Below you can also subscribe to our Channel so you won't miss any upcoming

Videos and if you hit the little bell Button the notification button you'll Get notified when I post a new content This is a very dry dough so I just use My hands I take little balls about a Tablespoon worth of dough And just squish them together and put Them on the cookie sheet you could roll The dough out if you wanted to use Cookie cutters or a pizza cutter to make Little Shapes that's up to you my dogs don't Care and I promise yours won't either What shape the cookies are in so again I Just make little dough balls with my Finger and just press them onto the Cookie sheet once you have all your Cookies formed however you want to You're going to line the cookie sheet And just pop it in your 350 degree oven You're going to bake that these treats For 15 minutes if you're interested in The nutritional facts for this recipe Just click the link below the video That'll take you to my written guide on Our website you can print the recipe out There to have for easy following while You're cooking and it also has all of The storage information as well as the Nutritional guidelines in there so you Can check that out if you have a smaller Dog I would definitely recommend making These cookies maybe about the size of a Teaspoon instead of a tablespoon so

You're not overloading his diet with Calories if you guys have any other Questions feel free to email us thanks For watching this recipe video Foreign

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