Recipe: Low Protein Dog Treats

Foreign Dogs may need a low protein diet for a Number of reasons kidney disease is one Of the most common I often get emails From pet owners who have a dog who needs A low protein diet it's a recent thing Recommendation from their veterinarian And they're looking for snacks to give Their dog that are low in protein a lot Of products made for dogs have a high Protein content especially treats now a Days where really focused on healthy Safe treats so a lot of pet owners are Looking to get rid of all the junk and The fillers they're looking for higher Quality products and quite often for Dogs those are single ingredient treats Made with just a protein source so um It's going to be you know dehydrated or Freeze-dried meat products is what a lot Of really high quality treats are and While those treats are really great and Really healthy for most dogs if your Dog's on a low protein diet you're going To need to go a different background you Can buy commercial products that are low Protein your veterinarian can certainly Recommend some of those there's also a Link if you click the link below this Video Um it will take you to my written recipe Guide and there's a link in there for Some commercial treats if you just need Something quick but these Treats they're

Not time consuming it makes a large Quantity of treats you can freeze them For later use or if you're training a Dog or you use a lot of treats for one Reason or another you know you can make These Um in a big batch at a time and have a Lot of treats to last for a while so That you're not always having to make This recipe to save yourself a little Bit of time Low protein dog treats are easy to make I start with all of my dry ingredients So first I have three quarters of a cup Of whole wheat flour I have a quarter of a cup of quick oats And I have one cup of ground flaxseed And I am going to add one quarter of a Cup of water Two tablespoons of molasses I have one apple that I have shredded Um as soon as you shred the Apple it Starts to turn brown so that's why mine Looks a little bit more Brown than white At this point and then I have one cup of Shredded carrots And I'm just gonna give this all a Really good mix until it forms a dough You will see that this recipe makes a Very sticky dough so I don't cut the Cookies into any shape if you'd like to You could try to I think it would be Very difficult with the stickiness of The dough so what I do is line a cookie

Sheet with parchment paper and then I Just take like tablespoon size balls of The mixture and just make little small Cookies You're going to want to preheat your Oven to 350 degrees before you get Started making your cookies I should Have mentioned that I feel like I always Forget to mention preheating your oven But you're going to want to preheat it To 350 and then when you have all your Cookies on your cookie sheet you stick Them in the 350 degree oven and you're Going to bake them for 30 minutes you'll See that they kind of dry out and they Turn a golden brownish color Um and they're ready to go they should Still be a little bit soft I like to Leave them a little bit soft for my dogs But if you want a nice hard crispy treat You can just leave them in for another 10 minutes [Applause] If you'd like the nutritional Information for this recipe click the Link below that will take you to my Written recipe guide where you can print Out the recipe to share with family Friends your veterinarian or just to Have on hand for when you're baking and It also has all the nutritional facts And storage recommendations for these Dog cookies if you guys have any other Questions feel free to email us anytime

Thanks for watching this recipe guide Foreign [Music]

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